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Lambley Historical Society

Cycling with Stephen Cooper

At our first indoor meeting of the autumn, Stephen Cooper  encouraged us to get on our bikes to discover some of our county’s less well known historic places.  Stephen, obviously a cycling enthusiast, has written several cycling trails, one of which he described in detail.

The starting point is North Muskham, the theme of the trail is the devious diversions made to the Trent over the years to the advantage of some but the inconvenience of others. The first it would seem was an Act of God. In 1575 a cataclysmic flood separated Holme from the west bank of the river. South of Muskham the river splits, part flowing through Newark and part through Kelham and Averham. At one time, the mill owners of these two villages made so sure they had a generous supply of water that Newark was left high, but not very dry, with a marshy plain to the North.

The civil engineering mastermind of the day, John Smeaton, who is credited with developing lime into more waterproof cement and concrete, built a causeway joining Newark with their previous neighbours. This is still part of the old Great North Road.

Having led us south, Stephen spoke of the delights of Kelham’s church with its splendid monuments to Lord and Lady Lexington and of Averham’s unique theatre. He ended his well illustrated talk with mention of his other trails. Having been thanked for an interesting and entertaining evening, Stephen Cooper continued the discussion with many members well into the refreshments which followed.

Our last meeting of 2017 is on November 27th at 7.30pm in the WI Hall in Lowdham when Ann Featherstone makes a welcome return to talk about "Fools and Horses" the Victorian circus. All are welcome to join us for a fun evening to end our year.

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A golden labrador called Simba stole the hearts of the members who attended the September meeting. Simba, who was accompanied by her puppy parent Katy Roberts, is at an early stage of her training but eventually she will be capable of performing tasks such as emptying the washing machine and taking the cash card from an ATM.  As well as enabling a disabled person live a more independant lifestyle she will be a loving companion and loyal friend.

Jody Henshaw was our guide during a tour of Mansfield Museum which looks small from the outside but is quite extensive. Janet Hays and Marion Ball who were brought up in the Mansfield area were transported back to their childhood by the displays dedicated to local factories, shops and coal mines. One lovely aspect of the visit was seeing the happy children dressed as Vikings learning history.

A meal at the Stag and Pheasant afterwards gave us a chance to get to know our newest member Peter Clark.

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