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Woodborough Community Association

Past events:

The day of the Ludlow trip was the day the rains came down but our ever hardy tavellers stillmanaged to make the best of the beautiful setting.


Best Kept Village:

Preparations have begun. Saturday 13th May saw a team of village volunteers rubbing down and painting the railings at the top end of the village. Then on the 20th we began clearing away the dead weeds on Main Street. Many thanks to the  kind residents who offered and provided refreshments as we worked. It is always a pleasure to get out in numbers as this enhances the social aspect of the work and also lets us see the hard work so many other people put into ensuring the village maintains its beautiful appearance. If you know of anything that needs attending too please do contact us and we’ll see what we can do to help. I enclose again the marking scheme so you can see that together we can achieve this and bring  the award back  to Woodborough.

Marks are awarded by the judges for evidence of pride and involvement. There are four headings with possible marks as follows:

Domestic, 30 marks -eg houses, gardens, hedges and frontages

Community Facilities, 40 marks – eg bus shelters and stops, telephone kiosks, governors field and play equipment, cemetery, village hall, churches and church yards, notice boards and notices, street furniture, school, footpaths and signage.

Commercial Enterprises and Services, 25 marks – eg shops, pubs, businesses, parking areas, farmyards and farm buildings.

Obvious community involvement, 5 marks.

If you are aware of any areas in the village that would benefit from our attentions then please get in touch using the details below so we can come up with our plan of action to enhance our beautiful village.


Forthcoming events:  Street Market: July 15th

Applications for the stalls are already coming in. If you know of someone who would like a form but  doesn’t use the  internet then please contact us  directly and  we will send you a form in the traditional way. Due to the expected update of the play equipment on the Governors’ field we are expecting to have less space on the field and aim to make better use of the Four Bells’ Carpark.  We have made a slight adjustment to the cost but will honour the charges already payed by the early bird bookers.

We would also be grateful to hear from anyone able to donate raffle prizes for this popular event as this one of our main fundraising activities. 


Fancy a change on a Friday night? Why not join our dedicated band of supporters who enjoy Bingo at the Institute every third Friday in the month, the next game will be Friday 16th June  at 7.30pm


Have you found our Facebook page yet? – please look and like us!

Contact Details                                      


phone: 0115 9654158


facebook: WCA


We've just (1.00pm Tues 4th June) received this from one of our readers:

Just wondered if you could help? I was just in Woodborough this morning on Park Road, when we saw a dog on its own running down Main Street. We tried to catch it but followed it up to the cricket field behind village hall. It then ran onto field, then over bridge onto the path towards fields. We drove down to Frank Ellingtons then ran up the path and across thinking we would meet it half way, but no joy! There was a quite a few other people trying to help but we just couldn't catch the dog.
It's a grey colour and looks like a whippet with a pink collar and name tag. It looks really looked after.
We've driven up to Lambley and surrounding fields but can't see the dog.
Nobody seems to know who's dog it is - it seemed to know its way around the village. Would you know the owner?

Since our update we have heard that the dog has been found and is now back with its owner - well done Woodborough Web readers!

RHS Chatsworth Flower Show

Last Minute Tickets!

Woodborough Culture Club and Woodborough Horticultural Society have jointly organised a visit the The RHS-Chatsworth Flower Show this coming Saturday (10th June).

Due to unexpected circumstances, 3 tickets (normally £39 each on the gate) have become available at short notice.

These tickets are now available on a first-come first-served basis at £25 each including transport to/from Woodborough. What a bargain!

If you would like to buy these tickets, please contact the following as soon as possible:

ONE TICKET: 0115 9654319 /

TWO TICKETS: 0115 9652376 /

Bag Lost in Woodborough

On Saturday evening (10th June) a shoulder bag was accidently left on top of a garden wall close to the Methodist Church on Main Street.

If you have found this bag, please contact the editor on or telephone 9652376 so that it can be returned to the owner.

Active Kids Vouchers for Woodborough Beavers, Cubs and Scouts

If anyone has any remaining Active Kids Vouchers for Woodborough Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, please could you put them in the box at the Village Hall or through the letterbox at 25 Holme Close by the 22nd June please?

This year I am hoping to get a tent and a few bits for cooking as the children love to cook at our groups. Please ask around your friends/ relatives as we need a few hundred more to order the list we have selected from the catalogue.

Thanks for your support, Cindy Bamford.

Looking for an Acoustic Guitar on Short-Term Loan

Your editor is thinking about taking up playing the guitar (after many years!) and is looking for someone who might have an acoustic guitar available to borrow for a couple of weeks.

The idea is to see if the fingers (and brain) are still up to it before taking the plunge and buying a new instrument.

If you can help please email or phone 9652376

Calverton & Woodborough

Royal British Legion





9.00am - 1.00pm.



TABLE SET UP FOR 9.00am.   Sellers - £5.00 per table

CAR BOOT SET UP FOR 8.30am. Sellers - £5.00 per plot.

Hot and cold drinks available.  Toilets on site.

For more information contact:  0115 9117556 and 0115 9655627.