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Becky Mills and Ruth Angell

Los Pacaminos featuring Paul Young make their third appearance in Lowdham on October 19th but this concert has recently sold out.

Two Wednesday concerts take place during the month, for which tickets are still available. Dave Nachmanoff  is perhaps best known as Al Stewart’s right-hand man, having accompanied him on stage for many years now. He also holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of California. So maybe the “singer-songwriter” tag deserves to be retired in favour of “singer-philosopher,” which would place him more rightly among the likes of Randy Newman, Warren Zevon and Kris Kristofferson. As the Old Ship Inn may not be up and running in time, this concert will be held in Lowdham WI Hall on October 10th.

Two weeks later, Becky Mills and Ruth Angell will appear and hopefully this concert will mark the return of ‘Warthog’ to the Old Ship. Becky Mills was one-quarter of Waking the Witch who played in Lowdham several times. She was responsible for some of their most memorable tracks including ‘Boys from the Abattoir’ and the haunting ‘Man of Moon’. Her debut solo album Dandelion received much critical acclaim, Mike Harding saying “I don’t remember when I was so amazed by a singer-songwriter’s work”. She is currently working on her second album, due to be released in 2019.

Ruth Angell also contributed to some of our early concerts as vocalist and fiddle-player with Rainbow Chasers and also the Lark Rise Band. Having met through links with Ashley Hutchings, the two have decided to venture out on the road and are looking forward to getting out on the road in 2018 with their songs and music.

For more information on the forthcoming programme, visit our website at

Tickets from Mike & Jacky Hoare Tel 0115 9663596

“Shades of Blonde”
invite you to
Fly with Blonde Airways

Saturday 6th October 7.00pm
All Hallows Church
Arnold Lane Gedling

Join us at All Hallows Church, Gedling for a musical journey through Europe. Meet our talented and experienced flight crew for fun and frolics at 30,000ft.

Tickets £10 available from “Creame” hair salon (Main Street, Calverton) tel 0115 9653656 ask for Lynn or Debbie.

Proceeds to Christian Aid

The Will Green Column

In this October edition I’d like to update you on my progress of my Duke of Edinburgh, given that this is my skill section for the award.

Recently I completed my residential section of the Duke of Edinburgh which requires participants to spend a week away at a none profiting organisation and become a member of the work force but you mustn’t know anyone there as it is an independent section designed for you make friends with other people taking part.

I decided to do my residential quite close to home and volunteered at Walesby Forest during the Walesby World Experience week which consisted of a ‘Year in a Week’. This week is done just once a year during the school holidays and caters for up to 3000 children aged between 8 and 15 years. There are lots of activities throughout the day such as archery, shooting, climbing, caving, swimming and much more.

My week began on Friday 28th July when I was dropped off in the middle of a large field consisting of several tents and was told that this would be my home for a week. So I pitched my considerably small tent with all the rest of the instructors and was then asked to go to the 45 ft post behind me. Shortly after this I learned that I was to be working on the climbing wall all week, it seemed before I signed up to this I neglected to tell the organisers I’m terrified of heights!!

Finally when everyone arrived for the opening of the event we were all briefed on what was going to happen during the week. The children were due to arrive the following day by about 2pm so we had a short time to familiarise ourselves with one another and our duties for the week.

On the Saturday morning we all gathered at the climbing wall for 8am and we learned how to tie all the different knots and set up the ropes for the wall to make sure all the children were safe as they climbed. We were also in charge of the zip wire and were taught how to attach people to the wire and send them down etc.

After we were all up to speed with what the expectations were we had to practise belaying (assisting the climber by making sure the rope holding them to the wall is tight and secure so that if they slip they will not fall anywhere) for one another, sort of a dry run.

My schedule for the whole week was to be ready for work by 8am to set up the walls, then have enough time for breakfast before the children started arriving to have a go at climbing at 10am every morning.  We had an hour’s break between 1pm and 2pm for lunch and then continued until 5pm. 

The weather throughout the week was beautiful, the climbing team were a fun group of people of all ages but we got on amazingly well and what made the week extra special was the night’s entertainment. As I said previously, this week was known as ‘Year in a Week’ so the entertainment every night was a different event during the year. The week began with a New Year’s Day themed party through to a summer Ibiza foam party, Halloween, Christmas Eve and Day and finally New Years Eve.

On Christmas Eve night, my climbing team and I were approached by the entertainment team to do a turn on stage for Christmas Day. We all agreed to get up on stage and do a climbing team performance. This all sounded ok until we realised we only had 5 minutes to learn the routine before show time. Despite this we all had a fantastic time and a great laugh and it was the perfect end to a very fun week with new people.

After our performance we celebrated well into the early hours with all the other volunteers and staff at Walesby. Even though this was part of my Duke of Edinburgh, I would definitely return again to volunteer as it was a brilliant experience and thoroughly enjoyed every minute, despite the heights!!

Thank you for reading this month’s article and make sure you come back next month for the November edition.

Will Green