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Photo by Michael Dobbs - Woodborough Web


Michael Stimson
CORE Chairman

We heard the very sad news late in August that Michael Stimson, our Chairman had passed away. Michael had been unwell since his beloved wife, Rita, died in January.

Michael was loved, respected and valued by all of us at CORE including staff, fellow trustees, volunteers and participants in the classes he attended. He was a wonderful hands-on chairman, fully supportive of CORE’s work, of all those involved in it and a great ambassador for CORE to the outside world. Many of us at CORE were also lucky to have him as a very kind, loyal and caring friend. We are bereft without him and he has left an enormous hole to fill. He took his chairmanship duties most seriously, at CORE most days to check we were okay, attending classes, undertaking our minor repairs, buying and collecting consumables for us.

Primarily, he led our committee by his positive attitude and inspiring us to achieve greater results for the community through running activities and services at CORE. He could always raise a smile with his jokes.

Michael was also very active in the community outside of CORE. He and Rita raised funds for the Calverton Lifeboats and other local charities; he supported the local British Legion and bereavement clubs, Calverton choir and played the organ for local churches.

Michael was extremely generous with his time and money; one of his mainstays in life was doing acts of kindness for his friends and more widely in the community.

Our condolences go out to Michael’s family. We look on CORE as an extended family and we will miss him greatly but cannot imagine the loss and sadness that his family are suffering.