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Woodborough Parish Council

The most recent minutes available from parish council meetings are shown below. Please note that the delay between meetings and publishing of minutes is due to the requirement to approve them at the following council meeting.

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 11th September 2018 at 7pm
The Village Hall, Lingwood Lane, Woodborough, Nottingham

PRESENT: Cllr Andrew Gough (Chairman), Cllr John Boot, Cllr John Charles-Jones, Cllr Patrick Smith, Cllr Colin Starke, Cllr Jane Stone, Cllr Jan Turton, Cllr Charles Wardle.

IN ATTENDANCE: Averil Marczak (Clerk), Cllr Boyd Elliott (NCC, part), Cllr Helen Greensmith (GBC, part), Linda Taylor (WCA, part)


Apologies were noted from Cllr Paul Berrisford, Cllr Margaret Briggs, and Cllr Pat Woodfield.


As registered. In addition, the following were declared: Cllr Smith: consideration of farm business tenancy Sam Middup Field (non pecuniary interest); Cllr Charles-Jones: NCC Minerals Local Plan (pecuniary interest).


The minutes of the meeting held on 13th August were approved.


Woodborough’s leg of the Tour of Britain’s on September 8th was hailed a great success, with a large turnout. The PC recorded its special thanks to Cllr Briggs for all of her endeavours to decorate the village. In addition to recognising Cllr Briggs, the PC also applauded the hard work of the WCA, a number of volunteers and many householders who contributed to the colourful displays that welcomed the event.


The works to the Lowdham Lane junction had concluded. While members recognised a significant improvement, the junction was by no means fool proof, and Cllr Wardle had already observed a driver going the wrong side of the bollard. Cllr Elliott was asked to request repainting of the white lines between Timmermans and the junction. Cllr Elliott reported that the sidings on Lowdham Lane would be cut back. Road grit for the winter would be delivered by the end of October, and NCC would replace the grit box on Roe Hill during the delivery.

Cllr Turton summarised various conversations held with ViaEM’s highway liaison officer regarding a planter on Foxwood Lane. Cllr Elliott agreed to support the PC’s wish that the planter remain in its current position.


Cllr Greensmith reported that Karen Bradford would join GBC as Chief Executive this autumn. A new shopper service community bus would run through the villages on selected days from 1st October. Cllr Greensmith congratulated Woodborough on the atmosphere and presentation for the Tour of Britain.


The Chairman suspended the meeting between 7.35pm and 7.45pm and invited Mrs Linda Taylor to speak on behalf of the WCA. Several residents had knitted and crocheted poppies for displays on the Governors’ Field. Two large panels incorporating “1918” and “2018” would be secured to the railings, along with displays cascading from the trees. Preschool were producing doves of peace for a display in the pinfold. On the evening of November 11th, the WCA hoped to have a bugler available to play the Last Post, to be followed by lighting of the beacon at 7pm, and the ringing of the church bells. The Clerk was asked to share the plans with the Chair of Governors.

It was agreed that a dozen of the lamppost poppies should be mounted on the Governors’ Field bearing the names of the Woodborough fallen. The remainder of the lamppost poppies would be used on Main Street lampposts from October 1st. It was agreed to order 2 wreaths from the RBL for a donation of £50 (S137).


It was resolved to renew insurance with Zurich under the terms of the long term agreement, at a price of £1835.25.


It was noted that the roundabout had been repaired satisfactorily and the net shackle pins had been made secure. The posts in the fort required re-concreting and this was scheduled for September 20th. An area of mulch would need renewing after this work. A date for the topping up of the new path turning circle was awaited.

A proposal to improve accessibility on the house on the hill was being developed and it was suggested that it should be discussed with the resident who had commented upon the lack of provision for children with a disability.


The drainage works had been carried out and a detailed plan had been requested. The Clerk had requested a quote from GBC for the installation of the Christmas lights. Cllr Elliott had agreed to supply a Christmas tree once again. Cllrs Gough, Wardle and Starke agreed that they would dig a hole to prepare the base. It was noted that additional lights would need to be purchased for this tree. The tree planted in the Governors’ Field to commemorate the end of WWI had been destroyed by vandals. It was agreed that a new tree should be purchased, with the objective of planting it before Remembrance Day. Gardenscape had asked for permission to close the field while cutting the grass; the popularity of the new playground meant that at times it was difficult to get work done. This was agreed. It was noted that an area of block paving inside the field was uneven and Cllr Starke agreed to correct this.


Representatives of the uniformed groups had confirmed that they would not be interested in using the former Methodist Church for their meetings as it was too far from the playing field. It was agreed that the church building would serve no obvious purpose as a parish facility and the opportunity to rent or buy it should not be pursued. The Chairman thanked Cllr Charles-Jones for his work in liaising with the Methodist Church Circuit.


