For the attention of Woodborough dog owners.

I’m not sure why but some of you appear to have forgotton your responsibilities. Just walking through the village and going on the school run has become a poo dodging mission with multiple piles on the Main Street, in the Church yard on Lingwood Lane, and the Smalls Croft twitchels (to name but a few locations) in the past few weeks.

A couple have also been seen letting their dog foul on the Smalls Croft green just yards from the dog waste bin but made absolutely no effort to pick it up!

Dog mess is not just unpleasant but dangerous to young children due to it’s bacterial load, yet what can only be multiple Woodborough dog owners seem to think it is acceptable to let their dogs soil our pavements and play areas.

There really is no excuse; bags are for sale in the village shop and are free from the Minster vets in Calverton!
I know most owners are responsible and must also be sickened by the situation, but the minority are blackening the name of all dog owners and making our beautiful village into a disgusting cesspit. You know who you are…please give your behaviour some thought and start picking up after your dogs!

A. Kirby on behalf of Woodborough parents and all of those who use our pavements.


I was somewhat taken aback to read the late news item (in last month’s late news, reprinted on page 3 – Ed) concerning the apparent removal of grit for use on private property and the sweeping assumption made by Councillor Elliott that anyone removing grit is doing so for use on private property.

I live on Sunningdale Drive (Woodborough) and each year a particular section of road becomes treacherous when snow fall is compacted by cars and buses. We have just experienced 3 such days.

Due to the low angle of the sun and building shadows the compacted snow/ice is slow to move.

The nearest grit bin is approx 100 metres away. Personally, I have not yet removed grit but now may do so in the future. If subsequently my car number was reported I should be mightily aggrieved if anyone suggested that I be reported for theft.

Perhaps Councillor Elliott would care to visit Sunningdale Drive after a snowfall to see the problem or he could encourage the gritters to visit this bus route at appropriate times.

Jeff Pickering