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Woodborough Cancer Research

A huge thankyou to all those who attended our annual Ladies Lunch, an occasion so loyally and regularly supported by so many of you and your friends.

It was a great success with delicious and well presented food, the return of Coronation Chicken to the menu being greeted with great pleasure by many!

Our after lunch speaker, Dickie Arbiter, was very entertaining with a most interesting and generally discreet insight into our Royal Family based on his days as Press Secretary to the Queen.

The outcome of this was that the fantastic sum of £3,422.90 was raised for Cancer Research, a great achievement so thank you once again for your support, we couldn’t do it without you. The fight goes on!!

Calling all knitters, sewers and crafters!

The Woodborough Cancer Research Committee are seeking help with some fundraising projects they have in mind and are looking for volunteers to do some knitting and sewing. Any other craft ideas and suggestions are also welcome. The projects will not be too taxing or difficult so you don’t need to be of Masterclass standard! Full instructions, patterns etc will be given with any advice needed. The items are produced quickly and easily.

If you have some time to spare and feel able to help please contact Alison on 965 4183 or Ros  on 965 4209.  Thank you.

PS If you have any other types of craft ideas which might raise funds, please get in touch.

Last year we consulted local residents and other interested parties on the Woodborough Draft Conservation Area appraisal.  In all there were 29 responses which were mostly supportive and these have been considered by Gedling Borough.

The Woodborough Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan was amended in light of peoples’ comments and adopted by the Borough Council on 1st June 2017.

Of most interest to local residents are the boundary changes to the Conservation Area which will mean a small number of additional properties will be located within the extended Conservation Area.  These boundary changes are a result of the recommendation set out in the Conservation Area appraisal.  The boundaries of the Conservation Area have been extended to include the following areas:

  • extending the present boundary to the south of the village, to include the historic parkland to the south of Woodborough Hall;
  • land south of Main Street between Bank Hill and Lingwood Lane to include properties located along Main Street (in the vicinity of the junction with Park Avenue), Park Avenue and Lingwood Lane; and
  • land adjacent to Bank Hill – to include the row of Lime Trees and strip of land associated with properties along Bank Hill.

The Woodborough Conservation Area appraisal can be found on the Borough Council’s website here:

The purpose of Conservations Areas is to ensure areas of special architectural or historic interest are preserved and enhanced for future generations.  The extension to the Conservation Area will mean some additional properties being located within the enlarged Conservation Area.  However, Conservation Area status does not imply an embargo on development but it does give Gedling Borough Council additional controls over the demolition of buildings and the design of new development.  We advise anyone wishing to carry out work in a Conservation Area, including works to trees, to seek our advice first by visiting our Development Management pages by using the following link:

You can see a larger version of the map (below) by clicking it.

St Martin’s Church, Bilborough is inviting all those who got married, or have family members who married at the church, to send in photos of their special day to be featured in an exhibition to celebrate weddings at the church which runs this summer.

The church dates back to medieval times and the founder of the Baptist church, Thomas Helwys, was married there in 1595. As well as celebrating the church’s history, we’ll be exploring changing fashions, the way war impacted many weddings and also shine a light on how this small hidden treasure played a big part in the lives of many people on their special day.

The exhibition will run from Saturday 17th June – Saturday 8th July. Those who have photos they would like to share can drop them off at the church, those who have electronic copies or scanned photos can email them to . Anyone who would like to send photographs by post is asked to contact the church for an alternative mailing address as the church does not have its own post box. Please contact a member of the team on 07821 156909 / 07971 937046 or email .

Anyone who provides an original hard copy photo is assured that they will be treated with exceptional care, they will be scanned to use as part of the exhibition and the original copies themselves will not be displayed. If they wish them to be returned all they need to do is provide a return postal address.

In 2014 St Martin’s Church received a grant of £744,100 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for The Hidden Treasures project to restore the medieval church and unique 20th Century wall paintings by war artist Evelyn Gibbs, and fund three years of exciting community and heritage activities based at the church. Details of the programme of events can be found at or on Twitter @stmartinsbilb and Facebook @stmartinsbilborough

Nottinghamshire Hospice

Let me tell you about the Notinghamshire Hospice, a very worthy charity

We need three million pound per annum to function properly.

The volunteers work hard to achieve this by selling your donations in our shops,

We hold fun runs, come dancing and quizzes, the fundraising never stops.


Patients are given one to one attention, there’s massage and therapy too

With pampering sessions and crafting, there’s always plenty to do.

Making end of life days filled with purpose, joy and peace of mind

Watched over by dedicated nurses who are also one of a kind.


We are having Purple fundraiser to showcase what the Hospice can do

For anyone living in Nottingham needing end of life care with the crew.

So please if you see a sea of Purple in our shops or whilst out and about

With fun competitions and raffles, have fun and give us a shout.


We’re going to raise as much as we can, let’s all reach for the sky

And help provide the funds needed for patients less fortunate than you or I.