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Mysterious Noise in Calverton

I am a resident of Calverton and am wondering if you may be able to help with our strange noise problem. Attached is a video of a noise that myself and other residents in Calverton keep hearing in the middle of the night. This first happened in December when the times seemed totally random, however this noise has been heard regularly at 4.30am throughout August.

I live near the corner of Main Street and Hollinwood Lane and the noise seems to be coming from near Ramsdale, although I know this could be deceptive. Myself and neighbours have been trying to get to the bottom of this noise and from all our investigations, we wonder if the noise could be coming from a particular type of alarm called a Klaxon Master Blaster, which gives out a noise of circa 130 decibels.
Unfortunately, wherever it is coming from, it is keeping a number of the residents awake.
We have informed Gedling Borough Council who have not been very helpful, but I wondered if a lot of other residents were hearing it and if we could try to put together a pattern to work out where it could be coming from. Is anyone in Woodborough or surrounding villages hearing it too?

Jenny Crowther

Calverton and Woodborough Allotment Association

Our next trip is to the Malvern Autumn Show on Sunday 24th September. The cost for members is £27 and for non-members £29 which includes transport and entrance to the show. There are still a few spaces left on the coach so if you would like to go please contact Malcolm on 07814879720. 

Our AGM is on Thursday 19th October at the new Village Hall in William Lee Memorial Park, Park Road, Calverton. We are hoping to have a speaker (more details in the next Woodborough Web) and of course we will also be having our “Heaviest Pumpkin” on the night.

Members will soon be receiving their seed and potato catalogues and with these will be their allotment rent and membership renewal letters. As in previous years, members of the committee will be available, in the Parish Council rooms, on the mornings of Tuesday and Thursday 3rd and 5th October to take both your allotment rent and Association subs.


Mike Hope  (Secretary)  0115 8458703

Woodborough Feast Sports 2017

Thank you from the Feast Sports Committee to all who attended and helped the Feast Sports 2017 event in July.