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Woodborough Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 12th November 2019 at 7pm The Village Hall, Lingwood Lane, Woodborough, Nottingham

PRESENT: Cllr Pat Woodfield (Chairman), Cllr Paul Berrisford, Cllr Margaret Briggs, Cllr Andrew Gough, Cllr John Newsome, Cllr Daniel Raynor, Cllr Patrick Smith, Cllr Colin Starke, Cllr Charles Wardle.
IN ATTENDANCE: Cllr Boyd Elliott (NCC, part), Cllr Helen Greensmith (GBC, part), Mrs Linda Taylor (WCA, part), Averil Marczak (Clerk).
Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr John Charles-Jones and Cllr Jane Stone.
No additional interests declared.
The minutes of the meeting held on 8th October were approved.
The Clerk apologised to members for filing WPC’s observations on the Minerals Local Plan some 40 minutes after the formal closure of the consultation. Cllr Smith raised the issue of lack of capacity of the Clerk’s mailbox. It was agreed that an upgrade should be investigated. Following a conversation with an officer at NCC, the Clerk was hopeful that WPC’s comments would still be included in the report.
The Chairman suspended the meeting between 7.05pm and 7.15pm.
Mrs Linda Taylor, representing the WCA, outlined early ideas on celebrations for the 75th anniversary of VE Day, May 2020. The Chairman offered the WCA the full support of the Parish Council. Mrs Taylor and Cllr Briggs outlined the plans for the Christmas lights switch on and requested helpers to put up and take down the gazebos.
The Chairman reported that she had met with a resident regarding his outline plans for the development between Broad Close and Private Road and anticipated that more detailed proposals would shortly be forthcoming. She reported that she had been proud to represent the Parish Council at the Remembrance Day service, and thanked Cllrs Wardle and Starke for putting up the lamppost poppies. It was agreed that these should be left in situ until the end of November.
The Chairman thanked Cllr Charles-Jones for compiling a photographic report of wet spots in the village and invited a discussion. Cllr Briggs reported that the Emergency Team were constantly monitoring the risk of flood in light of record rainfall and the forecast for more bad weather. It was agreed that a letter of thanks should be sent to the EA for their work desilting the open dyke at the Bank Hill end of the village in August 2019, which had potentially reduced the risk of flood. A resident had reported a blocked manhole on Lingwood Lane; Cllr Briggs confirmed that this had already been reported to NCC via Cllr Elliott. It was agreed to place a notice on the Woodborough Web asking all householders who had a grate outside their property to keep it clear of leaves and debris. It was noted that the condition of the bank and retaining wall of the Sycke Beck at 24 Pinfold Crescent had deteriorated further. Cllr Starke had received an email from the EA explaining that the homeowner was responsible. It was agreed that the Clerk should contact the EA and ask if they could take enforcement action or other measures to encourage the rectification of the damage before a catastrophic collapse.
Members had accessed supporting documents for the meeting via the new document sharing facility. It was agreed to ask Pete Wiles to add an SSL certificate to the WPC website at a cost of £25 per year.
Cllr Elliott had circulated a report. He asked WPC to display posters regarding school applications for September 2020, highlighting the importance of completing the application in full and on time, including stating 4 choices of school. The broken kerbstones on Main Street had been replaced and remedial work had been carried out to the Shelt Hill pavement. Siding up of Lowdham Lane to restore the pavement had been “prioritised” by Via but dates and detail were still awaited. Officers were considering a request to install hardstanding at a Main Street bus stop and a definitive response was awaited. Road sweeping had been carried out frequently to remove the build of leaves in the village. Cllr Elliott hoped to bring the Christmas tree to the Governors’ Field week commencing November 25th, and would notify Cllr Starke of the date and time.
Cllr Greensmith reported that GBC had no plans for separate handling of food waste. She was waiting for a response from Mike Hill, Deputy Chief Executive, regarding the principle of providing a credit in place of cutting the Smalls Croft grass. It was confirmed that there is currently no GBC Conservation and Heritage Officer. She reported that a small number of properties across the Borough had been placed in the wrong council tax band, however it was not known whether any Woodborough residents were affected.
At 8.05pm, Cllrs Elliott and Greensmith left the meeting.
PC1072/GBC2018/1024: for the removal of porch canopy, erection of a new porch and enlarged dropped kerb for vehicular access at 140 Main Street: the Clerk had responded under delegated powers between meetings, raising no objection.
PC1073/GBC2019/0910 for the demolition of existing conservatory and erection of 2 storey side extension with rear facing balcony at Hill Side, Private Road: it was agreed to observe that the proposed development would increase the floor space by more than 50% versus the original, in contravention of reference 13 in the Local Planning Document. It was also agreed to ask GBC to ensure that they had contacted neighbours at the Moorings as the proposal might result in loss of privacy.
PC 1074/GBC2019/0966 for extension and alterations to existing house at 8 Old Manor Close: no objection.
PC 1075/GBC2019/0976 for the retention of use of barns for the storage of caravans and camper vans at Bankhill Farm, Bank Hill. It was agreed to suggest that the following conditions be applied: there should be no outside storage; there should be no long-term parking on site outside; there should be no short-term parking on the entrance area; only barns specified in the application (and not other barns on the farm) to be used for the storage of caravans and camper vans.

