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May Time Memories

To see our little grandchildren running wild and free
In wide open fields with blossom on the trees.
No shops to distract them or traffic roaring near,
Just people and nature, nothing here to fear!
The sound of the wind rustling through the leaves
And their voices full of laughter carried on the breeze.
We have their sole care on these special days,
They look to us for comfort when bumped, hurt or grazed.
Will they still remember all our patience love and care
In moments of their future when we’re no longer there?

Jean K Cave


Our next W.I. meeting is on Monday 21st May. It will be our Resolution Evening beginning at 7.30pm. We have a Bodyshop Demonstration and Products Sale to follow.
The next committee meeting will be at 10.00am at Jenny’s house on Tuesday May 15th.
The Friendship Group will be on Tuesday May 1st at the Institute and our walk will be on Thursday, May 17th, meeting at the Village Hall car park at 10.00am.


Spring at last seems to be here and we can think of summer planting.  We thought vibrant colours throughout the Village, other than around the Church, the War Memorial and the Governor’s Field, which will be in calm colours.

We still have two new planters in store, these are going to replace at 38 Main Street, with a new one to be placed on the wide pavement at Ploughman’s Avenue.  These will be in situ for the summer planting.

Enjoy the spring sunshine.

Jan, Elizabeth and Jane


Jean Powley

Photo by Jean Powley

Garden Bird of the Month
The Robin

The Robin is possibly Britain’s favourite and most well-known bird with its bright red breast and almost tame (to humans) nature. Both male and female share the same plumage but the juvenile Robin has a brown speckled breast and you will see over the months how this develops gradually in to the familiar red breast we know. Unlike many birds, both sexes sing but the female will stop singing once breeding commences. Robins also sing during the night, especially near street lighting, which has led some people to think they have heard a Nightingale.

In mild winters, Robins can start breeding as early as January and may have up to three broods a year, though two is more normal. Robins are well known for being very territorial. If another Robin encroaches on their territory, they will first posture by showing off their red breast and if this doesn’t frighten the intruder, they will attack their opponent quite viciously, even to the death. How different to the friendly Robin that follows you around the garden while you are turning the soil.

Interestingly, the Robin you see in your garden during winter may not be a resident as many migrate from Scandinavia to Spain and Portugal, and drop in to us en-route with a few staying. A number of our Robins also journey south to escape our cold winters.

The mortality rate of Robins is quite high, especially in severe winters, and about 40% of recently fledged birds will not survive from one year to the next. So, during the next few months do bear this in mind and feed your visiting Robin with its favourite foods. It will love mealworms, cake crumbs and fine gratings of mild cheese but it will also eat sunflower hearts, mixed seed and suet if put out on your bird table.

Jean Powley

Jean is a voluntary Ambassador for the British Trust for Ornithology’s Garden BirdWatch scheme in Nottinghamshire. If you enjoy watching birds and other wildlife which visit your garden, Garden BirdWatch may be perfect for you. If you would like a free information pack about the scheme, contact Jean at or visit

Our Easter Bonnets which we paraded around the Village Hall


We have had some great activities this half term – we went Nottingham Panthers one Saturday and watched Panthers beat the Cardiff Devils 7 : 2, we have been on our annual Spooky Walk through the woods and over the fields from Lambley in the dark and back to the Village Hall for pizza and hot chocolate.

If you  are 10 or over and would like to join us we do have spaces, so come along to Woodborough Village Hall on a Wednesday evening from 6.30pm to 8.00pm