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Woodborough Cancer Research

A huge thank you to all those of you who supported our recent Fashion Show. It was a lovely evening with such a pleasant atmosphere and we were grateful to Catherine for supporting us. A grand total of £891.00 was raised, a very creditable amount which will go to continue the fight against Cancer. We couldn’t do it without your support so once again thankyou!

A you will see above, we are holding a Christmas Fair in our Village Hall on Saturday 4th November. We are planning to have a table selling jigsaws. If you have any COMPLETE and in good condition jigsaws which you are happy to donate, please contact Alison (9654183) or Kathryn (9652463) and we will be happy to collect. Thank you.

Woodborough Action Group

Supporting conservation, sensitive development and protecting the Green Belt

As you may be aware Gedling Borough Council’s six-week consultation on additional housing sites in the Borough will close on 30 October. Sites selected where all close to existing main urban areas and key settlements. None are in the ‘other villages’ sector, which includes Woodborough.

The additional sites are:

Urban areas - Daybrook Laundry (50 homes), and two adjoining areas of land west of the A60 (220 homes).

Key Settlements – Calverton Flatts Lane (60 homes) and two areas in Ravenshead at Kighill Lane (50 homes).

Following discussions with the owners of Dorket Head brick works the issues around land selected close to the works is considered to have been resolved. Mineral extraction and the planned 230 houses can still both be accommodated.

Why then are the new sites needed as the target number of homes required by 2028 has not changed? The answer lies in the delay in getting the Local Plan adopted, which in turn has delayed the removal of land from the Greenbelt to permit development in the sites already selected. For Woodborough that includes development at Broad Close. The Council must allocate sufficient land to meet the year 2028 target number of homes but also each five-year period within the plan. The delay, coupled with a recognition that a bigger margin of safety should be worked with, has led to the selection of the additional sites.

All the planning maps and statistics have been updated and made public. For Woodborough the sites with existing permissions on Lingwood Lane, Lowdham Lane, Main Street (142, 147, rear of 161, and 165) are expected to be completed over the next 4 years. When the Local Plan is adopted next year, the site north of Broad Close is projected to be built out, with 10 homes in 2018-19 and 5 in the following year. The existing Ash Grove site is showing a revised 1 home for each of the next two years and then 2 in each year from 2023 onwards. It should be emphasised that these are only projections and will depend on circumstances and approval of individual plans.

As none of the new proposals have any significant effect on Woodborough your Action Group will look out for more news in the New Year.

Patrick Smith

Brian Leafe

Val Leafe (Brian's youngest daughter), sent us a copy of the tribute that was delivered at Brian's funeral on Monday 25th September. You can read it in full by clicking HERE.

Modelling Jobs Fraud

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) and Action Fraud have recently noticed that Fraudsters have been setting up fake adverts on social media (including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) and job browsing websites to dupe people into believing they are recruiting for prospective models.

Once victims show interest in the job, the fraudsters contact potential victims on the false promise of a modelling career and subsequently advise the victims to come in for a test shoot.

The fraud can then potentially be carried out in two ways;

Firstly, the fraudsters can pressurise the victims in sending an upfront fee to book a slot for the test shoot. Once they have received the upfront fee, the victim will never hear from the fraudsters again.

The second possible method is that the fraudsters will take the advance fee that the victim sends for a photo shoot and arrange a photo shoot with the victim. After the photo shoot, the fraudsters will contact the victim after a few days and convince them that their shoot was successful and offer them a job as a model. The victim will then be asked to sign a contract and pay another upfront fee, usually to secure the modelling contract.

Fraudsters are also creating fake adverts for supposed modelling opportunities for children which do not exist. Fraudsters will inform parents or guardians that a potential career in modelling awaits their child. This tactic convinces the parent or guardian to sign up their child and send an advance fee.

The suspects will also convince the victim that in order to become a model, they will need to have a portfolio. The fraudsters will recommend a number of packages and stress that if a package is not paid for in advance, the process of becoming a model cannot continue.

Over a two year period (September 2015 – August 2017), an average of 28 reports of advance fee modelling frauds have been received per month by the NFIB. In August 2017, 49 Action Fraud reports of this fraud type were received and may continue to rise. The total loss in August 2017 alone was over £71,000.

Tips for staying safe:

  • Carry out your own research prior to paying any type of advance or upfront fee.
  • Be wary if you are asked to pay for a portfolio, as many legitimate agencies will cover that cost.
  • Don't give your bank account details or sensitive information to anyone without carrying out your own research on the relevant agency.
  • If you have been affected by this, or any other type of fraud, report it to Action Fraud by visiting or by calling 0300 123 2040.