That’s wonderful news, I’m amazed that not only do you report that Milo is missing, but we are also informed that he has been safely returned to his family, what a truly amazing service.

Many thanks,

Rosemary Chambers

For those that don’t read late news items, Milo is the Woodborough Cat who went missing, and subsequently returned home after an adventure lasting several days – Ed

The Silent Soldier

Yesterday morning (24th July) I attended the Woodborough Woods school assembly, where we were made very welcome by the head-teacher, the vicar and the children.
Head-teacher Shaun took time to introduce us to the children who then all said good morning to us. The interaction of Anthony and the children was excellent and they were very responsive.
We all look forward to seeing the Silent Soldier in the church yard next to the war memorial today .
Driving through Lindby yesterday I noticed they had 2 soldiers .
Jan Turton