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Shakespeare in the Beer Garden?

Looking for something unusual? How about Shakespeare in Woodborough’s Nags Head garden on Saturday 4th August (6.30pm – 8.00pm)?

Find out more about it (and book tickets) HERE.

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Salterford House School Prize Giving

The school’s annual prize giving event took place at Calverton Village Hall on Friday 13th July.

The evening started with a wonderful show featuring all of the pupils performing material from musical theatre favourites.

The prizes for accomplishments during the year were presented by ex-pupil, Miss K Merritt BA MFA, Artistic Director of Fusion Theatre Company.

The Will Green Column

This month I thought it would be a good idea to write about the weather as we Britons love this topic of conversation and because of how incredibly hot and sunny it’s been here in recent weeks.

First things first, everyone is saying we are going through a “heatwave” at the moment but what exactly is a heatwave? The definition of a heatwave, according to the Met office, is when the daily maximum temperature is 5 degrees centigrade higher than average for a period of at least 5 days. Therefore by this definition we are most certainly in a heatwave with highs in some areas of up to 33 degrees and, for the first time in 5 years, all countries of Great Britain were above 30 degrees.

This hot weather is all well and good, people are getting outside more and generally feeling better about everything. However, this very hot weather has some very dangerous side effects. Some of these are:-

Roads melting – the gritters (normally seen in winter) have been out trying to make the roads usable.

The train tracks have been hotter than 50 degrees. The underground trains have exceeded temperatures of 34 degrees – this is hotter than the allowed temperature for transporting live stock.

Not only has transport been affected but other aspects of life and our countryside have suffered, such as:-

Water supply – this has been massively affected with hosepipe bans in place in Shropshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

Wild fires – there have been huge wild fires due to all the grass and plants drying out. The worst case was reported in Saddleworth Moor just outside Manchester. The fire covered an area of seven square miles and burned for more than three weeks but has finally been extinguished recently.

Wildlife – we can’t forget our wildlife, badgers and hedgehogs find it hard to dig up worms as the ground hardens and worms burrow deeper to find moisture.

Butterflies may be flitting about in the sun but caterpillars are having a terrible time as the plants they need are wilting and a lack of food may mean they are unable to pupate and survive over the winter.

However, retailers such as B&Q, Argos and Homebase have benefitted from the soaring temperatures with sales of BBQs and paddling pools going through the roof. If you live in Birmingham and want to get your hands on an Argos paddling pool, you’d have to travel to Warwick to buy one as they’re in such short supply!

Coincidently whilst writing this article, it has just began to rain so we may be seeing an end to these extreme temperatures, which has been a pleasant change, but it’s quite what we expect here in England!

Thank you for reading this months article and make sure you come back next month for the September edition.

Will Green