Grass Cutting on "The Green"

Further to Mark's letter I would like to say that the grass has now been cut but none of the cuttings have been removed so it is really still not suitable for children to play on.  There have been, as noted in the newsletter, many instances of dog fouling in this area and naturally this is hidden by long grass and unlceared mowings.
This is designated as a play area and indeed when we moved in to the village had a maypole on it which would indicate that it was always intended as a play area.
Buckland Drive

The Hedge and Hedgerow Outside the Village Hall.

Who is responsible for this? We are exhorted to take care of our village in the light of 'best kept village' status and one would hope we villagers would take pride in doing so anyways, but the hedge and hedgerow outside the village hall is quite disgracefully overgrown.

In fact to such an extent that it is not possible to walk past on the pavement. You need to go onto the road. This is neither pretty nor safe.

Woodborough Resident

Woodborough Street Market

After some years away from the village, I looked forward to the street market, but have to say what a disappointment it was. A lack of stalls and patronage, probably on account of the weather, I admit, made it a lack lustre affair.

I had expected a more community focused events with all the village clubs and societies taking part. Where were the cubs, brownies and guides, the cricket club, tennis club, Woodborough Woods school with games and a gymnastics display?

Where were the local beekeepers with honey for sale, the local farmers with a fruit and veg stall, eggs etc.

The stars of the show were the alpapcas – fascinating.

We did not find out about the strawberry tea in the church until the last minute – a wedding was being held. Why weren’t alternative arrangements made?

Where were the Woodborough ‘dads’ to hold an amateur barbecue, a few more games for the kids and adults alike?

There needs to be more than just bric-a-brac stalls to hold peoples’ interest and get them coming back next year.

Returning Woodborough Resident