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Sunny September is here! This month sees the changing of season. The nights are starting to draw in, the leaves are slowly starting to turn and there is that distinctive autumnal feel in the air……….its magical. Summer may almost behind us now, but an even greater season is approaching, and there are plenty of jobs to be doing the garden this month.

September is an important month in the gardening calendar, here are our top tips on what to be doing in your garden now;

  • Lift and divide large clumps of herbaceous perennials
  • Harvest autumn fruiting raspberries
  • Sow the seeds collected from perennials and hardy annuals
  • Continue to ensure plants are watered when necessary
  • Plant spring flowering bulbs now for a magnificent spring display
  • Protect crops from birds and other pests with netting
  • Clean out cold frames and greenhouse ready to use in the autumn
  • Dig up any remaining potatoes
  • Shrubs and trees can safely be moved now
  • Prune late summer flowering shrubs
  • Treat your lawn with an Autumn feed
  • Reduce watering of houseplants now
  • Mow lawns less regularly
  • Brighten up your summer baskets and pots with autumn/ winter bedding
  • Continue to dead head, this will keep your plants flowering for longer

Autumn is fast approaching and it is time for general maintenance tasks to be carried out in the garden. Pruning is a vital job at this time of year. It is essential to ensure healthy and vigorous growth the following year. Start with any dead, diseased or damaged shoots on your trees and shrubs. Then simply prune to your desired shape and size.

Give your lawn a pick me up with an autumn lawn tonic. There are some fantastic Autumn lawn treatments available at the moment. Good all rounder’s, which treat for weeds, moss and feed with essential nutrients to keep your lawns healthy over the Autumn and Winter period.  

Apply a top dressing to your lawn this month. Not only will this put back essential nutrients it can improve every part of your lawns health, from filling in holes and patches, improving drainage, reducing thatch build up and can even improve the fertility of your lawn.

It’s All About Bulbs!

There are so many new varieties becoming available each year, it is impossible to list them all, so here are two which, are certainly worth looking out for.

Tulip ‘Dream Touch’ – Flowering from April through to May, this variety bears exotic, double blooms, which are slightly larger than usual Tulips. Reaching upto 18” in height, this variety works well in mass to provide high impact, and also in mixed borders for interest.

Tulip ‘Peaches and Cream’ Not only does this Tulip look as good as it sounds, it smells it too! A medium sized variety flowering from April through to May. The flowers are a wonderful combination of apricot, deep pink and peach. This variety is ideal for pots or borders near the house or patio, where the sweet scent can be enjoyed.

Summer is not officially over until the 22nd of this month, so make of the most of your garden now! Have that BBQ, enjoy a cuppa out on the patio, have a move round of plants if you want to.

Be sure to enjoy your garden with Hollybeck.

Tulip 'Peaches and Cream'


This month is all about enjoying your garden, and preparing for Autumn.

We have plenty of inspiration for you here at the nursery, including late flowering perennials, shrubs and autumn/winter bedding.

Get your Spring flowering bulbs now! We have an extensive range of bulbs available this month, including Tulips, Scilla, Daffodils, Iris and so much more…….

We have an extensive selection of bird food and bird care so stock up now! Choose from Suet, Mealworms, Seed and a fantastic selection of feeders, to attract birds in your garden.

We have everything you need for a stunning garden this month at Hollybeck.
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Tulip 'Dream Touch'