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Lambley Historical Society

Lowdham Grange Borstal

There is no account of a recent event this month as we did not meet in August. Our next meeting may be of special local interest as the talk, by Jeremy Lodge, is about Lowdham Grange Borstal, how this innovative institution came into being and what it was like to live and work there until it closed in 1982.

This takes place on October 22nd at 7.30pm in the W.I. Hall in Lowdham. Visitors are always made welcome.

For more information contact Kay on 0115 9313646 or Joyce on 0115 9653314 or visit our website

Congratulations to
Julia and Mike

On Tuesday 14 August Mike I and were married in St Swithun’s church. We want to say a huge “Thank You” to everyone who came to the church and for the cards and gifts. You all made our ceremony very special and the day was amazing.

So thank you again to everyone who came or had us in your thoughts. It was a truly amazing and magical day that will always be special when we look back in years to come.

All our love,

Julia (nee Wright) and Mike Pritchett

The Tour of Britain in Woodborough & Calverton

On September 8th the Tour of Britain cycle race came to Lowdham, Woodborough and Calverton. The weather wasn’t the best but that didn’t stop local residents from giving the riders a wonderful welcome with applause and imaginative street decorations!

Unfortunately, your editor was away on hols in Switzerland on the great day, but an appeal for photographs resulted in a deluge of pictures which you can see above. Thanks to everyone who submitted their pics!

As promised, a bottle of wine will be going to the editor’s favourite picture which is shown below. The photographer was Paul Cronin and I’ll be delivering his prize shortly!

Winning Photo by Paul Cronin