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All be it a chilly air! We can’t really complain too much about the cool temperatures this month, as it has been a mild winter so far. It is the month of love, and that is the love of all things gardening!

If you cannot resist from spending some time in the garden, then take a look at some of the jobs you can be doing in your garden this month;

  • Move shrubs if you are not happy where they currently are now
  • Remove the dead foliage on grasses and ferns
  • Chit seed potatoes to get them ready for planting
  • Prepare veg beds ready for outdoor sowing and planting
  • Plant fruit canes such as Raspberries
  • Sow beetroot, broad beans, inions and summer cabbage undercover
  • Continue to plant shrubs, trees and bare root hedging
  • Cornus, Buddleja, Cotinus, Sambucus, Hydrangea and Eucalyptus can be pruned now
  • Plant roses
  • Harvest leeks, kale and sprouts
  • Protect the early blossom on fruit trees

This time of year is a wonderful time for gardeners, as new life emerges in the garden .Pruning is an important job this month as it can make a huge impact to a shrubs performance and appearance for the rest of the year.

Pruning usually depends on the flowering time of the plant. The general rule is that spring flowering shrubs should be pruned after they have flowered never before, as this results in loss of flower buds. Summer flowering shrubs usually flower on new wood and so these benefit from a prune now. This will promote plenty of strong new shoots and multiple flowers.

Hellebore ‘Angellier’


Plant of the Month

There are many plants looking good this month, Sarcococca, Mahonia and Viburnum, but the show stopper has to be the much loved Hellebore. ‘Angellier’ is a delightful double flowering variety with yellow flowers. Yellow flowering hellebores are not as common as the pinks and white varieties, so make sure you get yours when you see one! Enjoy these flowers from January through to April.


Also Looking Great This Month

Forsythia varieties are truly stunning at this time of year. With an abundance of star shaped yellow flowers from March through to April. This shrub will perform well in sun or partial shade, so look out for this shrub in your local garden centre!

So enjoy your garden this month with all the new life and interest February brings!

Happy gardening….


The gardening season has officially started. It is time to layer up and get out there! Get planting your summer flowering bulbs now, we have an extensive range now available to provide colour and interest summer long. Also, grow your own potatoes, onions and shallots this year, with our fantastic range of varieties to set now.

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Get gardening this month with Hollybeck!

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