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Woodborough Parish Council

The most recent minutes available from parish council meetings are shown below. Please note that the delay between meetings and publishing of minutes is due to the requirement to approve them at the following council meeting.

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 12th February 2019 at 7.00pm The Village Hall, Lingwood Lane, Woodborough, Nottingham

PRESENT: Cllr Pat Woodfield (Acting Chairman), Cllr Paul Berrisford, Cllr Patrick Smith, Cllr Colin Starke, Cllr Jane Stone, Cllr Jan Turton, Cllr Charles Wardle.
IN ATTENDANCE: Cllr Boyd Elliott (NCC, part), Cllr Helen Greensmith (GBC, part), Averil Marczak (Clerk).
Apologies were received and accepted from: Cllr Andrew Gough, Cllr John Charles-Jones, Cllr John Boot, Cllr Margaret Briggs.
Cllr Smith declared a nonpecuniary interest in item 10 (2) to consider a grant application for a permissive footpath around the north and eastern boundaries of the Sam Middup Field. Others as registered.
The minutes of the meeting held on 8th January were approved.
It was agreed to chase GBC for their comment on an assertion made in the planning statement for 2018/1155 that the status of the Conservation Area management plan is unclear. Cllr Berrisford reported that Woodborough Players had the stage spotlights in their cupboard. Cllr Elliott offered to write letters to the owners of cars parked on Ploughman Avenue, asking them to ensure that they parked considerately and left clear access for emergency vehicles and the bin collection lorry. The Clerk thanked Cllr Elliott for the £200 grant money for the Tour of Britain and the Christmas lights event, now received.
Cllr Elliott reported that chevrons had been reinstalled at the bend opposite the Nags Head. The owner of the damaged property had requested further action and Cllr Elliott was in discussion with ViaEM; he would ask them to consider the suitability of anti skid red Tarmac on the bend. A horse riding road safety event had been organised for April 14th; this would entail a group horse ride from Calverton to Epperstone via Woodborough and the reverse journey, to raise awareness of the need for cars to slow down and give horses space. Cllr Elliott was arranging street sweeping in Woodborough via GBC and had helped to organise jet cleaning of the drains on Lingwood Lane. Cllr Elliott was busy helping to formulate countywide plans to improve road safety outside schools and agreed to contact the Woodborough resident who had been in touch with the Clerk about safety outside the Woods school. Cllr Elliott was asked to raise the issue of safety at the Shelt Hill mini roundabout which regularly witnessed “near misses”. Cllr Starke raised a concern about the direction/shape of the arrow painted on the road at the Lowdham Lane junction as some drivers seemed to misread this, and still failed to keep left at the bollard. He suggested that a curved arrow would be more helpful.
There was no update on the Minerals Local Plan.

