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Brian’s Grimsby Fish

A Message to Customers in Woodborough

I’m sure we were all deeply shocked to hear of the sudden death of Brian recently, from a heart attack.

His widow and daughter are now trying to get his business up and running again but do not have sufficient details of his customers.

If you would like Jane to visit you in the future then please contact Jane Fisher direct on 07716 646776 or Charles and Laura Wardle on 9652219 and we will pass on your details.

To Make You Smile

Mature Users of Technology

Forwarded by Andrew Ball

“Shades of Blonde”
invite you to
Fly with Blonde Airways

Let Shades of Blonde bring fun and sophistication to your corporate event, party or charity concert. Music to suit all tastes including popular opera, classic and songs from the shows. For our Blonde Airways show, or other themed performances, Shades of Blonde can be booked as a quartet, a trio or a “high note” duo.

To discuss your event email Debbie at

Click on the image above to see excerpts from the show.

The Will Green Column

For November’s edition of Woodborough Web I thought the only topic I could write about would be the Centenary of the WWI Armistice and as I studied WWI in year 11 at school, it’s a subject I have researched. 

I’m sure everyone has seen the fabulous display on the Governors Field and on many lamp posts up and down Main Street to commemorate 100 years since Armistice.

On the 10th November a meeting took place between the Germans and the allied representatives in a railway carriage in the forest of Compiegne. The following morning the Armistice was signed and, after more than four years of fighting a cease fire came into affect at 11am on the 11th November 1918.

Around six months later, on the 28th June 1919 at Versailles at the Paris Peace Conference representatives from Britain, France, Belgium, Italy, Japan and many other countries came to negotiate the peace terms of the Treaty of Versailles. Some of the terms in the Treaty were as follows:-

Germany had to immediately demilitarise the Rhineland, border with France, to protect the French from another invasion. 

They also had major military restrictions such as limited to 100,000 soldiers (barely enough to police their own streets) and only 6 battleships with 25,000 soldiers and were not allowed any modern military technology.

All German colonies were given to the League of Nations which were formed as part of the Treaty of Versailles after it being suggested in Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points.

Alsace and Lorraine were returned to France and Prussia or Polish corridor were given to Poland to help them reach the sea for easier trade.

Not only all this but 6.6 billion marks were charged for reparations (mainly to France) for the huge amount of destruction caused. 

However, possibly the worst of all the clauses for the Germans was the one that had the least affect but that they must take all responsibility for the war making all Germans to be seen internationally as evil.

This contract was so detrimental to Germany that Kaiser Wilhelm II couldn’t sign it, however he was warned that if it wasn’t signed within 7 days, that Germany would be destroyed by an all out attack on the country, and so was forced to sign it.

Consequently Kaiser Wilhelm gave in to the demands of the allies and signed the Treaty after doing so, was forced to abdicate and lived the rest of his life in the Netherlands under exile before dying 1941. 

I’ve really enjoyed using my own knowledge from my GCSE history and hope you’ve enjoyed reading it.

Looking at Woodborough Heritage, I have see that 16 men who were from Woodborough, lost their lives during WWI, they are:-

William Henry Ridgard died 8th May 1915

Arthur Spencer died 14th October 1915

John Thomas Desborough died 25th October 1916

Arthur Edward White died 14th November 1916

Sidney Richardson died 3rd January 1917 

Harold Orange died 20th February 1917

John William Poole died 7th April 1917 

Percy Shipstone died 23rd June 1917 

George Teather died 28th March 1918

Edmund James Web died 28th 1918 

Richard Claude Savadge died 22nd April 1918 

Leonard Thomas Woodfod died 25th April 1918 

Samuel Spencer died 27th May 1918 

Ernest Orange died 30th September 1918 

Harry Desborough died 24th October 1918  

Fred Severn Foster died 28th October 1918 

Thank you for reading this months article and make sure you come back next month for the Decembers edition. 

Will Green