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Article by
Craig Mochrie

Are You Wearing the Correct Footwear?

The variety, choice and availability of footwear these days is huge, and our decisions about what to wear vary according to what we are doing, our preferences and our circumstances.

But have you ever though about how your footwear can affect your

For example, perhaps you have been enjoying wearing open sandals in the warmer months, or you may like going on leisurely walks, and prefer a good pair of walking boots. Or your job may require you to wear a certain type of footwear, such as safety shoes or boots.

And this is where the health part comes into it.

Are Your Feet Feeling The Pressure?

To explain why, think of your feet as the load-bearers for your entire body weight. Then factor in such things as posture, walking style, and time spent on your feet, and it becomes clear that our feet get a good battering, if you like, even on a daily basis.

What are some of the foot problems we might encounter because of our footwear? Well, let's just think for a moment about how the skin on our feet reacts to pressure, or friction: movement of the foot against another surface can cause a build-up of hard skin, or callus, and this is the body's normal reaction, as it protects the area under pressure. So nothing to worry about, it's a 'normal' process. In fact, callus could build up wherever your feet receive pressure – a ballet dancer is very likely to develop calluses on their toes and the balls of their feet.

With this in mind, simple things such as using footwear with enough space, and which isn't too tight, and which doesn't have seams or stitching which can rub against the foot, can go a long way to preventing or reducing build-up hard skin.

A Few Simple Remedies

Callus, of course, is only one of the many conditions that might affect our feet. Others include fissures, or cracks, in our heels, painful corns, irritating foot saws such as Athlete's Foot, and nail conditions such as fungal nails.

Many of these can be avoided by simple good hygiene such as cleaning our feet well, avoiding tight footwear, as mentioned earlier, drying feet properly, and airing our footwear to avoid problems caused by bacteria; and avoiding exposing our feet to too much open air because this can dry the feet out, leading to hard, cracked skin.

FOOTCARE TIP: Regularly moisturise your feet & file dead, hard skin away.

Craig Mochrie is the owner of Foot Revive Mobile Foot Care Clinic


There is an amendment to the First Friday programme as the speaker on November 3rd has now changed as shown below. Apologies to those who had bought tickets for the Pilgrims and Rebels talk, your ticket is valid for that date if you wish to come along - if not please do let me know and we will obviously refund your money!

Friday October 6th
History of Poverty in Britain with Dr Andy Gritt
Andy Gritt lectures in History at Nottingham Trent University. This timely illustrated presentation examines the history of poverty in Britain, from soup kitchens and workhouses to food banks and benefits sanctions.
Donations of tins/dried goods will be taken to a local food bank.
Friday November 3rd
Wisdom of the Mountains with Colin Stump
A talk explaining the  fundamental principles of Buddhism, the evolution of Himalayan practise, the tantric ritual of advanced practitioners, and the complex art and iconography of the traditions, as practised in Tibet and the Himalayan regions of India, Bhutan and Nepal.
Colin lives in Bleasby, and has travelled extensively in the Himalaya. His book ‘Wisdom of the Mountains,’ a comprehensive guide to the evolution, practise and traditions of Tibetan Buddhism will be available for purchase.
N.B.The talk is intended for the layperson, and is not academic or liturgical!
Friday December 1st
Christmas Prose and Poetry with Voice Versa
Join us for an afternoon of Christmas readings and seasonal refreshments, with local performance group Voice Versa, to get your festivities off to a lovely relaxed start!
First Friday talks take place in Lowdham Methodist Chapel 2.00pm – 3.30pm
Tickets available from The Bookcase, 50 Main Street, Lowdham
or on our box office line 0115 966 3219
£6 full, £5 concessions, £4 Festival Friends (including tea and cake)

Film Fridays - October - November 2017
Lowdham Village Hall, Main Street, Lowdham
Tickets: £6 full, £5 concessions/Festival Friends
Refreshments on sale

Friday 27th October 7.30pm
Viceroy's House (12A, 146 mins)

Remembrance Sunday 12th November 2.30pm (please note this date - not a Friday!)
Their Finest (12A, 117 mins)

We look forward to welcoming seeing you.