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The Calverton Practice Newsletter

'Comings and Goings'

I start this month’s newsletter with the news that Dr Sherwood will be leaving the practice next month. Emma has been with us for many years, initially as a trainee GP, then as a part-time salaried GP retainer and for the last few years as a partner in the practice. I fear it is necessary to say that her decision to leave is the reality of a rising NHS workload for us all in the practice and quite reasonably she has decided to have a career break, spend more time with her family and re-orientate the ‘work-life balance'. Needless today we are all devastated at the news but fully understand her reasons and are entirely supportive of her decision. She has been an amazing work colleague, has an infectious and bubbly personality and has always kept us entertained. I know many of you who are her patients will be upset that she is leaving, but I hope that like us, you will be supportive of her and her decision. We are currently working on how best to manage this transition and I will of course keep you all informed in future newsletters.

Other comings and goings include the departure of Dr Helen Goodliffe who has only been with us a short while but is also planning a career break, plus Dr’s Doel and Bahl who have both come to the end of their respective GP returner and Sports Medicine training attachments. We welcome to the practice Dr Mitesh Patel (male) and Dr Jasmine Johnston (female). Both are undertaking attachments from the Nottingham GP training programme and as a reminder this means they are qualified doctors undertaking further training in General Practice. Mitesh will be with us part-time for 2 years spending the other half of his week in academic General Practice; Jasmine will be with us for 4 months and is the sister of a former trainee you may remember, Dr Johnny Graham

Of course I mentioned earlier the problem of rising NHS workload. I think it is fair to say that the recent election outcome does not suggest any change to this any time soon. One problem is a lack of doctors. Recently published data shows that the UK is now 22nd out of the 33 OECD countries with just 2.8 doctors per 1000 people. In Europe only Slovenia and Poland have less! There are similar statistics for other health staff, the number of hospital beds etc etc. Of course it all comes down to money. As used to be said ‘You can’t have a Rolls-Royce for the price of a Lada’ and whilst our NHS is rightly felt the envy of the world and cherished, it has also been described as the best 'second rate' health service in the world. Something pretty drastic needs to happen to change this. As always I encourage you to keep lobbying our politicians and remember you can actually book an appointment to see our local MP Mark Spencer to discuss any concerns or issues you are having with NHS care or services.

Finally I will briefly mention some changes to the local hospital’s NHS contract. These mean that they are now responsible for letting you know about the results of any tests they arrange; they should liaise directly with you if you miss an appointment (not ask the GP to re-refer); they should do any internal referrals to another department for your medical problem( not ask your GP to refer you); they should issue sick notes and medication from outpatient appointments (not send you to your GP for them); and they should be dealing themselves with any questions or problems you have to do with your care at the hospital. Any difficulties with any of the above then you should contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (or PALS) in the hospital concerned. Please also do not be offended when we decline any request to do any of the above in future as we will be taking the view that this contract is binding.


Phil Rayner

Woodborough Ladies

Woodborough Ladies are looking forward to a full day out on Wednesday August 2nd. The coach will leave from The Four Bells car Park at 9.15am, for Renishaw Hall and Gardens. The coach will leave for the return to Woodborough at 4.00pm.
The meeting in September will be at the Institute on Roe Lane not on Wednesday, but on  THURSDAY 7th September, our speaker will talk about Money Laundering.