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Woodborough WI

Our next meeting is on Monday, 20th January in Woodborough Village Hall.

The next committee meeting will be at Brenda’s home at 10.15am on Tuesday 14th January.

Walk off all those mince pies!  Join our walk  on Monday January 6th. Please bring cars and meet at the village hall carpark at 10am.

The Friendship Group meeting will be on Tuesday, 7th January. Beat the ‘January Blues’, share anecdotes and a bit of a laugh!

Established in 1986 – Affiliated to the EBU

Celebrating 30 years of Bridge

Woodborough Village Hall   –   Thurs 6.45pm for 7.00pm start.

Woodborough Bridge Club

Providing rehabilitation following life changing brain injury does not happen by magic. That is where Headway step in to provide the vital support to anyone in the community unlucky enough to sustain a serious brain injury.

At Woodborough Bridge club we have been aware of the vital work this charity performs, and so decided, for the second time in three years, to make them the focus of our annual fund raising event.

We are fortunate to have a willing band of club members ready to make sandwiches, bake cakes and generally assist with the organisation of the event.

We are equally fortunate to have support from members of local clubs willing to pay an entrance fee, donate prizes for the raffle and come along on the day.

The result was a full house in the village hall on a wet Wednesday in Woodborough. The afternoon went without a hitch . 72 players all turned up on time to be inspired with an opening address by Rhianna from Headway. She spoke of the work and support Headway offers to the local community and her enthusiasm got the afternoon off to a wonderful start.

Tea, home made cakes and cucumber sandwiches fortified everyone during the afternoon. Pockets and purses were emptied to buy raffle tickets and at the end of a very enjoyable afternoon we were delighted to find that we had raised £1170 which will all be donated to Headway

Many thanks are extended to our numerous supporters and we hope to see you next year.

Tony Trevethick

If you are a potential bridge player and possibly interested in joining a club, why not come along and give us a try?

We meet in Woodborough Village Hall on Thursday evenings at 6.45pm.

For more information get in touch or see our website (details below).

Please contact Jane (0115 9652595)  or

St Swithun’s Church Bell Ringers

Its 1886. Our four bells which have been ringing for the previous 206 years are about to see some changes. Actually, the whole church was changing at this time. The fabric had been neglected in the latter part of the 18th century and many repairs were carried out during the 19th. Details of these works are recorded on the Woodborough Heritage website at

In 1845 the rotten old wooden rood screen was removed. The church clock was installed in 1856. By 1886 the old second bell cast by George I Oldfield was cracked and had to be recast by Taylors of Loughborough. The bell had been inscribed with “GOD SAVE HIS CHVRCH 1652”. It looks like the recasting might have been paid for by Mansfield Parkyns, an explorer, who lived at Woodborough Hall, as the bell is now inscribed:


Church renovation continued with the addition in 1891 of tracery round the nave windows and in 1894 the locally carved choir stalls were completed in remembrance of Mansfield Parkyns’ wife. In 1896 the top of the tower was removed down to the height of the ridge of the nave roof. The same year the tenor was found to be cracked whilst it was being rung up for the funeral of George Snodin. The crack was just visible and ran for about eighteen inches from the lip into the body of the bell. It was thought at the time that the clock hammer had caused the initial damage as it struck the hours.

Taylors quoted a price of £30 to recast the bell with the same decoration and inscription. The money was raised by public subscription in the village. The subscriptions were collected by Messrs. Basilico, Brett, Hogg, Richardson, Robinson and Ward. Basilico and Richardson were ringers. The new bell, however, was larger than the old bell by 2”, at about 38″ in diameter, and weighed 9cwt 5lb (though this was reported at the time as 8.1/2cwt) and is tuned to G# (the earlier bell was said to have been tuned to C). The larger diameter had to be accommodated by carving away some of the wood of the bell frame to give clearance for the widest part of the bell. It appears that Taylors may have raised the idea of making the four bells into a ring of five at this time, because the treble was moved and the frame altered to make room for an extra bell at a later date. It would not happen until 89 years later and I shall tell you about that next month.

All of us ringers hope that you enjoyed the ringing over the Christmas period which was enhanced before the Service of Lessons and Carols by friends who came to make our numbers up for ringing all the bells. We all enjoyed being part of that performance.

It is now New Year Resolutions time. Perhaps you would like to try a new activity or just be more active. We are all encouraged to do this to maintain our health. Church bell ringing is an excellent exercise for this purpose, so why not come along and try it out. It is not as strenuous as you may have been led to believe and it is a satisfying team activity. Get a friend to come with you. Just give me a phone call to arrange a taster session. If you then want to take it further, we can agree times to familiarise you with the basic techniques of ringing. Just be warned though, it can become addictive.

At the moment we are short of numbers to ring all our bells, so please do really consider taking part. You can be assured of a friendly welcome.

Stephen Smith, Tower Captain
Tel 07817-979390