Woodborough Feast Sports

Coffee Morning Sat May 13th

What a disappointing turnout! Where were all the families with children who join in the sports on Feast Saturday?

Most who attended were OAPs who appreciate our village traditions and wish them to carry on.

The money has to be raised somehow and the coffee morning is the only fund-raiser.

I’m an old village resident who enjoyed the sports in the 1940’s and my children in the 1960’s. I also served on the committee, so I am aware of all the work that goes into putting on this event.

If the present committee don’t get more support, this old Woodborough tradition could be a thing of the past.

P Lawson

Suspicious Letters

This may be of interest to residents. Over the last 3 weeks I have received 3 letters with our address on but with a name that we did not recognise as that of anyone in our locality. The first letter was from O2 with details of mobile phone insurance.
The next two, addressed to the same person were from NATWEST bank and were for failed Direct Debits, including three for O2.
I contacted O2 Fraud Dept and was told that this is the new way that fraud is being committed. The people in question pick a nice area and an address and use that to open accounts. I was assured that the people committing the fraud do not have any of our personal details, only our address.
I later visited NATWEST and spoke to them with the same result. We have been removed from both companies mailing lists for receiving standard default letters.
If anyone receives the letters similar to ours they can either contact the companies who sent the letters or give them back to the postman and they can stop further letters being delivered.

Mike Gould