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Church Services in December

3rd December

9.30a.m. Holy Communion (W’b)


10th December

8.00a.m. Holy Communion (W’b)

9.30 a.m. Holy Communion (Ep)

10.00a.m. Nativity Service (W’b)

6.00p.m Lessons & Carols (Ox)


17th December

9.3a.m Holy Communion (W’b)

11.00a.m Nativity Service (Ox)

4.00p.m Lessons & Carols (Gon)


19th December

7.00p.m Lessons & Carols (Ep)


21st December

7.00p.m Lessons & Carols (W’b)


Christmas Eve

3.30p.m.Crib Service (W’b)

5.30p.m. Crib Service (W’b)

11.00p.m Holy Communion (Ox)


Christmas Day

9.30a.m.Family Communion (Ep) 9.30a.m Holy Communion (W’b)

11.00a.m Holy Communion (Gon)


31st December

10.00a.m Holy Communion at St. Wilfrid’s, Calverton

Church Happenings

Sunday 3rd December

10.00a.m. Sunday Club, Oxton village hall

3.30p.m Children’s Christmas Crafts & Lighting the Christmas Tree, St. Peter’s & St. Paul’s, Ox

Wednesday 6th December

10.0a.m. Coffee Drop In @ St. Swithun’s

Friday 8th December

2.00p.m Scramblers, St Peter & St. Paul’s, Ox

Saturday 9th December

3.30p.m. Messy Christmas & Lighting the Christmas Tree @ Holy Cross, Epperstone

Tuesday 12th December

2.00p.m. Church Fellowship

Wednesday 13th December

9.30a.m. Play Church. St.
7.30p.m Julian meeting, St. Swithun’s

Saturday 16th December

10.30a.m. Carols around the Tree, St. Swithun’s, W’b

Dear Friends,

As I write this letter it’s a cold wintry afternoon. We are very much in late autumn and the beginnings of winter, and I’m reminded through the change in earthly seasons of the changes also about to happen in our Church calendar, which takes us through the Church seasons, year by year. 

We spend much of December in the season of Advent; a time of preparation, looking forward to Christmas and thinking about getting ready to meet God’s Son, in the birth of Jesus. Christmas itself is a time of celebration as we thank God for the gift of his Son and that God chose to become one of us.

Much of our time during Advent though is inevitably spent preparing for Christmas. Thinking about gifts and decorations, food and drink. Planning celebrations and gatherings with family and friends. It’s a busy time!

So how can we engage with the real meaning of Advent? How can we engage with the real meaning of Christmas?

Once again some folk from church will be cooking Christmas Dinner for the elderly of Broxtowe and also helping out with the St Ann’s Foodbank. And it is so important that we are not so busy that we forget those around us for whom Christmas will be a difficult time, especially those who are unwell, lonely, frightened, bereaved.

But, alongside our preparations and helping others can I encourage you to take some ‘time-out’; perhaps walk or sit a while in church (open every day), or maybe come along to a church event or service, and think about who Jesus is and why he came to be one of us. Jesus was, and is, not only God’s son, but God: God with us, Emmanuel. How amazing is that? God choosing to come here and be born as one of us. To identify with us, to walk with us, share with us, experience what we experience. And show us how much He loves us.

Being loved and knowing I matter to God, that’s a gift I know I accept with open arms. An incredible gift. And it can be yours too. Amazing!

Have a wonderful Christmas.