This letter is republished from last month's edition so that you can read the response (below) from the Woodborough Community Association.

Woodborough Street Market

After some years away from the village, I looked forward to the street market, but have to say what a disappointment it was. A lack of stalls and patronage, probably on account of the weather, I admit, made it a lack lustre affair.

I had expected a more community focused events with all the village clubs and societies taking part. Where were the cubs, brownies and guides, the cricket club, tennis club, Woodborough Woods school with games and a gymnastics display?

Where were the local beekeepers with honey for sale, the local farmers with a fruit and veg stall, eggs etc.

The stars of the show were the alpapcas – fascinating.

We did not find out about the strawberry tea in the church until the last minute – a wedding was being held. Why weren’t alternative arrangements made?

Where were the Woodborough ‘dads’ to hold an amateur barbecue, a few more games for the kids and adults alike?

There needs to be more than just bric-a-brac stalls to hold peoples’ interest and get them coming back next year.

Returning Woodborough Resident

The WCA was very interested to hear the comments of the Returning Woodborough Resident about this year’s street market. We find their suggestions very positive and heartily agree with them. This event, like some others, is very dependent on the weather and this year’s was very changeable. Those who attend this Annual Event on a regular basis will note that stall holders availability varies from year to year. We have, in previous years, been well supported by local youth groups and suppliers but life is busy and people can’t always commit. This year the situation was very flexible and the Parish Council and The Great Team did a grand job in accommodating the changing dates of the playground works, whilst still allowing us access to the field. We are very grateful for their consideration.

The church used to have a cake stall on the field but now chose to sell their produce in the kitchen and provide teas – so they do hold their own fund raiser and still add to the community spirit. The Methodist Chapel used to do the same. That St Swithun’s held a wedding is rather out of our control – who would deny a family a wedding? We did have a stall in readiness to provide teas on the field but a commercial stall holder said they would include teas and coffees on their stall – but then they didn’t come. It also used to be that the cricket match was always away on the market day too – but now the field is used each week. Should we ask them not to carry on? I don’t believe so. (Although it would be great if they should chose to do something special for the children on the market day 😊). The Art Society also adds to the community feel by holding their exhibition on the same day in the Institute.

In addition to supporting the community we use the Street Market as our major fund raiser and these funds enable us to provide other events. We are very aware that we need a variety of stall holders and only allow stalls raising money for charity to sell bric a brac. In the interests of ‘keeping it fresh’ we also spent more on advertising for stall holders and attendees this year and had some very exciting enquiries - but many found other sites that offered them a bigger audience so didn’t attend.

Our village is a vibrant active place to live. There are lots of societies, many of which historically grew out of the original Woodborough Community Association. It would be lovely if they could join in with the Annual Street Market and make it a feature of their own Annual Schedules. I would welcome discussions with any villagers who would like to get involved.

Kind regards
Linda Taylor
Chairwoman of the WCA

Woodborough Car Parking

I am surprised that the land next to the churchyard, which I believe to be a former Co-Op site, has not been used as a safe car park for weddings and the school alike. Whenever it's school time or a church/village event, I feel this site would be ideal.

Kind regards,
Brian Marriott