Late News

Hello all – and sincere apologies for having to bring some disappointing news – thankfully not something I have to do very often!
We have had notification from Filmbank that the studios have changed the release date of Colette and we are now not able to screen it on Sunday 3rd March as planned. I am so sorry as this is the most popular film of the weekend and I know so many of you are looking forward to seeing it. 
We will of course refund your money but in it’s place we will be screening the following if you still want an afternoon at the cinema!

The replacement film is “The Bookshop” (PG, 1 hr 53 mins)
Set in England 1959 in a small East Anglian town, Florence Green decides, against polite but ruthless local opposition, to open a bookshop. Based on the delightful book by Penelope Fitzgerald and with a great cast including Emily Mortimer and Bill Nighy.

Calverton Theatre Group

After the success of our play HeatStroke. And the positive feedback from our Treasure Island Panto, Calverton Theatre Group under the Direction of Pat Marks are pleased to present another play for your entertainment:

Cat Among The Pigeons

The scene is the sitting-room of Alfred Tinsley’s suburban villa ‘Mooredge’ on the outskirts of Helliford, a northern industrial town. The action takes place over the course of a few days in the present time.
Three generations of Tinsleys live in uneasy contentment dominated by Nora and her daughter Edna until Nora’s son comes home from National Service in Indo-China. Explosive disruptions occur with the arrival of Yvonne Chartreuse, an exotic French dancer, to whom the male Tinsleys gravitate, while the females are suspicious, jealous and determined to expel this dangerous intruder. Salvation comes when Grandma helps Ernest to win lots of money on the pools!