Late News

Woodborough Action Group

Supporting conservation, sensitive development and protecting the Green Belt

In January, your Action Group reported that the Inspector for the independent examination of the Gedling Local Planning Document (Part 2 Local Plan) would be holding hearing sessions during February and March. The Action Group said it would keep in close contact with the progress of the hearings, especially on those topics that may affect Woodborough. At the time, we did not anticipate any major changes but we said we would not take anything for granted!

Well it is as well we didn’t. The hearings have dragged on far longer than anticipated. The flow of new information and updated housing development projections has been significant. The inspector’s questions about the plans for Woodborough, that were referred to in the January edition of the Woodborough Web, have all been discussed. Elsewhere in the Borough, the Inspector has raised significant concerns about the allocation of land for future housing in the Dorket Head area. This is due to the proximity to the adjacent minerals site at the brickworks. Gedling Borough Council have been asked to reconsider the allocations and make up any shortfall by identifying an additional site or sites elsewhere. Once this has been done there will have to be another six-week public consultation on any amendments proposed. The Inspectors hearing would then recommence.  

It would appear, now, that the Local Plan will not be adopted until next year and may indeed be delayed until next summer! Any new sites put forward should be close to the main urban areas and would therefore not affect any of the village draft plans, including those for Woodborough.

As far as the Action Group are concerned we can only say again that we will not take anything for granted and will continue to monitor events.

Patrick Smith

Calling All John Lewis Customers

Cancer Research UK – Woodborough Committee have been successful in their bid to be one of the John Lewis 3 chosen charities for the green tokens at the restaurant and will feature for August, September and October with any monies received being restricted to research within Nottingham.

An extract from their website is below so that you can see what this might mean for us -


Helping support local communities

Community Matters is our charitable giving scheme that runs throughout our shops. You'll also come across a similar scheme at your local Waitrose.

Every 3 months each shop selects 3 community groups to help. Customers are directly involved in deciding how much each nominated group receives, by using a token to vote for the organisation they'd like to support.

Each shop has £3000 to donate which is split between the charities according to the proportion of the vote they've received from customers. This means that if a charity receives 31% of the votes, it receives a £930 donation.

The Community Matters boxes are located in catering areas of each shop. Customers are given one token per transaction.


Please spread the word amongst family and friends and ask them if they would consider placing the green token in our perspex box !

Sounds like a good excuse for more coffee and cake whilst you’re shopping !

Diary of a Show

Most of the shows that the Burton Joyce Players produce run for about two hours. But I wonder if the audiences ever think about how much time and effort lies behind those two short hours.

The reality is that each of our shows involves literally hundreds of person hours. Much of that time is spent rehearsing, but there is also the planning, design, research, painting, props making and set building to take into account.

Since it was first published in 1908, Kenneth Grahame’s classic tale, THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS has never been out of print, and this October the Burton Joyce Players will be performing a magical celebration of the antics of Mole, Ratty, Toad and all the other animals in a musical adaptation of this wonderful children’s story.

This is part of an ongoing diary to show what actually is involved in getting a show like this from the page to the stage.


At a meeting in February, it was decided that our autumn show should be The Wind in the Willows. The first task for director Kathy Matthews was to find a suitable script and after much searching she settled on a fun adaptation of the story by Lee Baddock and Chris Kirby.

After that Kathy needed to source the music, but luckily the village is blessed in that we have our own original composer in David Machell who just happened to be musical director in the 1993 production of Toad of Toad Hall.


The audition was, as expected, busy with lots of hopefuls looking for parts. It’s usually a difficult task for the director when there is so much talent available, but on this occasion we had a large cast to fill, as well as a singing chorus, and so everyone went happily away with a part.

The following week the principles met for the first “read through”. This is a relaxed affair and as the name implies, members of the cast sit around a table and “read through” the play. This gives the cast a chance to bond with fellow cast members, an essential aspect of drama, both amateur and professional, as each will depend on the support of the others in the many rehearsals that are to come. It also provides the director with an opportunity to get a rough timing of the show and to identify any changes that may be needed to the script.


Set design, i.e. what goes on stage in terms of scenery, furniture etc is a very important part of the overall production. Sometimes a script will include a suggested layout; often that used in the first production of the play. The problem with Wind in the Willows is that the action takes place in many different locations. The answer we have come up with is the use of “trucks”.

Theatre, like many other professions, has a specialised terminology; the sides of the stage are the “wings”, the front curtains are the “tabs”, the area above stage is the “flies”, a show might “go up” at 7.30 p.m. and “come down” at 9.55. 

A “Truck” is a wheeled platform upon which scenery or furniture can be attached so that it can be moved easily around the stage. We used trucks very effectively in our 2012 production of Ladies Day, and at the first production meeting the director, stage manager and myself hammered out the details of what should be painted on the trucks and how we could efficiently move them around the stage without crushing anybody.

So now we have a plan of action, and while the actors and chorus concentrate on their lines and lyrics, their entrances and exits, the backstage crew will set about building and making everything we will need to make this show very special indeed.

Patrick Mcdonough

St Swithun's Church

Open Again

Terry Robinson writes "I am pleased to be able to inform you that the urgent structural repairs needed at St. Swithun’s have now been completed and the church is fully open again."

Sad News About the Bee-eaters

It seems that the three nests of the Bee-eaters at East Leake have failed. Very recently the birds have been seen flying to and fro from the nests, obviously feeding young. However their behaviour has changed and they are no longer visiting the nests.

The RSPB suspect that the nests may have failed due to the lack of food around and this could be blamed on the poor weather we have recently experienced.

It is very sad when this sort of thing happens but unfortunately that is nature.     Jean Powley

Extraordinary Meeting of Woodborough Parish Council

9.00am 16th August at the Village Hall

Woodborough Parish Council meets on Wednesday 16th August at the unusual time of 9.00am. This extraordinary meeting has been called to consider further works to the Governors' Field.

The re-opening of the Governors' Field has been delayed following late deliveries and - more significantly - some unseasonally heavy rainfall which has rendered parts of the field too wet to work. The re-opening is now likely to take place in September.

View the agenda for 16th August here. 

Jeannette Close will be hosting a
COFFEE MORNING, from 10.30 - 12.30 on
Friday, 18th August 2017 at
The Manor, 70 Main Street Woodborough
and invites you to come along for a Coffee/Tea and Cake.
This event is to raise funds for Tree Tops Hospice who are initiating a programme of massage for relaxation in the home of terminally ill patients.
On sale there will be: Stella & Dot Jewellery; Handbags and Scarves

Dog Found in Woodborough

A brown labrador has been found at the bottom of Bank Hill, Woodborough at around 7.00am (Friday 18/08/17). No name tag.

If this is your dog please call 07855379101.