Cllr Greensmith confirmed that surfacing and adoption of Ash Grove had finally been agreed although timing was still to be confirmed. A request had been made by Cllr Briggs for a litter pick on the verges of Bank Hill and other national speed limit routes into the village. Cllr Greensmith agreed to contact Mel Cryer at GBC to try to arrange a litter pick. Cllr Greensmith would attend a meeting about the Gedling Country Park and took away several comments to raise.
Cllrs Elliott and Greensmith left at 8pm.
It was resolved to set the precept for 2019/20 at £72,532, an increase of 3.2{478ce9b1fdf816a5446d5c45c6c4513f4b8fb741d3e7162edf240e6d4eb3a4ce}, in line with RPI. Cllr Woodfield as Presiding Chairman, and Cllrs Starke and Berrisford signed Gedling’s Form C.
3617. FEES FOR 2019/20
The following resolutions were passed: (1) Cemetery – resident fees for a single grave to be raised to £400, resident fees for interment to be raised to £400, non-resident fees for single grave to be raised to £2,000, non-resident fees for interment to be raised to £2,000. Other cemetery fees to remain unchanged. (2) Village Hall – resident standard hire per hour to be raised to £11, non-resident standard hire per hour to be raised to £19. Other Village Hall fees to remain unchanged. (3) Sports Clubs – fees unchanged. (4) Allotments – rent for 2020/21 to remain unchanged at £32 per allotment.
The draft budget was agreed.
It was agreed to apply for a LIS grant for 2 pieces of accessible play equipment to be installed in the Governors’ Field near to the entrance. It was noted that WPC would need to fund 50{478ce9b1fdf816a5446d5c45c6c4513f4b8fb741d3e7162edf240e6d4eb3a4ce} of costs if the grant was awarded (circa £4,000).
A suggestion to apply for a grant for a permissive footpath around the north and eastern boundaries of the Sam Middup field was considered; it was agreed that it would be premature to do so without more detailed discussion with residents and adjacent landowners.
It was agreed that a meeting should be arranged between WPC and the Institute’s trustees after May’s election to review how WPC could help to ensure the viability of the Institute. It was agreed that in the short term the Clerk should look into ways in which WPC might help with routine cleaning.
It was agreed that the Annual Meeting of the Parish should be held on Tuesday 21st May.
The repair of the path had been carried out by HAGS personnel and would be fenced off for a month. Time would tell whether the work would successfully resolve the problem. No definitive response had been received regarding the splits in the swing posts; Cllr Starke believed that at least one of the posts should be replaced under warranty and it was agreed to chase John Grayson of HAGS for a response. Cllr Starke and Mr Richard Whincup (as volunteer) were now undertaking the weekly inspections and had identified that one of the handles on the seesaw had a fractured weld. All 4 handles were subject to the same issue. Cllr Starke agreed to contact HAGS although it was possible that a one-year guarantee applied to this item and that the cost of repair would fall to WPC. Some minor improvements had been made to improve the new steps to the house on the hill. There had been some subsidence around the roundabout and re-levelling and reapplication of wet pour would be required.
The Clerk and Cllr Starke had met with GBC’s Parks and Street Care operations manager, Terry Ball, to discuss the issues experienced with GBC’s playground inspection service. Terry Ball had confirmed that he would review the invoice for Q2 inspections, which was on hold due to several inspection sheets being missing.
A damaged tile had let in water to the pavilion; an emergency repair had been undertaken to make good the roof. The ceiling in the away changing room needed replastering and it was agreed to accept the quote for £100 from Whittalls Plastering. Further work was required to the pavilion roof and it was agreed to accept the quote of £500 from Peter Shaw Ltd. The Village Hall caretaker had cleaned the pavilion following the damage. It was agreed to ask the Village Hall caretaker to clean the pavilion monthly (an additional 2 hours). Further maintenance requirements were agreed: Cllr Wardle agreed to investigate the leak under the sink and to fit 2 toilet roll holders; the fridge was broken and it was agreed in principle that the Village Hall fridge should be moved to the pavilion and a new fridge bought for the Village Hall.
PC1051, GBC 2018/1158 for aesthetic changes on all sides of the property including from existing to render, to create a contemporary facade at 38 Roe Hill: no objection. PC1052, GBC 2018/1163 for a single and two storey extension, loft conversion and alterations at 151 Main Street: it was agreed to observe that the row of nine roof windows would have a detrimental impact and that the proposals for the south elevation would alter the form and composition of the building, contrary to the Conservation Area management plan 3.0, 3.2. PC1053, GBC 2017/1068 for the retention of hay barn at 82 Shelt Hill: it was agreed to reiterate WPC’s comments from October 2017 namely that planting should be required on the western side of the barn to preserve the view of the mature landscape. PC1054, GBC 2019/0059 TPO for works to a yew tree at 6 Shelt Hill: it was agreed to observe that qualified advice should be taken and that care should be taken to ensure that works do not damage the tree nor ruin its appearance.
A letter had been received regarding an appeal made to the Planning Inspectorate in respect of 12 Bank Hill, GBC 2018/0628. WPC’s existing observations would be taken into account and it was agreed not to make further comment. The Clerk gave an update on the status of 123 Main Street; GBC were in discussion with the applicant regarding the required stone cladding for the pillars. It was agreed to chase a response from Mark Spencer MP regarding GBC’s handling of 2017/1269.

