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Woodborough Parish Council

The most recent minutes available from parish council meetings are shown below. Please note that the delay between meetings and publishing of minutes is due to the requirement to approve them at the following council meeting.

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 12th June 2018 at 7pm

The Village Hall, Lingwood Lane, Woodborough, Nottingham

PRESENT: Cllr Andrew Gough (Chairman), Cllr Paul Berrisford, Cllr Margaret Briggs, Cllr Colin Starke, Cllr Jan Turton, Cllr Charles Wardle.
IN ATTENDANCE: Averil Marczak (Clerk), Cllr Helen Greensmith (GBC, part), Cllr Boyd Elliott (NCC, part).
Apologies were noted from Cllr John Boot, Cllr John Charles-Jones, Cllr Patrick Smith, Cllr Jane Stone and Cllr Pat Woodfield.
As registered.
The minutes of the meetings held on 8th and 22nd May were approved.
Cllr Elliott reported that the Forestry Officer had not identified any safety concerns caused by the large tree at 153 Main Street. Cllr Elliott would try to coordinate a dialogue between NCC as highways authority and GBC as planning authority to resolve the issue. Cllr Elliott was chair of NCC’s Road Safety Outside Schools Working Group and would review what could be done to improve safety in Woodborough. ViaEM had written to a householder on Foxwood Lane asking them to cut their hedge to the boundary and asked for the PC’s help in reporting back if the work was not undertaken by the end of the month. It was noted that the PC’s funding application to NCC’s Local Improvement Scheme had been unsuccessful and feedback was being sought. Cllr Wardle raised the need for urgent works at the junction of Lowdham Lane and the Epperstone Bypass, and Cllr Elliott assured members that ViaEM would action soon but would consult with members of the PC before finalising their approach.
Following discussions regarding the provision of planning papers to parish councils, GBC’s Service Manager for Development Services had agreed to provide paper site layout plans for any new builds and agreed that parish clerks could also make an occasional request for paper plans for other developments (to be kept under review). NALC had confirmed that GBC was entitled not to supply paper plans for consultees, but was not entitled to make a profit from paid-for copies. Cllr Greensmith was asked to raise the issue of GBC’s copying charges and make the case for a lower tariff for parish councils.
It was noted that the Smalls Croft green had been cut just once in 2018 and was now unsightly and completely unusable. It was agreed to ask GBC to pull forward their 2nd cut of the year and to ask Gardenscape to carry out interim cuts, which Cllr Greensmith agreed to fund (8 x cuts @ £35). Cllr Briggs offered to coordinate a group of volunteers to help rake up the long grass on the area after GBC’s cut. The request for the Smalls Croft road sign had been made again. Slow progress was being made in the plan to bring Ash Grove up to the standard to be adopted.
HAGS’ contractors had returned to lay grass mats over the new turf but had not addressed the damage to the block paved entrance, nor topped up the path. Work due under warranty to rectify the roundabout and repair the wooden fort and its mulch safety surface was also outstanding. It was agreed that these matters should be resolved before final payment was made. It was noted that the PC had installed its own Heras fencing from June 8th (weekly charge of £35).
The Clerk was asked to chase GBC’s Engineer for suggested contractors to quote for drainage works. RoSPA had carried out their annual safety inspection and had identified the damage to the mulch safety surface as needing repair. They had not checked the chains on the swing or zip wire due to the covers and recommended that the PC contact the manufacturer.
Cllr Turton explained her concerns that Woodborough in Bloom was increasingly dependent on a shrinking number of volunteers, who as a consequence were having to do more and more. While there was no shortage of moral support for Woodborough in Bloom in the village, there was a need for more practical help and fresh blood before crisis point was reached. She appealed for more villagers to come forward to offer their help, and also asked householders to support the endeavours of Woodborough in Bloom and the WCA by ensuring that their own frontages were kept weeded and tidy.
A neighbouring resident had requested that the PC strim/maintain the area between the ditch and the houses to reduce the spread of weeds onto the gardens. After a lengthy debate, in which it was noted that the previous owners of the field had not maintained the area, the PC decided it was not appropriate to use parish funds maintain this strip of land. The Chairman observed that all vegetation behind one house had been killed using weedkiller and it was agreed to write to the occupant asking them not to take such action and giving the reasons why. The latest questionnaire returns had been input and the Clerk would add the results to the preliminary evaluation for circulation.
A new TPO had been recommended by GBC on a yew tree at 6 Shelt Hill. It was agreed to support the creation of the TPO. There was no objection to PC ref 1031, GBC 2018/0404 for a proposed house and garage at 12 Lingwood Lane (the old scout hut site), but it was agreed to suggest a tree survey for trees on the shared boundaries. PC ref 1032, GBC 2018/0297 for the retention of 2 polytunnels and a hay storage shed at land off Park Avenue; there was no objection to this application but the applicant should not infer that WPC will have no objection to some of the further plans for the site alluded to in his application. PC ref 1033, GBC 2018/0504 for a single storey garage extension to front at 57 Lowdham Lane; there was no objection. PC ref 955, GBC 2016/0372 to convert existing agricultural storage building and extensions to create a farm managed dwelling at Epperstone Park Hatcheries; it was agreed to object to the creation of a new dwelling in a scheduled Mature Landscape Area within the Green Belt, as it would have an adverse effect on the visual, historic and nature conservation importance of the Mature Area (as observed in 2016).
Cllr Smith had drafted a letter of complaint to the CEO of GBC regarding the process and approval of 2017/1269. It was agreed in principle to send the letter, noting that Cllr Smith was awaiting replies from a planning consultant and NCC officer before the letter could be finalised.

