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Woodborough’s Heritage

William Roseby Whysall
Ton-up Bill a top player

As we approach the 2019 cricket season it is good time to remember a ‘local’ for the talent he displayed on a regular basis. Bill “Dodge” Whysall, the first Nottinghamshire player to score four successive hundreds, was one of the greatest batsmen in the club’s history.

Born in Woodborough, Nottinghamshire, on October 31st 1887, Whysall scored 20,376 first-class runs for the county between 1910 and 1930. Whysall achieved his feat of four consecutive centuries between July 2nd and July 11th, 1930. He scored 117 and 101 against Hampshire at Trent Bridge, 120 against the Australians at Trent Bridge and 158 against Warwickshire at Edgbaston. Whysall played four Tests for England, touring Australia in 1924-25 and in later years ran a sports shop in Mansfield, where he lived.

A solid and dependable right-hand opening batsman, he died on November 11th, 1930, in freak circumstances. Out dancing in Mansfield, Whysall tripped up, banged his elbow and thought nothing of the incident. A few hours later, however, he contracted septicaemia due to his fall and was rushed to hospital, where he died four days later.

Nottinghamshire librarian Peter Wynne-Thomas said: “Whysall is perhaps best remembered at Trent Bridge for his opening partnership with the legendary George Gunn the pair batted together during the 1920’s and had a great understanding”.

Bill Whysall, who, with Kevin Pietersen (a more recent ex Nottinghamshire batsman) holds the record for the most centuries in a row for Nottinghamshire.

The Calverton Practice Newsletter

Helping You to Help Yourself

Recently the Greater Nottingham Clinical Commissioning Partnership published its guide to promote your local pharmacy as a point of contact for self care. Their strap line is ‘Take care of yourself and the NHS will take care of you’ and more information can be found on the local CCG website . This is particularly aimed at patients buying medicines over the counter where possible and particularly for short term and self limiting illness. There is a long list of examples given but essentially it is suggesting your first place to go for initial health advice should be your local pharmacy rather than your GP. Pharmacists are highly trained in these matters and have clear guidelines to decide when to pass a problem on e.g. to the local GP surgery. One advantage is that it is a drop in service so there is less waiting and more convenience, also potentially saving several million pounds locally on items which can be obtained over the counter rather than prescribed. Additionally self care is about looking after yourself in a healthy way, taking regular exercise, eating a healthy diet etc. Plus, if in doubt, services such as 111 can also provide an initial guide to appropriate self care and will generally err on the side of caution if a GP or emergency department assessment is felt needed.

Also there are an increasing number of services which our patients can access directly. These include Change Point for advice on weight management (0333 005 0092) or access their website; Psychological support from our local Talking therapy services (Insight Healthcare 0300 5555582; Trent PTS 0115 8963160 & Lets Talk Wellbeing on 0115 9560888); Smoking cessation (0115 934 9526) and for advice on drugs or alcohol misuse its Change Grow Live (on 0115 896 0798). Additionally our patients can self refer for a vasectomy on the NHS by ringing 01623 624137 or receive advice and support for an unwanted pregnancy by ringing BPAS on 0345 7304030 again stating that you are an NHS patient living in Nottinghamshire county. Finally where you have concerns about the mental health of a child or teenager, our local CAMHS service have an advice line number which is 0115 8542299 and operates on weekdays until 6pm. For more serious concerns they also have a crisis team number of 0115 8440560 available until 10pm. As always if you are unsure about any Nottinghamshire service it is well worth putting your question into a suitable search engine (such as Google) and seeing what you can find!

Next a reminder to our fortunately few patients who are on dialysis to take great care of fistulas. These are surgically created blood vessels used to connect to the dialysis machine and if they bleed it can be very serious. A recent national case review has asked all GP surgeries to publicise this risk to their patients and remind those affected that should they have a fistula bleed they (or family / friends etc) should immediately ring 999, state that they are a dialysis fistula patient and that their fistula is bleeding and emergency intervention will be arranged.

Finally this month we say fond farewell to Dr Charlotte Burton but welcome Drs Tanya Lachman and Tim Oliver. Dr Lachman will be with us for the next 16 months, Dr Oliver for the next 4 months but returning for a further 12 months probably in a further year. Additionally I am delighted to report that our building work is largely complete, there is some final snagging to be done and we are there. A big thank you to all our staff and you our patients who have put up with so much disruption and especially now to Dr Lanyon who is supervising the creation of a garden area at the end of the surgery building.

Phil Rayner