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The Tour of Britain Comes to Woodborough, Calverton & Lowdham

You may already be aware, after such a successful first year, we are delighted that the Tour of Britain cycle race will be returning to Nottinghamshire in 2018.

Last year witnessed over 200,000 line the streets across Nottinghamshire to welcome 120 of the best elite cyclists in the world. In what was the best supported stage of the Tour, residents, schools and businesses from across the county, brought their communities to life with a fantastic display of colour, noise and fan-fair.

The Tour of Britain returns to Nottinghamshire this September with a stage that starts in the heart of West Bridgford and finishes outside the Civic Centre in Mansfield on Saturday 8th September 2018. We are hoping to bring Stage Seven to life once again, creating the best supported day of the Tour and demonstrating our cultural heritage by winning the newly launched ‘Landart’ competition.

Please help us build the excitement within your community by:

  • Decorating the route with flags and bunting
  • Creating colourful window displays, yellow is the colour
  • Asking your local businesses, community groups and schools to get involved
  • Decorate old wheels or bikes to display
  • Informing your local media publications and your local parish council magazine of the event
  • Sharing details to your local social media platforms and using the #NottsTOB
  • Produce creative land or water art viewable from the air for the ToB cameras
  • Any other ideas you can think of and generally helping to spread the word

The following link to the route will show you exactly where some of the world’s top cyclists will pass:

Further information on the event can also be found on the Nottinghamshire County Council website:

Perfect Motion is proud to be assisting Nottinghamshire County Council in raising the profile of Stage 7. We would love to hear all about your plans, so do let us know by emailing or calling the office on 0115 9258777 and asking for Annabelle or Julie.

We also have some marketing materials for local distribution and display. Please contact us if you would like some to be sent out to you.

To find out the expected times of arrival at your location click HERE.

Tour of Britain – Best Dressed Competition

To celebrate the arrival of the Tour of Britain in Nottinghamshire and give a warm welcome to the world’s top cyclists, we’d like your help to get our county dressed its very best.

With a global TV audience of millions, the eyes of the world will also be upon us so it’s a fabulous opportunity to showcase our great county has to offer. 

So dig out the bunting and flags for your homes and fences, get creative with banners and posters, and let your imaginations soar to new heights with outstanding land art!

We will be giving a very special prize to the best dressed town or village in every district, chosen by an independent panel of judges who will be looking for flare, creativity and going the extra mile to embrace the spirit of the Tour of Britain.

How to enter

Tell us all about your plans and send us your photos using our online form and we will also let the producers know so you could feature on TV if your display is on the route.

Don’t forget to also share photos on social media with #NottsToB

Please make sure you have permission from the owners of any buildings or land you want to decorate. If in doubt, check with your local council.

Come on folks, let’s get geared up for some ‘wheelie’ great displays – good luck!

In need of inspiration? Here are a few ideas

  • Decorate the route with flags and bunting
  • Create colourful town/village/window displays
  • Get your local community group involved – the more the merrier!
  • Decorate old wheels or bikes to display
  • Create land art in your local space – the bigger the better!
  • The theme doesn’t need to be bicycle related, you can showcase your district heritage, landmarks, famous people, anything you are proud of.
  • Celebration of industries are also encouraged but commercial advertising will not be counted.

It’s really easy to enter our competition, all you have to do is:

The Calverton Practice Newsletter

Research is Important & Talking About Suicide

One of the many impressive things about our NHS is the huge amount of research potential there is. At The Calverton practice we have a long history of involvement in research; ex GP partner Dr Tom O’Dowd became Professor of General Practice in Dublin. Dr Tom Venables was a senior lecturer at Nottingham  Medical School for many years and even to this day our current GP in training, Dr Mitesh Patel, spends half his time at the University and is very actively involved currently in skin disease research in a  GP setting.

Our British system of registration with a GP, who then acts as the primary gate keeper (through referral) to secondary care specialists, means that patients receiving care within the NHS generate a huge amount of data. Illnesses can be identified through our efficient coding systems and then outcomes tracked in a similar way. This is important among other things for developing new treatments and ensuring medication is safe in the long term and in fact NHS data is used to benefit patients around the world. This practice supports medical research by sending anonymised patient  data to the central Clinical Practice Research Datalink (or CPRD), a government organisation. You can not be identified from this information but you still have the right to opt out if you prefer, this means that any of your data would be excluded from what is submitted. More information is available from the website and if you do want to opt out, please notify us in writing to this effect.

Next;  does someone close to you seem really down? Might they be thinking about suicide? The only way to know is to ask. Fortunately suicide is rare but it does happen, 6,000 deaths in the UK each year, an average of 16/day.

Triggers can be significant life events (redundancy, financial hardship, relationship breakdowns etc), a feeling of worthlessness or failure – good things happening to others, feeling left out or left behind. Often it is a combination – a series of setbacks building up over time. There can be warning signs – being quiet, brooding, withdrawing from relationships, poor eye contact, agitation, irritability, rudeness, drinking more alcohol than usual, talking about not wanting to be around or how hopeless things are. However some people are good at putting on a brave face, hiding how they feel, telling others not to worry about them. So how can you tell if someone is at risk?

The safest way is to ask. If someone is suicidal they are likely to be feeling cut off, frightened and ashamed, desperate but afraid to ask or tell. The evidence shows they often need someone to start that conversation for them, to give them permission to talk about their deepest feelings. People worry about ‘saying the wrong thing’ or ‘planting the idea’ but the evidence again is the opposite. ‘Saying something is safer than saying nothing’, ‘Saying the word won’t make it happen’.

What to say? – Explore how that person is feeling, probe sensitively if you have concerns, ask the question ‘are you having thoughts of suicide’, probe some more if your concerns persist.

What should you then do? Stay with that person if the risk seems high, remove harmful objects and tablets if you can, tell others or ring for help – even 999 in an emergency situation. Take the person to a safe place – a GP surgery, police station, emergency (A&E) department and stay with them until they have been assessed. Help lines you could ring include Samaritans (116 123), PAPYRUS for younger patients and children (0800 0684141), SANE (0845 7678000) and MIND (0300 123 3393) or if these are not available or its unclear what is needed, 111 is often a good call to make. More information can be obtained from NHS Choices or paste ‘It’s safe to talk about suicide’ into your search engine browser.                                                                                     


Phil Rayner