3463. GDPR

New email addresses had been set up for WPC business. It was agreed to make a budget available for help in adding the new accounts onto members’ existing email clients if needed.
Reverend Giles had advised the Clerk that the PCC did not consider that the war memorial was an appropriate location for the Royal British Legion “Silent Soldier”, other than in the immediate build up to Remembrance Day. The reason given was concern about the sensitivity of church goers and school children who had family members in the armed forces. Members expressed dismay at this decision. It was hoped that another prominent location could be agreed upon to enable the “Silent Soldier” to be part of a proud and respectful tribute to the men of Woodborough who had given their lives in World War I, in line with the national campaigns being coordinated by the Royal British Legion in association with county and local councils. It was agreed to seek the views of the village regarding an appropriate location, via a notice in the Newsletter and on the Woodborough Web.

Woodborough Celtic had confirmed their intention to use the football pitch for the 2018/19 season. One quote had been received for an upgrade to the pavilion hot water system and 2 other contractors were available to quote. Cllr Berrisford agreed to carry out further investigations as to the problem with the immersion heater before any works were considered. Cllr Berrisford reported that there was damage to the pavilion roof and gutter, and that a new toilet seat was required. Cllr Wardle agreed to follow up.
Cllr Turton reported that the bookings meeting had gone well. It was agreed to pay a deposit of £1000 for the curtains. It was agreed to book cleaning for the vinyl floors.
Cllr Wardle had developed a proposal with Preschool to construct a new outside storage shed (10ft x 5ft, 7ft high) between the southern gable and the boundary wall, as an alternative to using the emergency store. Preschool had agreed to pay. This was agreed subject to the Clerk checking any planning requirements.
A letter of thanks from Woodborough in Bloom had been received. An invitation to NCC’s Civic Service had been received and it was agreed to offer apologies. The WCA had requested a meeting to determine the location for a new memorial bench for Brian Leafe and Cllr Gough agreed to meet the WCA’s Chairman. An email enquiry about the progress of the bench to be re-instated on Roe Lane had been received. Copy correspondence regarding the hedge at the corner of Park Avenue had been received. The following were noted: details of Cycle Live event; Paddy Tipping’s The Beat newsletter; details regarding proposed Local Geological Site Selection; GBC, various agendas and press releases.
One plot was vacant and a further one had changed hands. A tenant had thanked Cllr Berrsiford for his help in transporting a large volume of cleared weeds to the tip. It was agreed that the new padlock and code would be implemented on 23rd June.
It was noted that the narrow footpath along Taylors’ Field was now becoming hazardous due to the hedge growth. It was agreed to refer the matter to Cllr Elliott, advising a breach of the Highways Act 1980 s154. The Lengthsman’s report was reviewed.
The Clerk presented the financial statement and 21 payments, totalling £5,854.15 net, were approved for payment. Gross payments over £500: Local Government Pension Scheme £545.17, J Harrington £1000 (deposit for curtains).
It was agreed to amend the Clerk’s SCP to 38 and to review in December.
It was agreed to include the minutes and notices regarding the Silent Soldier and requesting householders to keep their hedges cut back so as not to overhang the pavements.

