Local Planning Document

Thank you for drawing attention to the latest news on the Woodborough Web (the Local Planning Document). (Originally ‘Late News’ last month, now on page 11 of this edition – Ed)

Unfortunately it all appears to be in local government jargon and I can make neither head nor tale of what it is asking us to consult on.

I clicked on the link, which took me to a page asking me to click on another link, which took me to a whole host of links to indecipherable documents and some maps.

I fear it will take me until the end of the consultation period just to work out what it’s all trying to tell me! I wonder if one of our local councillors could be persuaded to give us a summary of the proposals in laymen’s terms so that we can have a properly informed consultation? Is that something you could facilitate, or do you know someone who could please? I’m afraid I am not in contact with the councillors so I wouldn’t know where to start (there’s probably an indecipherable government document buried under a set of links somewhere which tells me who they all are…)


Ruth Howard
Woodborough Resident

The Local Planning Document item was published in last month’s “Late News”, and is on page 11 of this edition. In response to Ruth’s letter, Councillor Patrick Smith supplies some of the answers on page 12.

Plumber Recommendation

Recently, I had cause to use a local plumber as my gas boiler had developed a fault and we were without hot water and heating. 

On contacting the Calverton business of Porter Heating I was somewhat surprised to hear that a plumber would call the same evening and with no call out charge!

When the  plumber arrived, within minutes of looking at the boiler,  he resolved the problem.  Apparently there was air in the circulating pump and the self priming valve had been closed.

What an honest tradesman. He could have easily told me that the motor was broken and would need replacing.  Then, when I enquired how much I owed him, the immediate response was “nothing”.

Needless to say I felt that such honesty and attitude could not go unrewarded. Need I say any more other than I would highly recommend this trader?

AJ Ball, Calverton

Finance for the Woodborough Web

As we have told you before, my wife and I are very appreciative of all the work you put into producing the excellent Woodborough Web every month.
We would be happy to a patron, regularly contributing to the costs involved with a modest subscription. The suggestion of using Patreon sounds good. I’ve seen that company used by several people teaching foreign languages online.

DR, Woodborough

Web Future

I have just read your piece about the WW’s future. Maybe by now you received a message from the Parish Council offering some help. Also. I for one would be happy to subscribe.

Advertisers – perhaps the Spar? For a small outlay they could promote special offers and also ads for their customers for which they could charge? Farhad needs to promote his business, increase awareness, etc.
You are providing a great service to the village. I hope you can continue

CS, Woodborough

Running Costs of Woodborough Web

I have just been reading your piece around the rising costs of running WW.  I have to say my wife and I are regular readers and in fact used the site for questions and services before we moved to Woodborough just over 2 years ago.  I think that WW adds to the village sense of identity and community.

I don’t know how feasible it would be to run, but could a regular “raffle” type competition be used to raise money with a percentage of the proceeds going to prizes – maybe a modest cash prize depending how popular, with the rest going towards the running costs. I am not sure what the rules are on running this but it could be an option.  To take a leaf out of my sons school pta raffle.  Participants pay an annual fee then each months prize is taken from the prize fund – a percentage of the overall raised (1/12th per month).  This would ease having to collect money regularly.

Also I have to say that I would happily pay a contribution each year to keep it running.  We pay £6 per year for the local church mag and this is as much to help fund it as it is for our interest in its contents.  Again, I would be as happy to pay a fee annually rather than monthly to reduce the collection overheads.  I can tell you from me now that if you were asking me for £12 per year with an option to voluntarily contribute more then I would be happy to pay.  In fact I am happy to pledge £24 per year from me to help with costs.  £2 per household per month doesn’t sound much. It’s less than some coffee shops charge for a hot drink!

Hope that is of some help and I also hope that there are more like minded individuals out there that will support the service you are providing.

K & L F – Sunningdale Dr, Woodborough

Finance for the Woodborough Web

We would support a modest subscription but fear that would see a drop off in subscribers.

Hopefully your appeal for more corporate advertising will bear fruit.

In the meantime you have and are doing a wonderful job in keeping us all informed

DS, Main Street, Woodborough

Please see the home page editorial for more on Woodborough Web financing.

Low Flying Planes

Have any other residents commented on the low flying planes overhead last night (21 Feb)?
It also happened last Thursday – are we on a new flight path from somewhere maybe ?
Jools Hudson