Kevin Cartwright, Principal Planning Officer at GBC, had responded to WPC’s complaint regarding PC1062/GBC2019/0635 for alterations at 151 Main Street. He acknowledged that the decision had been issued before the expiry of site notice, however he asserted that the development accorded with the relevant policies and did not harm the character and appearance of the conservation area. It was agreed that the response was not satisfactory and to write a further complaint to Mike Avery, Service Manager.

It was agreed to replace batteries and electrode pads for all 3 village defibrillators, as needed. Cllr Starke reported from the Village Hall Working Party. The splashback in the kitchen required replacement and Cllrs Starke and Wardle agreed to progress. Proposals to reduce energy consumption had been considered. It was agreed in principle that replacement of the fluorescent tube lights with LEDs was the right thing to do, and would probably payback within 2 years. Cllr Starke agreed to bring a costed proposal to the next meeting. It was noted that the curtains in the hall were marked with children’s paint, and it was agreed to contact Preschool to ask them to remove marks and be vigilant in future. Preschool had advised that there was water ingress to the new outdoor shed, and Cllr Wardle agreed to investigate.

Cllr Raynor reported that the driveway had been strimmed and tidied. The ditch was carrying water following recent heavy rainfall and flowing nicely. Someone had entered the field and dug a channel connecting a neighbouring garden with the ditch. Cllr Raynor agreed to approach the residents in the associated property. Cllr Raynor reported that the first meeting of the working party to kick off development planning was likely to take place in January.
A 3rd quote was awaited and it was agreed to defer consideration until December.
LIS grant money (£4,300) had been received. Cllrs Briggs and Starke had met with representatives from Proludic on the field on November 7th. Due to heavy rainfall they were unable to mark up the site but had agreed in principle where the equipment should go; a drawing would follow. They planned to carry out the installation week commencing December 2nd providing ground conditions were suitable. It was agreed that the Clerk should ask for a written assurance that any damage caused to the grass or block paved entrance should be remedied by Proludic.
Cllr Starke had taken delivery of 6 additional strings of multicoloured lights, at a cost of £190 plus VAT. A date for the installation of the lights was still awaited. GBC had agreed to make 2 visits to the site if necessary, with the standalone tree potentially being delivered as late as November 30th.
A family suffering a recent bereavement had written to ask that WPC reconsider its charges for nonresidents who could demonstrate long periods of residency and/or other extensive connections with the village. There was a lengthy debate and it was agreed that this should be considered again in December, following further reflection, and to allow the Clerk to establish the rules in operation for other cemeteries.
Cllrs Charles Jones and Wardle had compiled a comprehensive document detailing all of the regular grounds maintenance requirements for the parish. It was agreed to seek quotes, giving contractors the option of tendering for some or all of the tasks detailed. It was agreed that a 6 month trial period might apply should a contractor new to WPC be appointed.
Cllr Gough proposed that GBC should undertake works at the cemetery prior to Christmas 2019, to include cutting hedges, re-turfing several graves, clearing plinths, pruning of trees for a quoted charge of £856.66 plus VAT. This was agreed by a majority vote, although it was noted that not all members agreed that GBC delivered good quality and good value.
3847. MEETING DATES 2020
