A sad message from Edwina Pogson who, until a few years ago, lived on Pinfold Crescent, Woodborough...

It is with great sadness I must tell you that my elder son, Jim, died recently after 3 years of suffering cancer. A great loss to the family but thankfully with my return to Cornwall I was able to enjoy him and Shelly his wife, being close by these last years.
In the circumstances I hope you will understand if I request no Christmas cards please. We shall not be celebrating the festive aspect of Christmas this year. Thank you.

My regards to all my ' old ' friends in Woodborough.


Dear Editor,

It is Friday night and the tarmac is laid. Congratulations to the contractors and their men. Efficient, courteous, helpful and  cheerful. The skill of the drivers amazing, I hope it lasts, but shows up the bits not done, Thank you.

John Harlow

32 Main Street