The Clerk had circulated September/October dates when the Village Hall would be available to host a public meeting to present and discuss the results from the consultation. The PC agreed that the meeting should be held in November to allow adequate notice and avoid a clash with the 2 half term weeks. It was agreed that the results should be published on the website the week before the public meeting.

Weed control was considered. Cllr Smith asked that the field margins should be cut twice a year by the PC in preference to the use of chemicals near to domestic hedges and gardens. It was agreed however  that the thistles and nettles behind the houses in Charnwood Way and Smalls Croft should be sprayed by the PC in April 2019. It was further agreed that a letter should be sent to residents in February informing them that the PC would spray the weeds and that they should not spray or strim the area themselves.

It was agreed that the farm tenant should be offered a repeat of the farm business tenancy agreement as written, with payment terms and break clauses to remain the same.


GBC’s acting Chief Executive had responded to WPC’s complaint, and did not find fault with the process followed. He had concluded by stating that WPC could contact the Local Government Ombudsman if it was not happy with the outcome of the investigation. However, the Clerk had contacted the LGO and found that complaints could not be made by councils, only individuals.  It was agreed to write a further letter expressing disappointment regarding the incorrect advice given. It was further agreed to write to Mark Spencer MP to notify him of the issue and ask for his advice on how a parish council might seek redress in these circumstances.


There was no objection to PC ref 1041, GBC 2018/0605 for a first floor extension to front elevation with new roof incorporating solar panels at 34 Bank Hill. PC ref 1042, GBC 2018/0791 for variation of condition 6 on planning permission 2016/1099 to change screening proposed to the side boundaries of the rear balcony at land adjacent to 21 Lowdham Lane: it was agreed to observe that the proposal might be detrimental to neighbours’ privacy. PC ref 1043, GBC 2018/0768TPO to fell a silver birch at 1 Main Street: it was agreed to object, as there was no tree officer’s report to demonstrate the need to remove the tree.

Cllr Smith reported that GBC had opened a consultation on the North East Arnold Development Brief, for housing at Brookfields Garden Centre, Howbeck Rd/Mapperley Plains and Killisick Lane.


The water heating system had now been replaced.


The new curtains had been installed at the hall. The blinds in the committee room required some modification so that the pull cords were safe for children. Cllr Starke agreed to find out whether the old curtains could be sold for weight to a textiles recycling shop. Cllr Charles-Jones offered to transport them in his van. It was noted that the 2018/19 budget also included provision for some redecoration at the hall; to date this had not been progressed.

The fire alarm had malfunctioned and the supplier had replaced the panel. An issue with the intermittent flush in the gents required attention. It was agreed to purchase racking for the emergency store at a cost of £87 + VAT if similar second hand racking could not be obtained via Cllr Woodfield. Preschool had been asked whether they would contribute to fire awareness training and the response from their committee was awaited. The Brownies storage cupboard had been returned as a new leader had not been found.


The new owners of the field remained in discussion with the EA.


Details of the NALC AGM had been received and it was agreed that Cllr Turton should attend as a voting delegate. It was agreed to order free salt from NCC as part of their winter assistance programme. A letter had been received which raised points regarding the publication of minutes. An email regarding overgrowth on the footpaths had been received and referred to NCC. The following items were noted: information regarding the Minerals Local Plan; invitation to Great War Commemoration Service; Newark and Sherwood DC consultation re ACS development document; GBC various agendas and press releases.


There had been a burial in August.


A tenant had given notice of his plan to give up the plot next year. The Chairman had assessed a boundary issue and the Clerk would notify the tenants concerned regarding his decision.    


The book exchange phone box had been vandalised during the summer; it had been repaired.


The Clerk presented the financial statement for August/September and 31 payments, totalling £13,682.96 net, were approved for payment. Gross payments over £500: T&S £2190.76 (replacement hot water system, pavilion), Zurich £1835.22 (insurance), J Harrington £2411 (curtains). 


It was agreed to defer the announcement of new councillor email addresses until after October’s meeting.


It was agreed to include the minutes.


The Clerk reported that the Chair of the Emergency Planning Committee had resigned following many years of service. Woodborough in Bloom planned to install 1 new planter in place of 2 old planters which were rotten.


The date of the next PC meeting was confirmed as 9th October.

The meeting finished at 9.30pm.

The next meeting of Woodborough Parish Council will take place at 7.00pm on Tuesday November 13th in Woodborough Village Hall.

The agenda will be available on November 9th.

The new bench on Roe Hill, Woodborough

Parish Council Notices
November 2018



A meeting will be held on Monday November 26th, 7.30pm at the Village Hall to present and discuss the results of the consultation on parish facilities/ ideas for Sam Middup Field.

The results of the consultation will be available on the Parish Council website the week before.



Woodborough’s Christmas Lights will be switched on at 5.00pm on Sunday 2nd December. Come and join the WCA and members of the Parish Council for refreshments and carol singing led by the “Just Sing!” Woodborough Ladies Community Choir.

See the Woodborough Parish Council website at: