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Summer is almost upon us!

After what has seemed a never ending winter season, we can finally enjoy some warmer weather now British Summertime has officially begun. We have all been looking forward to those days that we can get outside and garden, I don’t think we have ever longed for it more than this year so far! So don’t hesitate, get out there and enjoy as much as you can.

Let’s take a look at some of the jobs you can be doing in your garden this month;

• Prune out any frost damaged stems 

• Install Codling Moth traps in fruit trees

• Prune spring flowering shrubs and perennials that have now finished now, if you’re lucky you may even get a second flush of flowers!

• Give your plants a liquid feed now to give them a boost for the season ahead

• Apply a lawn feed, weed and moss killer now. Use a high Nitrogen feed to give you lush green growth

• Mow the lawn, if it is the first good cut of the year, do not cut too short

• Keep an eye out for Lily and Viburnum beetle as they become active this month

• Check for late frosts. They can be detrimental to young plants, so ensure you check night time temperatures

• Plan your summer hanging baskets and planters

This time of year is for many the most exciting. You can plan your summer garden now, covering everything from perennials in the border to hanging baskets and pots. Summer bedding plants provide such colour and interest with the many different varieties to choose from, it is better than being in sweet shop!

Plant of the Month

This month sees the stunning eruption of flowers from Rhaphiolepsis ‘Coates Crimson’. This is certainly something different to look out from when it comes to shrubs. Reaching up to 1m in height, this striking evergreen enjoys a sunny position. The flowers look almost exotic in appearance and will definitely add interest to your borders this summer.

Look out for new and unusual varieties of bedding plants now. There are some truly remarkable varieties being introduced each year, and you can really spice up your colour themes! A particular favourite is Surfinia ‘Cappuccino’. The flowers are a rich cream, with dark, coffee coloured veins. The foliage is also deep in colour, so plant amongst lime greens and oranges to make a real impact!

There is always plenty to do in the garden this month, but don’t forget to enjoy the results of your hard work. Take time out to sit and relax and take it all in.

Enjoy your garden with Hollybeck!

Enjoy your garden this month!

Rhaphiolepsis ‘Coates Crimson’


Summer is almost upon us! We have all been eager to get out in the garden, and there is no better time than now.

We have a huge selection of perennials to fill your borders with almost all year round interest. We have a vast selection of summer bedding plants to give your hanging baskets and pots, the best display you have ever seen.

Now is the time to apply Nematodes! We have Nematodes in stock now to treat lawn grubs, vine weevil and leather jackets. These fantastic microscopic worms are a highly effective, biological treatment for troublesome garden pests, and treated areas are safe for children and pets soon after application.

We have everything you need for a stunning garden this month at Hollybeck!

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