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The Benefice of Epperstone, Gonalston, Oxton and Woodborough

Don’t Rush

When I started delivering sermons, John Williams, one of the retired members of clergy within the congregation, gave me that short two-word, piece of advice. What he was trying to tell me at the time was that when I talk faster, when I move and act faster, it’s not always easier for others to understand me or follow. It’s a piece of advice that has stuck with me, even though I don’t always find it easy to follow. There are occasions where slowing down isn’t quite enough, sometimes what is needed is a pause, a rest, a stop in which to listen for the voice of God speaking.

The idea of not rushing and/or waiting and pausing is one that we can see throughout Jesus ministry in the Gospels and in the life of the disciples as shown in the book of Acts. Jesus never rushes. He knows that taking time on the journey is just as important as the final destination he is going too. Healing the woman with the bleeding issue and speaking to her was just as important as reaching the house of Jairus and healing his daughter. Pausing and waiting at the well in Samaria led to a conversation that changed a whole village. In Isaiah 40 verse 31 we are told that “Those that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength”, the Lord longs for us to wait upon him, he longs to speak to us and renew our strength.

The same advice is true in everyday life as well. Life can go by at a hundred miles an hour at times, with us all moving from one thing to the next, not slowing down or pausing. Rushing around non-stop, not slowing down and resting can also lead to serious medical issues. When we rush, it is so much easier to miss things that are important, it’s easier to take the wrong turn and end up getting lost.

This season through which we are currently living is almost enforcing us all to slow down a bit, to take our time and to rest. When life opens back up again fully, we need to remember how to hold on to what we have learnt through this period, we need to try and hold on to the ability to not rush and pause, we need to try and give ourselves time every day to sit and to listen for the voice of God speaking to us. And as our lives slowly move back to the day to day busyness we need to remember that through it all we should take time to pause and to wait patiently for the Lord to renew our strength.

Rob Oliver
Trainee Lay Minister

Churches to Open for Private Prayer
(Sundays only)

The churches at Epperstone, Oxton and Woodborough are now open on Sundays, from 10a.m –3.00p.m for private prayer.

The churches will remain closed for the rest of the week. Gonalston will not be opened.

These are unsupervised sessions for anyone who wants to spend some time in church for personal prayer and reflection. No church staff will be in attendance and we are asking that you respect other peoples’ silence and personal space, along with the instructions for social distancing and safety.

 In the meantime we will continue to worship online

Join Anthony for Sunday worship

Each Sunday Anthony will host a short act of worship each Sunday at 10.00a.m via You Tube.
The link will be available via each A Church Near You website and the Benefice Churches of Epperstone, Gonalston, Oxton and Woodborough Facebook page – and, of course, on the Woodborough Web.

Benefice Newsletter

A weekly update with information and resources to enable you to continue to worship and pray at home. If you would like to be included on the email distribution list, please contact Tracey, the Benefice Administrator.

Join Us for Sunday Worship

Each Sunday there will be a short act of worship each Sunday at 10.00a.m via You Tube.

Due to YouTube restrictions, the link has to change each week, so please return to this page each Sunday where the current week’s link will be published when we receive it.

We will also be sending an email to all of our registered readers when the new links are available. If you are not already registered, full details are available on page 1.

If you miss the video, the link will be live for several days.

The link for the service for Sunday 30th August is

(just click)

Key points for private prayer in church

  • Sanitise your hands before you enter and when you leave.
  • Keep 2m apart all the time, including when you enter and leave.
  • Only sit in the designated areas.
  • This is an UNSUPERVISED prayer time. There are no church staff in attendance.
  • We cannot provide bibles or hymn books, but please bring your own.
  • Please keep silence and respect others’ personal  space.