Smell in Woodborough

(First published in “Late News” during August)


Just wondered if anyone in Woodborough has smelled an unpleasant smell in the village?

We live near the Nags Head, and all day there has been a nasty acrid smell in the air. It’s not just muck spreading…..

I have been in touch with Gedling Borough Council, who seem to be powerless to investigate, unless I know where it’s coming from…

If you or the readers have any information/ideas, please let me know or please contact Gedling Borough Council, Anthony Oseland, Tel 0115 9603656.

Kind regards




Dear Editor,

We believe the horrendous smell may be coming from the field behind the one the parish council own. The farmer was spraying something on it the day before yesterday apparently and the smell on the Smalls Croft estate is certainly strong enough to suggest the source is close by!

I’m afraid I do not know who farms that field but the smell itself does meet the legal definition of a ‘smell nuisance’ so environmental health should investigate.

Kind regards