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Craig Mochrie

Corn or Callus:
How Can you Tell the Difference?

This is a question I am often asked. Basically, both corns and calluses are hard skin that we find especially on our feet, although they can also form on our hands. Hard skin forms because of rubbing and friction, from our shoes for example. So what's the difference between a corn and a callus? Here is a definition of both, and in each case we assume its on the foot:


Callus is a build-up of hardened skin on the surface of the foot, and normally covers a wider area. Callus is characteristically yellowish in colour. Treating Calluses Calluses can be self-treated, to an extent. For instance, after having your bath or shower, when the skin on your feet is softer, you can rub the skin with a pumice stone. Or you could file the skin down with a suitable skin file, such as a Scholl file. Also, keep the area well moisterised. However, this method won't normally eliminate a callus completely. To do this, the surface skin will need reducing with a surgical blade; this, of course, should only ever be carried out by either a chiropodist or a foot health practitioner.


Corns are areas of hard skin that are shaped somewhat like an inverted cone, being recognized by their appearance as a white-ish blemish in the skin. A corn, unlike a callus, digs into the surface of the skin, which is why corns are often very painful. Corns are often hidden under calluses.

The best way to treat a corn is to remove it. This also requires the use of a surgical blade, in the hands of a trained professional. By removing the hardened skin with careful and precise use of the correct instrument, the corn can be completely taken out.

Normally, the successful removal of a corn will lead to instant relief from any pain. Both corns and calluses are prone to re-appearing. This is because the tissues of the skin on the foot can become damaged. In this case, routine maintenance of corns and calluses is needed to keep them at bay!

Craig Mochrie is the owner of Foot Revive Mobile Foot Care Clinic

Typical Callus                                  Typical Corn

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Monday November 13th  3.30 - 4.45pm
St Mary's Church, Church Lane, Lowdham, Notts NG14 7BQ
The Yorkshire Vet - an afternoon with Julian Norton 

Star of Channel 5’s television series The Yorkshire Vet, Julian Norton has written a warm, evocative and often funny memoir of his life and the huge variety of animals and people he has met along the way. From his childhood love of animals, through his training and first steps in the profession, and the pressures and challenges he has faced, Julian has seen all sides of the veterinary world and writes about it with humour and affection. In this special event he will share with us some of his wonderful stories working from the practice made famous by James Herriot.
Tickets: £6 full, £5 concessions, £4 Festival Friends

Wednesday 22nd November  7.15 - 9pm
Southwell Library, The Bramley Centre, King Street, Southwell, Notts NG25 0EH

William Sieghart: Poetry Pharmacy - prescriptions for the heart and mind 
Publisher and philanthropist William Sieghart has many strings to his bow: he is the founder of National Poetry Day and the force behind the Forward poetry prize, a philanthropist who has set up charities to help the homeless and mediate in the Middle East. He is chairman of the Somerset House Trust, was commissioned by the government to review libraries and is a pusher – in the best sense – of poetry. After years of listening and prescribing, he has conceived 56 brilliantly inventive categories to address the human condition which he describes in his beautiful new book, Poetry Pharmacy. In this event William will explain his thoughts on ‘the problems that really matter’ and will offer up an essential poem to ease the heart, mind or soul. There will be time for questions and also the opportunity for six lucky customers (decided at the event) to have a 10 minute 'surgery' with William for a personal prescription! 
Tickets: £6 full, £5 concessions, £4 Festival Friends
Bar available

Tuesday 5th December  11.45am - 2.45pm
Harts Restaurant, 
Standard Hill, Park Row, Nottingham NG1 6GN

Literary Lunch with Charles Spencer
We are delighted to welcome back bestselling historian Charles Spencer with his new book TO CATCH A KING: Charles II’s Great Escape. This is the true story of one of the greatest escapes in British history, brought to life through Samuel Pepys’s account and the wealth of new letters and diaries that have come to light in the past 50 years since this epic story was last told. Charles Spencer visited Lowdham Book Festival in 2016 with his previous book, Killers of the King, and is a superb storyteller and passionate historian. 
A real pre-Christmas treat!
Tickets: price to be confirmed but will include a drink on arrival, lunch and coffee, plus a special offer at the event bookstall.

Friday November 3rd
Wisdom of the Mountains with Colin Stump
A talk explaining the  fundamental principles of Buddhism, the evolution of Himalayan practise, the tantric ritual of advanced practitioners, and the complex art and iconography of the traditions, as practised in Tibet and the Himalayan regions of India, Bhutan and Nepal.
Colin lives in Bleasby, and has travelled extensively in the Himalaya. His book ‘Wisdom of the Mountains,’ a comprehensive guide to the evolution, practise and traditions of Tibetan Buddhism will be available for purchase.
N.B.The talk is intended for the layperson, and is not academic or liturgical!
Friday December 1st
Christmas Prose and Poetry with Voice Versa
Join us for an afternoon of Christmas readings and seasonal refreshments, with local performance group Voice Versa, to get your festivities off to a lovely relaxed start!
First Friday talks take place in Lowdham Methodist Chapel 2.00 – 3.30pm
Tickets available from The Bookcase, 50 Main Street, Lowdham
or on our box office line 0115 966 3219
£6 full, £5 concessions, £4 Festival Friends (including tea and cake)

Film Fridays - September - November 2017
Lowdham Village Hall, Main Street, Lowdham
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Refreshments on sale

Friday 27th October 7.30pm
Viceroy's House (12A, 146 mins)

Remembrance Sunday 12th November 2.30pm (please note this date - not a Friday!)
Their Finest (12A, 117 mins)

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