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The Calverton Practice Newsletter

'A Change of Heart'

Last month Dr Wight very kindly stepped in with September's newsletter. She described some changes we feel we need to make to our appointment system and which we aim to implement as soon as possible. One extremely positive outcome of this is that Dr Sherwood has had a change of heart and will be staying on at the practice for the foreseeable future. Needless to say we are delighted at the news for, as I am sure none of her regular patients will need me to tell them, she is a fantastic and deeply committed GP. She will though be looking to reduce her number of surgeries in due course and inevitably she will be less available than previously. Of course things may change in time and we are recognising that with our growing practice population and the frequently changing dynamics of the practice team, as much flexibility as possible for the future is very helpful.

I feel I must comment on 2 recent posts made on the NHS Choices website about the surgery.

Both were critical of the practice and we will of course post individual replies. Comment was made about a current lack of appointments and we greatly regret this. However, we do have a doctor off on long term sick leave and one away on maternity leave and in line with many practices locally, we are facing the difficulty of a local and national GP shortage. Despite very actively looking for cover, much of what is available is short term and ad-hoc. We are delighted that Dr's Lanyon and Fleming will be staying with us for the foreseeable future but are also very aware of the need to try to fill the missing appointments for those off at present. Dr Doel will be returning to work with us over the next few months and great credit must go to our Practice Manager Bridget Hall who has been very actively searching for recruits Needless to say we would be very keen to hear from any local GPs who may be interested in working at the practice even if on an occasional basis.

Comment was also made about an 'old and dilapidated building'. Well we also apologise for that, but as many will have noticed, some active refurbishment is going on, we hope our new consulting rooms will be in service very soon and we are pro-actively looking at further extending the surgery building in the near future to continue to cope with our growing local population.

Also, reference is made to the new 'Electronic Prescribing Service' or EPS. I am pleased to say that mostly this appears to be working well. It is certainly reducing the need for us to sign prescriptions and hopefully is making life easier for many of our patients. We are always happy to try to help where difficulties crop up but also cannot be responsible for difficulties at the pharmacy end of the chain.

Remember they are dealing with a huge number of prescriptions and items each day but I am sure are happy to help with questions and problems which may arise.

Next, a reminder that our flu clinics are in full swing, if you are unsure whether you are eligible please speak to any member of the practice team. Remember we do recommend having your flu jab at the surgery rather than elsewhere as we have full access to your health records at the time you are seen, we are able to check whether any other vaccinations are due (many of our patients are also eligible to receive a pneumococcal and shingles vaccination) and by supporting the practice you help to preserve the services we are able to offer in future.

Finally, just a heads up that our new appointment and triage service are due to launch on Monday 2nd October. Please bear with us if there are any teething problems but we do feel that long term it will improve the service we offer and also allow all our staff to maintain a healthy and sustainable work load. I will let you know in due course how it is going.

Phil Rayner.

Brian Leafe

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of well-known Woodborough figure, Brian Leafe, on Saturday 2nd September 2017, aged 84.

Woodborough Ladies

The October meeting (Wednesday 4th October) is at the home of Kathryn Watson and the start time is now 7.30 pm.

The November Meeting (Wednesday 1st November) in the Village Hall, 7.30 pm for 8.00pm, and will be a fashion show, ”Vintage to Versace”.

Ticket price is £5.00 and includes a glass of wine and a mince pie. This is just for entertainment and is not a heavy selling night. Tickets are available on the door. Entry is open to all.


The founder members started what is now the Soft Edges Art Group 20 years ago!  The current group meet at the Hoveringham Village Hall to paint and support each other in developing as artists and improving the standard of their work.

We have a wide range of styles from the conventional and pleasing on the eye to more impressionist paintings and vibrant abstracts. As before, we have invited some local professional artists to exhibit with us and most of the work on display will be for sale at very reasonable prices.

Please come along and see for yourself.  Just enjoy browsing and if you find a painting you like but it needs a different colourway, or to better represent somewhere or something important to you have a chat with the artist as it could be a bespoke painting is the way to find exactly what you are looking for.

This year there will be a raffle with a painting of Blidworth Woods 11 by the well-known artist, Bill Lowe as the prize. The tea room will be open to serve drinks and freshly baked cake and members of the group will be on hand, some working on their paintings, and happy to speak with you about the group and the exhibition if you so wish.

10 am – 4.30pm


 Free Admission and car parking and facilities for the disabled

For further information visit “SOFT EDGES ART GROUP” on face book