Catching Fly Tippers on Bank Hill

We loved your April Fool Michael. The thought of someone lying in the ditch with a camera  waiting for hours for  a fly tipper to appear is hilarious.

It made our day and gave us a good laugh.

Robert and Toppy Hanson

We greatly enjoyed your April Fool joke in last months issue.  I reckon that you will have caught a lot of people with it.

(Just to be on the safe side, if I ever see one of those drainage channels filled in, I’m going to drive over it!)

Best wishes,

Andrew Prestwich


For those that missed it last month, it is repeated below:

If you drive up Bank Hill in Woodborough, you’ll have noticed the increasing number of rubbish tipping incidents over the last few months. Selfish and idle (the recycling centre is only a mile away!) drivers are taking the easy way out and destroying our local environment.

Hopefully, a brand new initiative may help to catch the offenders by photographing them in the act!

You may have wondered what is the purpose of the channels that have been cleared in the grass verges along the upper stretches of Bank Hill in the last couple of months (see picture above).

We were fortunate to be invited along to see a demonstration of how they will help to tackle the problem of fly tipping.

In a scheme that owes much to Monty Python, the channels are designed to conceal an enforcement officer, with a digital camera, covered by a camouflage mat. Surprisingly the disguise is extremely effective and would not be noticed by an offender looking for a spot to dump his rubbish. The bottom picture shows just how successful the camouflage is, with just the camera lens visible (indicated by the arrow).

Village Tidy Up

With reference to the above I wished to raise the issue of dog mess in the village and invite dog owners to be more responsible when out walking their dogs.

The corner of Main Street and Roe Hill, outside the old Methodist chapel, along Roe Hill and over the bridge behind the village hall up to the woods seem to be particularly bad.

I wonder if the parish council could arrange for a couple more dog waste bins and signs, to remind people that dog mess is extremely unpleasant and a health hazard for children, and owners are at risk of a fine if they do not act responsibly.

Children walk to school from the Bells car park and walk up to the woods.  It is not pleasant for teachers to have to clean mess off the school mats at carpet time when this has been carried in on the bottom of shoes. Nor do home-owners enjoy finding evidence outside their homes of passing dogs.

Please be considerate if you have a dog, and clean up after it. Similarly, If others walk your dog ( family/ friends ) kindly ensure they clean up, too.

Thank you


Woodborough Resident
(Name & address supplied)