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Woodborough Parish Council

The most recent minutes available from parish council meetings are shown below. Please note that the delay between meetings and publishing of minutes is due to the requirement to approve them at the following council meeting.

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 9th October 2018 at 7pm
The Village Hall, Lingwood Lane, Woodborough, Nottingham

PRESENT: Cllr Andrew Gough (Chairman), Cllr Paul Berrisford, Cllr John Boot, Cllr Margaret Briggs, Cllr John Charles-Jones (part), Cllr Patrick Smith, Cllr Colin Starke, Cllr Jane Stone, Cllr Jan Turton, Cllr Charles Wardle, Cllr Pat Woodfield.
IN ATTENDANCE: Averil Marczak (Clerk), Cllr Boyd Elliott (NCC, part), Cllr Helen Greensmith (GBC, part)
As registered. Cllr Smith stated that he had amended his declaration of interests held by GBC.
The minutes of the meeting held on 11th September were approved.
Cllr Briggs recorded her thanks to Cllr Greensmith (GBC) for her donation towards the Tour of Britain decorations.
The Clerk reported that PKF Littlejohn had completed their limited assurance review for the year ended 31 March 2018; no matters had been raised. All required paperwork was available to view on the PC website and noticeboard.
It was noted that the proposed site for clay extraction on Woodborough Lane had now been withdrawn from the draft plan. Cllr Smith advised that it was likely that NCC would identify alternative sites for clay extraction in a subsequent draft.
Parish Council representatives had been invited to an engagement event at County Hall on 23rd October and it was agreed that, subject to their availability, Cllrs Woodfield and Charles- Jones should attend.
The lamp post poppies had been put up along Main Street and the Chairman recorded thanks to Cllrs Wardle and Starke for undertaking this task. Positive comments had been received regarding the siting of the Silent Soldier at the war memorial, and it was agreed to write to Rev Giles to request that the soldier be left in situ until the end of 2018.
Cllr Charles-Jones had offered to plant a new tree in the Governors’ Field, to replace the vandalised specimen which had been planted to commemorate the anniversary of 1918. It was agreed that the new tree should go in the same position and should be marked with a plaque referring to the anniversary of the end of World War I. A budget of up to £200 was agreed.
Cllr Greensmith reported that Karen Bradford had started work at GBC as Chief Executive.
Letters had been sent to Mike Avery, former acting Chief Executive to GBC, and Mark Spencer MP regarding GBC’s handling of 2017/1269 and GBC’s inappropriate advice that a complaint could be raised with the Local Government Ombudsman. Mark Spencer had offered to contact the Rt Hon James Brokenshire, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government to outline the difficulties experienced and the lack of help for parish councils. It was agreed to ask him to do so. No reply had been received from GBC to date.
Cllr Smith had contacted Historic England to discuss the case, and specifically GBC’s failure to consult with their officers. He had gleaned that little could be done at this stage, short of going to court. (Historic England’s Heritage in Planning Decisions report written by Green Balance suggested that planning authorities frequently failed to protect heritage and court action was often successful). Historic England officers suggested that in future WPC could notify them directly when applications affecting the conservation area came forward to help ensure that they were involved in the consultation.
GBC had quoted £1919 to: install the lights in the Governors’ Field trees; put 10 strings of lights onto a temporary Christmas tree; remove all lights in January; chip and remove Christmas tree. They quoted £199.40 to supply 10 strings of lights. It was noted that this quote exceeded budget and represented a very substantial increase over previous years (GBC had explained at the start of the year that they had previously undercharged for the work). It was further noted that all neighbouring parish councils used GBC’s services and that there was no obvious alternative contractor with a proven track record and capable of meeting NCC’s requirements for safe siting, lighting and guarding when working on the highway. It was agreed to accept the quote, including the purchase of 10 strings of multicoloured lights to be used on the temporary Christmas tree.
The switch on event would take place on Sunday, 2nd December at 5pm and Cllr Elliott agreed to deliver and install the tree on Sunday, 18th November to allow time for decoration. Cllrs Elliott and Greensmith agreed to provide funding of up to £100 each to fund the switch on event.
Cllr Elliott explained that he was in favour of the proposal to restructure and simplify Nottinghamshire’s local government.
Several significant highways issues had been raised, including an accident on Foxwood Lane, ongoing concerns regarding white lines on Foxwood Lane and white lining requirements at the reworked Lowdham Lane junction. Cllr Elliott proposed to arrange a new “walkabout” with Paula Johnson of ViaEM to review requirements. Two residents had written to WPC regarding speeds on Shelt Hill and Cllr Elliott reported that a speed survey had been undertaken and NCC was working with the police to develop a plan, with works due to take place this financial year. Cllr Elliott reported that he would be addressing pupils of Woodborough Woods at an assembly to educate them regarding road safety near school. At 8.05pm Cllr Charles-Jones arrived.
The Chairman summarised actions undertaken by HAGS’ contractors since the last meeting. The loose posts had been reset, one using concrete and the others using epoxy resin. A 12 month guarantee, to start on 20th September as the day of the works, had been requested. A second contractor had attended without notice to whacker the path turning circle but this appeared to have caused damage to the surface rather than improve it. The area had not been cordoned off to allow it to settle. HAGS had yet to comment on this. Cllr Starke reported that the top of the tunnel mound appeared to have either compacted or eroded, and it might be prudent to consider topping the mound with eco-mulch in the future. Members expressed strong dissatisfaction that, more than 15 months after the commencement of the project, problems with the playground continued and, notwithstanding money still owing, there appeared to be no urgency from HAGS to resolve them.
One of the top attachments on the baby swing had come loose and Cllr Starke had tightened the fittings and checked all of the others. This had been reported by parents using the park on the morning of 7th October and it was a concern that GBC’s inspector had not identified this problem, which had almost certainly developed over an extended period of time. Cllr Starke agreed to write a report that could form the basis of a dialogue with GBC. Cllr Briggs offered to meet with GBC’s inspector on one of his weekly visits to understand the level of detail covered.
Cllrs Starke and Charles Jones were in discussion with different contractors to make the House on the Hill accessible to disabled children. Cllr Starke agreed to contact the resident who had commented upon the lack of provision for children with a disability, to discuss the ideas under consideration.

