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What a Load of Rubbish!

As you may know, Woodborough’s “Culture Club” arranges visits to artistic and other interesting events and venues. Last month saw 20 members visit the Veolia recycling plant at Mansfield, where all of the sorting of recyclable domestic waste for Nottinghamshire is handled (thanks to Mike Chapman for organising the event).

As well as a tour of the installation, the visitors were treated to a most enjoyable presentation by Lesley Taylor of Veolia – who knew that rubbish could be so much fun?

The Mansfield facility sorts approximately 1,200 tonnes of material each week – and bales each type of material (paper, steel tins, aluminium cans, etc) before sending them on to specialist recyclers. Food cans may become cars, drinks cans may become aeroplanes and plastic bottles become more plastic bottles.

It’s hard to believe (but true) that many people don’t know about recycling (or just can’t be bothered)? With ever decreasing resources and increasing costs of raw materials, recycling makes sense for the individual and the world – but do you know which bin to use for your own domestic waste? Try our little quiz to see how good you are at recycling.

Which bin would you put the following into (General Waste or Recycling)?     (Answers at the bottom of the page)

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Catalogues
  • Spray Can
  • Margarine Tub
  • Shredded Documents
  • Take-Away Pizza Box
  • Juice Carton
  • Clothing
  • Newspaper
  • Food Can
  • Bleach Bottle
  • Paperback Books
  • Junk Mail
  • Foil Food Tray
  • Carrier Bags
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Video Cassette
  • Polystyrene Containers
  • Yoghurt Pots

Envirogrant Scheme

Set up by Veolia and Notts County Council the scheme makes grants of up to £1,000 available to help local people improve their environment and/or community. You can find out more about the Envirogrant Scheme at

Need a Speaker?

If you would like to arrange a speaker from Veolia for your organisation (or arrange a visit), please contact 

Woodborough’s Heritage

For a comprehensive history of Woodborough in both written form and photographs visit:

where you can read over 250 articles and view over 5,500 photographs.

 Many thanks also to all who contributed

Woodborough Bridge Club

Established in 1986 - Affiliated to the EBU

Celebrating 30 years of Bridge

Woodborough Village Hall   -   6.45pm for 7.00pm start.

November was a busy month with four team matches, the Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs competition, and our own annual charity event. Tickets for the Headway Nottingham charity event have quickly sold out and the results will be reported next month.

Congratulations to club member Richard Page who has won the EBU’s first official Funbridge Ladder Competition; this takes the four best scores achieved by each participant in online games during the month. Richard achieved an average of 64.87{15192f4cf8ce058655cc2ebd1d8d51d269c584edc8f460c51cd75eeb0c455571} from his best results and wins a cash prize and a copy of GOTO bridge software.

For the last five years George Ripley has provided intermediate level training on behalf of the club.  The classes have been hugely informative in a very relaxed and friendly manner.  December will sadly be his last class.  The club will be considering what future teaching we might offer at the beginning of the New Year.

Please contact Jane (0115 9652595)  or

St Swithun’s Church Bell Ringers

It was great to get the church clock restarted at the end of October and even better to be practising with our band and helpers from Oxton and a full house. Six bells always sound better than a lesser number. We practice every Thursday evening from 7pm to 8pm and visitors are welcome.

On Remembrance Sunday we rang half muffled for the fallen in all conflicts from the First World War to the present and especially for those from Woodborough named on our War Memorial in the churchyard. The echoing sound of half muffled ringing is so evocative at this time of year. Two of our colleagues from Calverton came over to help us, leaving the rest of their band to cover their service.

We have just been joined by our latest new ringer and we hope that he will soon be enjoying our activity as much as we do. Bell ringing is a team activity that stimulates the brain and helps keep you fit. Ringers come from all walks of life and join together to create the glorious sound of church bells. When you are ringing everyone has their contribution to make to the music of the bells.

If you would like to give at a go, do get in touch with me, Stephen Smith, Tower Captain. Phone me on 0115-965-4426 or 07817-979390 or email me at I look forward to hearing from you.

We still have available a few Guild 2018 Calendars (see above). If you would like one please let me know and I will arrange delivery.

Answers to Recycling Quiz

  • Bubble Wrap – General Waste (too low grade to recycle)
  • Catalogues - Recycling
  • Spray Can - Recycling
  • Margarine Tub – Recycling (wash out, and exclude lid)
  • Shredded Documents – General Waste (Strips of paper clog up machinery)
  • Take-Away Pizza Box – General Waste (Grease spoils paper waste)
  • Juice Carton – General Waste (multi material construction)
  • Clothing – General Waste
  • Newspaper - Recycling
  • Food Can – Recycling (wash out first)
  • Bleach Bottle - Recycling (wash out / put lid in general waste)
  • Paperback Books - Recycling
  • Junk Mail - Recycling
  • Foil Food Tray – Recycling (wash)
  • Carrier Bags – General Waste (too low grade to recycle)
  • Plastic Bottles - Recycling (put lid in general waste)
  • Video Cassette – General Waste
  • Polystyrene Containers – General Waste
  • Yoghurt Pots - Recycling (wash out / put lid in general waste)

Please note that residents of Gedling have a separate bin for glass bottles and jars.