Late News


An evening with Gary Bell – ‘Animal QC’ 

Wednesday 22 November 2017 - 7.30pm (doors open 6pm)

At:   the s p a c e - Arboretum Street, Nottingham  NG1 4JB

As part of our Rotary charity fundraising this year, we are holding this special event to raise funds for local charities but in particular ‘Hayward House’, which I am sure you will know is the hospice, based in the grounds of the City Hospital.

We are delighted to introduce to you a Nottingham lad ‘who dun extraordinarily good’ in a one man show at the brand new performing arts centre at the Nottingham Girls’ High School.

Gary Bell grew up in the St Ann’s slums in the early 1960’s, he moved to Cotgrave with his coal mining family and left Toot Hill comprehensive school  at 16 with no qualifications.

He enjoyed being a renowned football hooligan in The Mad Squad, alongside the likes of Paul Scarrott, during the Nottingham Forest ‘glory days’ of Brian Clough. During the first four years of his ‘employment’ he worked down the pit (but was afraid of the dark); trained as a fireman (sacked); a bricklayer (sacked); a lawn mower mechanic (sacked); a pork pie packer (bored) and a gaming machine technician (arrested and convicted for defrauding said machines!). Then off to France as a homeless drifter.

Less than 10 years later, he qualified as a barrister at law and later ‘took silk’. He now has an entry in ‘Who’s Who’, is also an award winning stand-up comic; world class debater; author and presenter of his own show on television!

As you can imagine he has an amazing, preposterous and hilarious story to tell! Please consider coming to see him, therefore supporting Hayward House to continue with its special and highly valued work.

Did You Deliver a Package to Doverbeck Drive?

Could whoever put an item of value through our letterbox on Doverbeck Drive on Wednesday Oct 4th please contact me on 07858 190459, as I think it has been delivered to the wrong address.

A sad message from Edwina Pogson who, until a few years ago, lived on Pinfold Crescent, Woodborough...

It is with great sadness I must tell you that my elder son, Jim, died recently after 3 years of suffering cancer. A great loss to the family but thankfully with my return to Cornwall I was able to enjoy him and Shelly his wife, being close by these last years.
In the circumstances I hope you will understand if I request no Christmas cards please. We shall not be celebrating the festive aspect of Christmas this year. Thank you.

My regards to all my ' old ' friends in Woodborough.



A key was found in Woodborough Village car park on Saturday 4th November.

If you think this may be yours, please ring 0115 9652376 with a description.