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Brian’s Grimsby Fish

A Message to Customers in Woodborough

I’m sure we were all deeply shocked to hear of the sudden death of Brian recently, from a heart attack.

His widow and daughter are now trying to get his business up and running again but do not have sufficient details of his customers.

If you would like Jane to visit you in the future then please contact Jane Fisher direct on 07716 646776 or Charles and Laura Wardle on 9652219 and we will pass on your details.

The Will Green Column

This month I decided to write about a topic which affects me directly, specifically at the present time. As a year 13 student (upper sixth form), we are expected to have visited universities and made our selections. I, however, do not feel the university route is for me therefore I began looking into applying for an apprenticeship.
I thought that my dilemma maybe a common one so I wanted to discuss the pros and cons of an apprenticeship over university.


If I chose the university route I would be able to choose from thousands of courses, make new friends, hopefully gain a degree in my chosen subject and begin the career ladder.
I did look around Nottingham Trent University business school which was very impressive, the course of choice would have been business management with marketing, had I decided upon university.
The typical costs involved in attending university is about £9,000 per year but students are not expected to pay the £27,000 debt until you are in employment earning over £21,000 per annum (paying only 9% of any income over £21,000). To clarify, if you earned £25,000 you would pay back 9% of the £4,000.


If I chose the apprenticeship route it would enable me to start working for a company within a chosen career, gain a qualification at the same time and combine earning with learning.
One of the largest advantages of an apprenticeship is that someone will always be on hand to show you how things are done, any questions about techniques, terminology or anything related to the chosen industry, you can speak to your manager.
Over 150,000 employers are currently offering apprenticeships covering more than 170 industries however competition for the best roles is stiff.

Both a university course or an apprenticeship can take up to 3 years to complete but I believe that my initial feelings of an apprenticeship is definitely for me as I know how motivated I was when I carried out my work experience in year 12 and knew fairly early on that I wanted get into the workplace as soon as possible.
I have decided to look for an apprenticeship within a finance/marketing based company. It’s a very popular field and I know it’s going to be tough so I’m concentrating on completing my A Levels and my Gold Duke of Edinburgh to give me the best chance at securing a great placement.
I hope you enjoyed reading about one of my most important decisions to date and hopefully helped anyone in a similar situation.

Will Green