We live on Sunningdale Drive Woodborough – near to the car fire and property where a sign was stolen last night.

We had two orange plastic plant pots (with plants) taken last night – it seems our vandals were busy indeed.

We haven’t recovered the plants or pots so would you mind updating the news article and appealing for residents to return if they come across them around the village. They weren’t at all expensive but one of the plants in particular was flourishing and we’re sad that we’ve lost it.

We only moved here 3 years ago – for the peace and quiet – yet it seems there’s been one drama after another lately! We were lucky our fence didn’t catch alight last night but more importantly, we were lucky no one got hurt, we have a 15 year old son, it doesn’t bear thinking about if things were worse!

L & K

Car Damage

I have just read of a car fire in Woodborough in which the car was written off by a fire believed to have started in the rear of the vehicle; it may be of interest to hear of my recent experience in a similar case.

On Saturday 10th March this year my car was parked in the layby on Bank Hill. In the early hours, a neighbour spotted a car parked adjacent to the line of parked cars without lights and facing the on coming traffic.

On attempting to use the car on the Saturday evening, I discovered that the tank was empty, later inspection by Wright’s garage revealed that a hole had been drilled in the fuel tank in order to steal the fuel.

The matter was reported to the police who could take no further action.

Yours Faithfully
Michael Harrison (MA)