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‘Elections and Other News’

At the time of writing a general election has just been announced and predictably Brexit is dominating the headlines. Of course none of us know quite what Brexit has in store, but the NHS also seems likely to feature in at least some of the political debate. Whatever the election outcome there are many thorny issues to resolve.  All of the medical royal colleges have issued statements regarding the election. Many themes are common - improved funding, an emphasis on care in the community and social care, improving mental health services (particularly for young people) and prioritising public health to prevent problems rather than have to treat them. Royal College of GPs chair Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard has particularly highlighted the need for delivering the promised extra support for our family doctor services from the 5 year forward view plan, fearing collapse if this does not occur. A recent Ipsos MORI poll suggests that 62% of you expect public services to deteriorate post-election, so if an electioneering politician should come knocking on your door, please do ask them what they think of the current state of NHS services and what they and their party plan to do about it!

In other news, our refurbishment project inches slowly forward. We apologise for the necessary noise and disruption but hope that what we have at the end is a better facility for delivering our services to you. We are well aware that the population of Calverton is expanding and already a planned phase 2 is being considered to extend our existing building and thus create more space for the increased doctors, nurses and other primary health care staff that we know we will need. These projects do take a little time to work through and we hope that all of our patients will be supportive of the plans once ready to roll.

I have been asked to promote a new local service, the 'Take a Breather' group for our patients with respiratory problems. This meets weekly on a Tuesday afternoon in Arnold and as yet no patients from Calverton have signed up. It is aimed at those with a severe respiratory problem and offers advice and support plus activities in a relaxed and fun environment. The group meets from 1-4pm at The Beacon, Birchfield Road, Arnold NG5 8BY and I am told there is lots of parking available. If you do want to find out more, their phone no is 0115 969 9060 or email Why not give it a try?!

Finally, a word about costs. The NHS is keen to help us to help you and has introduced a traffic light system suggesting that at the point you realise you need NHS care, you ‘Stop’, ‘Think’ and then ‘Choose well’. Calling an ambulance costs the NHS £247; going to A&E £124; a GP appointment £32 (though GPs are not paid per appointment in the current system) and even a call to NHS 111 is costed at £16. It costs 46p to click on the NHS choices website and pharmacist advice is free. As we all know the NHS is under huge financial pressure, even small savings add up and choosing carefully which service to use and considering the cost in doing so can make a big difference overall.     

Phil Rayner

All Stars Cricket is a great way to get children active this summer! Since the launch there have been thousands of kids signing up for 8 weeks of action-packed fun across England and Wales.
We do not want you to miss out so we have made it easy for you to find your nearest centres, come over to and sign up today!
Remember that every child that signs up to All Stars Cricket will be sent a backpack full of goodies like a bat, ball, hat, water bottle and t-shirt with their name on it. We can’t wait to see you at one of 1,800 accredited All Stars Cricket Centres this summer.

Fly-Tipping on Bank Hill

The fly-tippers have been out again on Bank Hill, leaving a pile of household rubbish and furniture boards in a gateway - all of which would have been accepted at the tip without charge!

This has been reported to Gedling BC. If you see any other fly-tipped material you can report it HERE.