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A glorious month for gardener’s.

This month is all about enjoying the outdoors, BBQ season is in full swing and our gardens become an extension of our home.

This month is all about enjoying the outdoors, BBQ season is in full swing and our gardens become an extension of our home.

 It can be time consuming relaxing with a glass of wine on the decking, but when you do find time to get your hands dirty here are our top tips on what to do this month;

  • It is time to harvest apples, beans, carrots, pears, soft fruit and more including onions, celery and cucumber
  • Collect seed heads from your favourite flowers as they finish and sow in a seed tray
  • Continue to dead head all flowering plants
  • Avoid using lawn weedkillers at this time of year as they will be more effective in cooler autumnal temperatures
  • Prune wisteria
  • Flowering shrubs that have finished can be pruned lightly

If you have fruit trees in your garden, and notice a lot of fallen fruit…… not panic! It is quite normal for fruit trees to shed a percentage of their crop at this time. This allows them to concentrate on producing a stronger yield of larger, healthier and greater tasting fruits!

Lawn mowing is an important task in august. Why not make the job a little easier by designating a patch or two for wildlife? Allow an area to grow long and wild, this will create an inviting home for beneficial pollinators and predators as they can hide in the long grass. Wild flowers will also be able to flourish providing a valuable food source for many insects.

New this Month

This one is for the Heucheraholics! A Chelsea gold medal winner, this stunning variegated variety will entice the Heuchera experts and novices alike. Its cream and green marbled foliage is impressive enough, without the beautiful coral/pink bells which sit high above. Perfect in almost any situation, this variety is a must for every garden. Look for this new variety in your local garden centre today!

Quote of the month

‘Many gardeners will agree that hand weeding is not the terrible drudgery that it is often made out to be. Some people find in it a kind of soothing monotony. It leaves their minds free….’

With that in mind, enjoy your garden this month!

Heuchera Snow Angel


This month is all about enjoying your garden. We still have a fantastic selection of late flowering perennials to provide colour and interest for weeks to come.

 Spring flowering bulbs arrive this month! Look out for our extensive range of Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths, Iris, Snowdrops and many, many more.

Book your place on our ‘Get Ready for Autumn Talk’ taking place Tuesday 29th August at 4pm. Learn our top tips on how to keep your garden looking its best this autumn. Find out which shrubs to plant for extended season of interest, and which bulbs to plant for a stunning spring display. To secure your place call 0115 9655450 or email


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