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May the sunshine be upon us!

Summer is here, the gardening season is in full swing and there is no better time to get out in the great outdoors and enjoy your garden.

Here are our top tips on what to be doing in your garden this month;

  • It is time to sow peas, salad leafs, turnips and radicchio
  • Plant celery, courgettes, cucumbers, pumpkins and tomatoes
  • Plant out celery, cucumber, pumpkins, tomatoes, sweetcorn and winter brassicas
  • You can harvest early potatoes, herbs, greenhouse salad leaves, spinach and summer cabbage
  • Keep a regular check on watering
  • Mow the lawn
  • Ventilate greenhouses
  • Lift and divide spring flowering bulbs
  • Prune back any spring flowering shrubs that have finished flowering
  • Get planting! Where there is a gap fill it!

You can literally fill your garden with lasting colour this month, to see you through the summer and even into autumn. Why not fill those empty spaces in the borders? Those odd pots you have lying around the garden, get them filled with colour! You don’t have to go mad, or even spend a fortune. It is amazing how far a pack of bedding plants can go! What is even better, is that amongst the many annuals available at this time of year, you will come across the occasional everlasting variety, such as Sanvitalia and Lysimachia. These will continue to flourish throughout the autumn and winter and then come back into full life the following spring.

Want to Grow Your Own? Don’t Feel You Have Space?

There is always space for something new in the garden, and sometimes it can be in the least expected areas!  Who says you have to grow veg in a veg plot? It is becoming quite popular to in fill gaps in borders with edibles, such as lettuce, cabbage, cabbage and more. Not only do they provide a delicious treat throughout the season, they also enable you to make use of the empty spaces in your garden that may ordinarily lay empty or be filled with shrubs. Often, the surrounding flowering plants can benefit your veg plants too, by distracting bugs and other pests, attracting them to the garden flowers instead of your crops! You don’t always need a raised bed or a designated plot in the garden to introduce fruit and veg plants. Look out for special varieties such as Blackberry ‘Purple Opal’. This variety is perfectly suited to any gap in the garden as it has a dwarf habit and will happily grow alongside your shrubs and perennials.

​Vertical Gardening

We all have empty walls and fences in the garden that would make perfect sites for vertical gardening. Recycle old planters, troughs and even drainpipes! Attach them to your vertical space and grow herbs, tomatoes, strawberries and more…..

There is no limit when it comes to making use of space in the garden. Your borders may be full but often you can find room when you look closely. There is no greater satisfaction, than tucking into home grown produce, so give it go this June!

Happy Gardening with Hollybeck



Blackberry ‘Purple Opal’

It’s the season of gardening here at Hollybeck. We have everything you need to get your garden looking summer ready!

You will find a fantastic selection of summer annuals to fill your hanging baskets and pots with long lasting seasonal colour, plus an extensive range of perennials to fill your borders with sensational colour and interest. We have possibly the largest selection of plants in the area to give you summer colour all season long!

If you are a keen grower of vegetables and fruit, then you will find a superb selection of young veg plants to get you started, including some exciting heritage varieties. Plus an extensive range of soft fruit bushes too.

Keep your plants looking healthy and lush throughout the hot summer season, with our great choice of feeds for your garden. Whether it is the low maintenance slow release feed you prefer or the quick acting liquid feed, we have it all.

We have always been a dog friendly centre, please remember on those hot sunny days, if you have your dog with you…….do not leave them in the car! We supply bowls of water outside the tearoom and around the garden centre to keep your four legged friends refreshed.

We have everything you need for a stunning garden this month at Hollybeck.

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