The Clerk gave an update regarding winter maintenance. GBC’s work was complete although they had committed to returning in the spring free of charge to identify and remove further elders. Concerns had been raised regarding the unsympathetic pruning of the yew trees and GBC had accepted this. Feedback had been given regarding noisy workmen and this had also been accepted. Re-turfing of selected graves had been completed by Gardenscape. The gravediggers were undertaking top ups and re-seeding on some 40 graves and work was in progress. Rob Dixon had sprayed the weeds and removed some further elders etc; he had also set new hedge plants where there were gaps in the hedgerow.
A response had been received from A W Lymn regarding a burial conducted in November 2018. It was agreed to amend the cemetery regulations to add in clauses regarding the timing of funerals and the requirement for a WPC representative to be present, and the requirement to book a time for any works to memorials. 2 further amendments were agreed regarding planting on graves and placement of ornaments on graves.
It was agreed that the remaining Christmas tributes should be removed after March 7th and that a notice should be placed in the newsletter and on the Woodborough Web to this effect.
Cllr Turton proposed that the purchase of white crockery for the Village Hall (to replace the current green) should be brought forward from next year’s budget. She presented samples from various sources. There was consensus that Nisbet’s Royal Ascot range, recommended by the VHWP for purchase in 2016, was still the preferred route. It was agreed in principle to purchase this, but with the precise numbers of each piece and the total cost to be finalised at the March meeting.
Cllrs Woodfield and Wardle had prepared a decorating specification to go out to tender and this was agreed. PAT testing had been arranged for 27th February; servicing of the boilers and fire extinguishers had been carried out earlier in the month; the emergency lighting had been repaired. The Clerk advised that Central Fire Systems specified that toasters should not be used in any part of the Hall other than the kitchen.
The Clerk had received a quote for £572.58 from PRS regarding a music licence; several details required clarification.
An email had been received from a resident regarding the potential threat to villages of any future reorganisation of local authorities, and suggesting that parishes should work together to protect their interests. It was agreed to discuss with NALC in the first instance and to bring forward the matter for further consideration after the election.
Cllr Briggs had prepared a notice to recruit new volunteers for the Emergency Planning Committee and to thank the outgoing chairman for his hard work. It was agreed to publicise this on the newsletter and on the Woodborough Web. The following items were noted: NALC open letter to councillors; details of SLCC’s new consultancy service; Paddy Tipping’s The Beat newsletter; GBC various agendas and press releases.
The Clerk presented the financial statement for February and 24 payments, totalling £6807.29 net, were approved for payment. Gross payments over £500: £1034.94 to Woodborough Park (steps for the house on the hill); £635.94 to the Clerk (to reimburse purchase of Broxap bin for Governors’ Field); £1260.36 to Gedling Borough Council (works at the cemetery). 3 invoices from Gedling Borough Council were on hold, 2 for playground inspections pending the availability of full documentation and one for Christmas lights pending a query regarding the supply of 10 strings of lights.
It was agreed to ask Andrew Hodges to undertake WPC’s internal audit.
The Clerk reported that the supplier of the shed, ordered for preschool’s use, had sent the wrong model. The supplier had now delivered the correct model but did not require the old one to be returned and had given WPC permission to dispose of it. The availability of this shed had been advertised on the WPC website and on the Woodborough Web and anyone interested had been asked to forward a sealed bid to the Clerk. A single bid (for £201) had been received and the shed had been sold to Fresh Opportunities Ltd.
It was agreed to include the minutes, details of the horse riding safety event and removal of Christmas flowers from the cemetery.
The date of the next PC meeting was confirmed as 12th March 2019.

The meeting finished at 10.40pm.

The next meeting of Woodborough PC will be held on April 9th at 7.00pm in Woodborough Village Hall. The agenda will be available 3 days before the meeting.

Parish Council Notices


The 2019 meeting will be held on Tuesday May 21st at 7pm.



Woodborough in Bloom is looking for new volunteers to help the team. Some of the long standing volunteers are no longer able to do as much as previously, and fresh hands are required if we want to keep up the standard of our village displays. COULD YOU HELP? We’re looking for new volunteers to join the bowser (watering) rota as well as help in planting the displays. Brute strength is just as welcome as gardening expertise! Everyone loves seeing the floral displays, so please help us ensure that they can carry on. If you can help please contact the Clerk to WPC, on tel 8498195.



The Parish Council election will take place on May 2nd. Nomination papers must be delivered to Gedling Borough Council and will be accepted up to 4pm on Wednesday 3rd April. For more information, contact Democratic Services at Gedling Borough Council or the Clerk to WPC, on tel 8498195.

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