The meeting finished at 9.32pm.

The next meeting of Woodborough Parish Council will take place at 7.00pm on September 11th in Woodborough Village Hall.

See the Woodborough Parish Council website at:

Message from Gedling Borough Council
Planning Policy Consultations

RE: Adoption of the Local Planning Document

The Local Planning Document sets out the Council’s plans for growth and development in the Borough up to 2028. The document has been examined by an independent inspector and the Inspector’s report was issued in June 2018. Her report concluded that the Council’s plan provides an appropriate basis for the planning of the area over the next 10 years and is ‘sound’ subject to the modifications consulted on during February and March 2018.

The Borough Council has considered the recommendations of the Inspector and formally adopted the Local Planning Document on 18th July 2018.

The Adoption Statement (available online at and enclosed with paper copies of this letter) gives further details and sets out where copies of the Local Planning Document can be viewed. It also explains how any person aggrieved by the adoption of the Local Planning Document may make an application to the High Court under Section 113 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.
If you have queries about the Local Planning Document, please do not hesitate to contact the Planning Policy team on 0115 901 3733 or email

Alison Gibson

Woodborough Action Group

Supporting conservation, sensitive development and protecting the Green Belt

As you will probably already know the Local Planning Document has been adopted by Gedling Borough Council on 18 July. This followed the publication of the Inspectors report on 26 June. All the modifications referred to in her report have been carried forward into the final version of the plan. Assuming no one applies to the High Court during the next six weeks to challenge the process, all is done and dusted! The good news is that it will now guide the limited housing development in our village for the next ten years.

The WAG was formed on 28th. October 2013 at the Open Village meeting arranged by the Parish Council. The Chair proposed that the village formed this group. All twelve residents who volunteered their help lived across different areas of the village and came together as the WAG. Members have taken the opportunity to fully engage with Gedling Borough Council planning officers. Members have attended Government Inspectors hearings conducted over many weeks in 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018. Five workshops, run by the Borough to seek views on specific local planning guidance, were also participated in. Village communication from the group has been maintained via the Woodborough Web, news sheets and two ‘drop in’ events.

During the process 17 potential sites, put forward by landowners, were considered by the Borough Council for development adjacent to Woodborough. Only two were eventually selected, one of which already had planning permission, which accounted for part of the 47 dwellings that had already been approved within the existing development boundary.

The WAG believes that by being closely involved with the planners through out the process, getting to understand how the system worked, (none of us had any previous experience in this field), and listening to what residents wanted and valued about our village and the concerns we all had with the potential impact on the current ‘small village character’, we were able to follow an effective strategy. The aim was to keep residents informed of the facts, to assist in promoting consultation replies, and ensuring village concerns were raised in a way that could influence the decisions to be made.

We now consider the task complete, so we are closing the Woodborough Action Group and consider our job effectively done.

Who would have thought the process would have taken so long!

Patrick Smith