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November is never a dull month...



Jean Powley

Amethyst Deceiver

Sweet Chestnut Seeds

By the time you read this, the clocks will have gone back by one hour and the nights will be drawing in. Despite the fact that daylight hours are getting shorter, there is still plenty to see during the month of November.

The month usually starts with a bang when bonfires are lit and sparkling fireworks light up the sky. If you are having a bonfire, do carefully check it before setting it ablaze as an unsuspecting hedgehog may have crawled underneath, with the intention of hibernating inside.

All our avian summer visitors have migrated to warmer climes. However, many species migrate here during the winter from Scandinavia and Russia. Two such species are the Fieldfare and Redwing. Both are members of the thrush family. They generally fly around in flocks so look for them on the tops of trees while you are out walking. You may be surprised to learn that many Blackbirds and Robins also migrate over here from northern climes so the ones which you see in your garden may be different to the ones you normally see.

A particular highlight in November is the amazing congregation of Starlings which whirl about in the sky creating amazing patterns. This is natural choreography. These murmurations as they are called take place just before they begin to roost at dusk. If you want to see this spectacular sight in our own county visit Netherfield Lagoons, Attenborough Nature Reserve or RSPB Langford Lowfields.

At this time of year, you may become more aware of birds flocking together, particularly Tits and Finches. In woodland, Jays will start collecting acorns. The acorn is the staple food of this species during autumn. An individual Jay can collect approximately 3,000 acorns in the course of the season. They can easily carry off 4 to 5 in their gullets. Many are cached away in a hole in the ground which the bird may have created. They are usually very clever at relocating their stashes of acorns but those that get missed will develop in to sapling oaks.

Other wonders of the natural world to look out for during this month are the amazing varieties of fungi. There are red, yellow, orange, green and purple ones about if you study the ground closely, and if you look at some tree trunks you may see huge bracket fungi.

November is a good time to get acquainted with the fruiting bodies of trees and shrubs. The prickly seed heads from the Sweet Chestnut may be found on the ground underneath the tree; take away the casing and you will find a cluster of seeds inside. Yew berries are very different to other conifers which have cones; the berry of the Yew, which is called an aril is a red, cup-like structure which contains the seed. The Spindle has vivid pink berries which enclose orange seeds. If it is a good year there should be an abundance of berries to help the birds through the winter.  

Jean Powley

Jean is a voluntary Ambassador for the British Trust for Ornithology’s Garden BirdWatch scheme in Nottinghamshire. If you enjoy watching birds and other wildlife which visit your garden, Garden BirdWatch may be perfect for you. If you would like a free information pack about the scheme, contact Jean at or visit


Carol Henderson, representing the Charity “Samaritan’s Purse,” gave us an inspiring illustrated talk on one the Charity’s operations called “Operation Christmas Child.” We were told in detail the destination of the ‘Shoeboxes,’ that is the gifts, which are donated at Christmas; and of the logistics involved in their delivery to so many children. The sheer joy and gratitude of the young recipients, in such a variety of countries, was for us all a pleasure to behold.

The Centenary Friendship Group continues to be held on the first Tuesday of every month between 2.00 - 4.00pm at “The Institute,” Roe Lane, including activities and refreshments.

The November Walk will be held on Monday 6th November - meeting at the Village Hall at 10.00am with cars; there will, however, be a car-share. Destination is, as yet, undecided.

The next Committee Meeting will be held on Tuesday, 14th November at 10.00am at Jenny Smith’s.

The next WI Meeting will take place on Monday, 20th November and the talk “Entertaining poetry,” will be given by ‘Voice Versa.’ The Competition will be entitled “A Book of Poetry.”

The W.I. Christmas Lunch will be on Tuesday, 12th December at 12.30pm It will be at The Magna Charta, Lowdham. Two courses at £12,99 or three courses at £15,99. We are requesting a £5 deposit for this payable at the next W.I. Meeting, 20th November.

Woodborough W.I. Meetings are held at Woodborough Village Hall at 7.30pm on the third Monday of each month. Visitors and new members are most welcome. For further details contact Jenny on (0115) 965 4186.

Donations of food have been flooding in as the children at Salterford House have been collecting for the annual Harvest Festival this month. The Year 1 class led the school in the celebration of the harvest and in preparing the cans, packets, boxes and bags of food for the annual donation to one of the school’s favourite charities, Framework Nottingham. Framework is a charity that helps homeless people, prevents homelessness, and brings opportunities to vulnerable people in Nottinghamshire. The assembly audience heard about harvest around the world and were able to participate in some lively harvest-themed songs. It was a most uplifting way to start a Monday morning.

Earlier this year the school collected 86 pairs of shoes for a relatively new charity- Sal’s Shoes, which are now on their way to children in Africa who are excited receive their first pair of shoes.
The new school greenhouse is starting to come alive with winter vegetables as the youngest pupils in Kindergarten have been growing spinach and squash as well as making bread in the classroom- just like the Little Red Hen… except the children worked really well as a team to produce a lovely loaf which they then ate at snack time.

Now that Autumn is well under way and Winter is only round the corner, the pupils are starting to turn their attention to the Annual School Bonfire on November 10th. Over the years, the school has experienced the most incredible fireworks displays, courtesy of Galaxy Fireworks, who are back again this year to dazzle and amaze us all.

Miss K Venables
Deputy Head






09.45hrs: Branch President Mrs Sue Bereznyckyj and Parish Council Chairman Cllr John Bailey welcomes Deputy Lieutenant Nigel Cullen OBE TD DL in the car park, opposite the Post Office.

09.45hrs  All group leaders or representatives please report to the parade marshal.

10.00hrs  The parade forms up in the car park at the rear of the W.M.C.

10.10hrs  Parade Marshal Steven Hill steps off the parade with Carlton Brass Leading.

10.20hrs  he parade arrives at The Parish Church of St Wilfrid’s.

11.30hrs Parade reforms on Main Street to march to the Cenotaph on Mansfield Lane for the service including the laying of wreaths.

12.10hrs Parade forms up on Mansfield Lane via the gate nearest to Park Road cross roads and facing back, towards Collyer Road/Mansfield Lane junction. The Parade Marshal will then step off the parade, when everyone is ready.

The salute will be taken on route back to the Workingmen’s Club car park at the cemetery gates.

12.30hrs The Parade Marshal will form up the up the parade ready for the address by the Deputy Lieutenant C.N. Cullen O.B.E. TD DL and remarks from the Branch Chairman.

Please Note!

Should the weather be inclement members will receive the address from the officiating officer in the main concert room of the club.

All members of the parade and their families are invited to join us in the club's main hall afterwards.

Car parking is limited at the club and you may be refused entry, please park in the shopping precinct car park’s and avoid parking on the parade route.

Mrs. Sue Bereznyckyj is our Poppy Appeal Organizer, please contact her to confirm the number of wreaths/crosses that you require on 0115 9654670

M. Lloyd assistant secretary: Tel: 0115 8477598 /  07769570103