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New Year, New Garden

The New Year has started, it feels colder than ever, and there is a high chance of snow, frosts and strong winds. Luckily there is not much to be done in the garden this month, general maintenance is the focus this month.

Here are our top tips on what you can be doing in your garden this January;

  • Continue to feed the birds! Our feathered friends need our help at this time of year
  • Clear away leaves and any plants that have died down
  • Ventilate greenhouses on sunny days
  • Prune apple and pear trees now
  • Check tree ties and stakes are still in place. Replace or tighten as necessary
  • Firm down any newly planted shrubs and trees that may have been lifted by frosts and strong winds
  • If snow has settled on branches, where possible brush it off as the added weight can lead to damage and even breakages
  • Wisteria can be pruned back now. Cut back side shoots to 2 or 3 buds
  • Take hardwood cuttings
  • Continue to plant bare root deciduous hedging plants and trees
  • Start planning any changes you want to make to your garden now
  • Seen any colourful shrubs you like? Take note of those which look colourful and interesting now and look out for them in your local garden centre

This month sees the beginning of a new year and it is a perfect time to start planning your garden for the year ahead. Take the time now, whilst it is unsuitable to be out gardening, to plan vegetable crop rotations or design a new border or rockery. Look up interesting varieties of shrubs and trees, which you would like to introduce to your garden. Whatever takes your fancy, now is the time to get planning!

Wisteria Pruning

Wisteria require pruning twice a year to promote strong flowering throughout the spring and summer. The first pruning session of the year should be in January or February.  Now is a great time to get started! Trim shoots down to 2-3 buds. This will not only encourage lots of flower buds but it will also give the plant a good tidy before the growing season starts and will control the production of lush green foliage. Too much of this will not only restrict how many flowers you get, but also, any you do get will be hidden by all the leaves!

New This Month

It is going to be an exciting year for new varieties of plants and bulbs. Take a look at the Amorphophallus bulbifer ‘Voodoo Lily’. Said to be one of the hardiest of its kind, this striking member of the Arum family looks very similar to a pink peace lily.

For the lily lovers, look out for the skyscraper lily ‘Yelloween’. Growing up to 120cm in height, the pure yellow flower will provide  a colourful and striking display in both borders and pots alike. Combine with dark colours to really make the flowers stand out!

So stay warm this month and remember Spring will be here before we know it!

Get planning your 2018 garden now!

Yelloween Lily

January – Winter is Here! 

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