Cllr Starke had mended the block paving. The WCA’s fireworks display would take place on Monday 5th November. The Remembrance Day event would be held on the evening of Sunday 11th November. Cllr Charles-Jones agreed to ask Rob Dixon to clear the leaves prior to 11th November. Rob Dixon planned to clear the leaves in two stages.
It was agreed that the public meeting should be arranged for 26th November to start at 7.30pm. Cllr Berrisford offered to borrow a projector for the meeting.
Cllr Turton reported that the planter on Main Street would be replaced on 10th October. She recorded thanks to Rob Dixon for removing the hanging baskets.
The cricket season had concluded and the pitch was now being cut fortnightly by Ulyetts until the end of October, for use by the football club. The Clerk presented a summary of income and expenditure for the playing field. It was agreed that this season the cricket club should pay for their grass cuts and water (no further fee for use of the pavilion).
The Chairman had asked the WCA to accelerate the installation of the new memorial bench, as the hole that had been dug in preparation could represent a hazard despite being cordoned off.
The committee room blinds had been reinstalled with tensioned chains rather than cords/cleats. It was noted that chain break connectors had not been used and it was agreed to address this. Cllr Woodfield reported that the VHWP would meet next on 16th November to consider the decorating specification. Cllr Turton reported on the success of the Cancer Research afternoon tea event and proposed that new white china for the Village Hall (as hired for the CR event) should be considered in the 2019/2020 budget.
The EA were looking closely at potential funding sources, with previous offers having lapsed.
The following items were noted: outline details of A614/A6097 corridor improvements; details re the new Notts ALC Chairman; details re the Games of Remembrance, which had been circulated to the school and Woodborough Web; Paddy Tipping’s Rural Roundup; invitation to the East Midlands Community-Led Housing roadshow; GBC various agendas and press releases.
Batteries for two of the defibrillators required replacement at a cost of £225 each. It was agreed to purchase the batteries and seek a contribution from Cllr Greensmith.
2 tenants had given notice of their intention to resign; there was no one on the waiting list but existing tenants in both cases wished to take on an extra plot.
The Clerk presented the financial statement for October and 22 payments, totalling £4771.77 net, were approved for payment. In addition a payment of £4268.02 was due to PWLB on 1st November (loan taken to purchase Sam Middup Field, balance remaining after payment £212,247.56).
The Clerk presented a summary of the half-year accounts. Woodborough GREAT had raised £596 at a quiz night and Cllr Briggs agreed to discuss how it might be spent with the team.
It was agreed to defer the announcement of new councillor email addresses until November.
It was agreed to include the minutes, details of the 26th November public meeting and details of the Christmas lights switch on event on 2nd December.
3562. AOB
Cllr Charles Jones reported that the bench for Roe Hill had been painted and would be set up soon. The Village Hall chairs needed checking as some of the screws were oversized and breaking through the fabric.
The date of the next PC meeting was confirmed as 13th November.

The meeting finished at 9.40pm.


The next meeting of Woodborough Parish Council will take place at 7.00pm on Tuesday December 11th in Woodborough Village Hall.

Parish Council Notices


Woodborough’s Christmas Lights will be switched on at 5.00pm on Sunday 2nd December. Come and join the WCA and members of the Parish Council for refreshments and carol singing led by the “Just Sing!” Woodborough Ladies Community Choir.

Happy Christmas from the Parish Council

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