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Lambley Historical Society

Our next meeting is on October 23rd at 7.30pm in the W.I.Hall in Lowdham when Michael Parkin will talk about the Pentrich Rising. Quite a story from a small Derbyshire village!
The Pentrich rising was an armed uprising in 1817 that began around the village of Pentrich, Derbyshire, in the United Kingdom. It occurred on the night of 9/10 June 1817. While much of the planning took place in Pentrich, two of the three ringleaders were from South Wingfield and the other was from Sutton in Ashfield; the 'revolution' itself started from Hunt's Barn in South Wingfield, and the only person killed died in Wingfield Park.
A gathering of some two or three hundred men (stockingers, quarrymen and iron workers), led by Jeremiah Brandreth ('The Nottingham Captain'), (an unemployed stockinger, and claimed by Gyles Brandreth as an ancestor - although unlikely since Brandreth's children emigrated to America), set out from South Wingfield to march to Nottingham. They were lightly armed with pikes, scythes and a few guns, which had been hidden in a quarry in Wingfield Park, and had a set of rather unfocused revolutionary demands, including the wiping out of the National Debt.
One among them, William J. Oliver was, however, a government spy, and the uprising was quashed soon after it began. Three men were hanged and beheaded at Derby Gaol for their participation in the uprising: Jeremiah Brandreth, Isaac Ludlam and William Turner.
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Eleven group members enjoyed a very interesting afternoon at the Flower Pod near Brackenhurst University, Southwell.  We were met by centre manager Jane Hufton, and volunteers Mike Fryer and Dave Frearson who settled us all down with a drink as they explained how and why the Flower Pod came into being. Anna Joyce who worked for the charity Reach Learning Disability, had the brilliant idea of using the growing, and arranging of, flowers to help people with learning difficulties.

This original idea has blossomed into a very successful social enterprise business selling natural beautiful confetti, honey, and flower arrangements for which almost everything used is sourced at the Pod. As well as raising awareness about the group and raising funds for Reach it also teaches the Service Users and volunteers many skills.

The building is made from straw bales covered in lime rendering and the garden is very colourful and sports many hand made structures. Unfortunately heavy rain curtailed the tour of the garden so we tucked into refreshments while watching videos of the many tasks undertaken. Janet Hays won a hand-tied flower arrangement in the raffle. For more information go to

Group Secretary Sandra and husband Mike were invited to attend the 14th European Experts Meeting on Self Help Support Groups. The delegates were very interested in our experiences as the group has grown and flourished over the past 6 years. Several delegates congratulated us and said they would try to set up similar groups back home.

If you want information about this friendly independent group please phone Sandra & Michael on 01636 812399 or email

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Woodborough in Bloom

A huge thank you to everyone who so generously supported the W in Bloom coffee morning. About 45 people enjoyed the autumn sunshine in the lovely garden of Thorneywood Cottage. Our county councillor Boyd Elliott joined us and we were able to thank him for his generous support he gives to Woodborough in Bloom.
The morning raised a grand total of £370.
The change over to winter planting is well underway as the seasons change.
Thank you for all the support we have received from the bowser team over the summer months. The village has looked really colourful this year and achieved the"wow" factor we were hoping for.

Many thanks Jan, Elizabeth and Jane.


Monday 2nd October

at 7.30pm

All welcome - Raffle & Refreshments


See the chiropodist on

Tuesday 31st October

from 8.30am to 11.30am,
in the Institute, Roe Lane, Woodborough.