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Lambley Historical Society

At our last indoor meeting until the autumn Judith Mills explained how the Arboretum and Nottingham’s other Green Spaces were created.

An Act of Parliament passed in the mid nineteenth century met with local approval as it helped to improve the unhealthy urban life of thousands of Nottingam’s citizens living in cramped unsanitary conditions.

Resulting from the Act, 130 acres of land were set aside to create linked public walks, recreation grounds, rest gardens and improved cemeteries. From near St.Mary’s Rest Garden in St.Ann’s, Robin Hood Chase led to Corporation Oaks and Elm Avenue. Across Mansfield Rd. is the tunnel into the Arboretum, the main subject of Judith Mills’s talk.

The Arboretum, opened with much ceremony in 1852, was the centrepiece of the whole scheme. Its aim was to be not only a pleasure garden but a place for “improvement”, a place to display civic pride with a bust of local MP, philanthropist and hosiery manufacturer Samuel Morley and more controversially  Feargus O’Connor, the only Chartist Member or Parliament. No inscription was allowed but it was considered a Work of Art. National Pride was symbolised by the Chinese Bell Tower with its Crimean War Cannon  commemorating the Anglo-Chinese Opium Wars and the Siege of Sebastapol.

But the highlight of the Arboretum was, and still is the trees and shrubs, both native and foreign species, all labelled, some of notable rarity.

The Arboretum is included in English Heritage’s Register of Parks and Gardens and contains nine Grade 2 listed buildings and structures  including the Aviary, the home of the renowned but now departed 114 , reputedly, year old “Cocky”, the Bandstand and the two Lodges.
Much appreciation was shown to our expert speaker and we now look forward to June 3rd when we are visiting the Arboretum.

In July the tour of Robin Hood’s Nottingham has had to be altered but  details will be given next month. There may be spare places available but pre booking is essential.

For information, phone Joyce on 0115 9653314 or Kay on 0115 9313646.




Physiotherapist Annabel Kingsbury had the members standing holding hands in a circle for part of their Physiotherapy session.  Poor balance with a tendency to trip over and fall affects most people with Parkinsons so these exercises help minimise this.  Annabel followed this with a relaxation session.  Members sat with a pillow at their backs thinking about pleasurable experiences - it worked so well some fell asleep!

Members waiting for the meal as the 'Murder Mystery' actors begin arriving.

Fourteen members had their little grey cells working overtime during a Murder Mystery evening at the Remada Resort Hotel in Grantham.  The overnight stay included taking advantage of the hotel's gym, pool and spa so it was a body and brain workout.  Retired Police Inspector Michael failed miserably at solving 'Whodunnit' but then he never arrested a murderer during his 30 year career in the police either.

If you want information about this friendly independent group please phone Sandra & Michael on 01636 812399 or email

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Woodborough in Bloom

The new troughs under the road signs are now in place. The older planters ie. those not replaced last autumn are all having new compost. Hopefully people will plant tubs, planters and baskets in bold colours, to give impact as you drive through the Village.

We are holding a coffee morning on Thursday 7th September, more information nearer the time.

Jan, Elizabeth and Jane.

Woodborough Hall For Sale

Woodborough Hall on Bank Hill, Woodborough has been put on the market (with an asking price of £1,950,000) by Colliers International. You can see their description HERE.

During the 2nd world war the hall was a base for both the army and the RAF, and later became a care home. During the last few years the hall has operated as a hotel and function/wedding venue.

You can read more about proposed sale on the Nottingham Post website HERE.