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Article by
Craig Mochrie


Why Regular Foot Checks Are So Important

EVERY YEAR, thousands of people in the UK will need to have their feet checked because they are diabetic. Why is this so important?

Quite simply, because people who have diabetes are at much greater risk of developing problems with their lower limbs. This has to do with high blood sugar levels, which can lead to circulatory problems, which in turn can cause problems in the lower limbs.

Some of the difficulties a diabetic person could encounter are:

Nerves not working, which can cause loss of feeling in the limbs, which means you might not notice cuts or burns; Restricted blood flow, making it more difficult for an injury to heal; a cut, burn, blister or infection, no matter how small, could, if not treated correctly, become an ulcer, and could even lead to amputation!

Such an outcome sounds very unsettling. However, if your feet are looked after correctly, such issues can be prevented.

With this in mind, it's important to be aware of such symptoms as:

Numbness or Tingling in the Feet
Swelling or Discolouration
Build Up of Hard Skin
Cuts or Bruising

AWARENESS OF DIABETES is hugely important for those affected by the disease. If you are a person with diabetes, it is necessary to:

Check your feet every day;
Wear shoes and socks that fit, to avoid blistering;
Make sure toenails are cut correctly;

Arrange for your Annual Foot Check. You can get more information about this from Diabetes UK, your foot health provider or your doctor.

OUR FEET carry the entire weight of our body, whether we are walking, exercising, working, or going about other activities in our everyday lives. So, looking after them is vitally important. This is especially so for those with diabetes. Doing so could prevent life-changing circumstances!

One important and simple aspect of preventative foot care is Nail Trimming; nails should be cut straight across, avoiding cutting down the sides, which can cause ingrowing toenails. If you are unable to cut your
own nails, arrange for a Foot Health Professional to cut them for you.

Above all, avoid cuts to your skin because injuries are more difficult to heal for diabetics.

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