Meeting dates for 2020 were agreed, with all meetings to take place on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, with the exception of September’s meeting to be held on Monday September 7th. It was agreed that the Annual Meeting of the Parish should take place on Tuesday 28th April.
Members considered the LGA/NALC document “Reaching Out” regarding tackling loneliness. It was agreed that Woodborough offered many groups and clubs, which no doubt helped mitigate against loneliness. It was agreed to discuss dovetailing with GBC initiatives in due course.
Draft revised Financial Regulations had been circulated reflecting the relevant changes in NALC’s July 2019 model document. It was agreed to adopt these changes subject to 2 minor amendments regarding thresholds for seeking 3 quotes and frequency of review.
The Clerk presented the financial statement for November and 21 payments, totalling £8468.97 net, were approved for payment. Gross payments over £500: £523.56 LGPS (staff pensions); £2960.00 Ashworth Decorators (for decorating at Village Hall).
A resident’s email had been received, advising that the Lowdham Lane bench was in need of repair, and also suggesting that WPC ask GBC not to approve any more drive through food operations in order to reduce litter. A joiner had been asked to quote for the repair of the bench. Members had sympathy with the writer regarding the amount of food litter, however, did not think the suggestion had the prospect of being progressed. Cllr Berrisford had received a letter regarding the state of the Lowdham Lane pavement; it was noted that Cllr Elliott’s County Report provided hope that this matter would finally be addressed. The Clerk had received and responded to a resident email regarding the flooding meeting discussed at September’s WPC meeting. Inspector Chris Pearson of Nottinghamshire Police had agreed to come to the December WPC meeting to talk about policing in the area. GBC’s parish conference on 3rd December had been postponed due to the workload associated with the 12th December General Election. The headteacher at Woodborough Woods School had invited a representative of the Parish Council to attend the general purpose governors meeting on 3rd March 2020; it was agreed that Cllr Raynor should attend and that agenda items should be considered at February’s WPC meeting. The following items were noted: NCC consultation on the validation of planning applications; Notts ALC Annual Report; Paddy Tipping’s The Beat newsletter; details of activities for VE Day 75 years celebrations 8th to 10th May 2020; NALC Health and Well-being through Neighbourhood Planning update; GBC, various agendas and press releases.
The water had been turned off at the allotments. One allotment had been reallocated. The playing field was very muddy and Ulyetts had been unable to cut the grass for the football team. It was agreed to install the dog bag dispensers on the red bins at the entrance gate to the playing field and by the bridge.
It was agreed to include the details of the groundsman tendering process; the availability of free dog bags in playing field; details of the Christmas lights switch on, including a request to bring a torch to read hymn sheets; a request to keep grates and drains near private properties clear.
Cllr Raynor requested a discussion regarding support for the preschool. Cllr Gough asked for a renewed focus on timekeeping.
The date of the next PC meeting was confirmed as 10th December 2019.
The meeting finished at 10.05pm.

Governors’ Field Tree Works

During January, the Governors’ Field will be closed for a short period for tree works. Please look out for the notices.

The next meeting of Woodborough PC will be held January 14th at 7.00pm in Woodborough Village Hall. The agenda will be available 3 days before the meeting.

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