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From the Vicar

Dear Friends,

The start of the season of Lent is marked by the Ashing Service of Ash Wednesday, a day when Christians gather together in a penitent and reflective mood to mark the beginning of the journey to Easter. This is normally a fairly sombre evening, and whilst usually shared by just a few, this year was somewhat different. We met alongside the other villages in St Mary’s, Lowdham and it was a full church with over 75 smiling faces; one might well ask why this change of mood?

The reason was that I had some good news to share, especially to the villages of Lowdham, Gunthorpe, Burton Joyce, Caythorpe, Bulcote and Stoke Bardolph as I was able to introduce to them their new curate, Simon Jones. Simon has been on placement with us here for over two years and has been a delight to work alongside as he has trained for ordained ministry.

Simon will be ordained Deacon in Southwell Minster on July 1st. Once ordained as a Deacon, Simon will be starting his “on the job” curacy training across those six communities.  

I asked Simon during the Ash Wednesday Service what special thought he would be taking into Lent this year as he prepares for ordained ministry, and he explained how God is instrumental in transforming lives if we are open to his call. But that process had to start with us inviting God into our life journey. No easy prayer as it requires us to be open and vulnerable. Yet if we do so we will be amazed at what God offers us in blessings and opportunities. 

Perhaps this Lent we should all be reflecting on where God wants to take us and how He might want to shape us into our own potential. You may have decided to take up something or indeed give up something. For me it is to take a few minutes each day to read a psalm and reflect on it whilst I go for a walk. Whatever it might be you have decided to do can I encourage you to accompany it with prayer. I believe and have experienced for myself the amazing blessings of prayer. Not only does God meet us half way, sometimes He amazes us with answers and often in ways we are not expecting. 

Please pray for Simon, Helen and his family as they begin their new adventure.

Warmly, Anthony

Simon and Helen Jones

Church Services in March and Easter Sunday 2018
Woodborough, Epperstone, Oxton & Gonalston

4th March

8.00a.m. Holy Communion (W’b)

10.00a.m Holy Communion (W’b)

11.00a.m Morning Prayer (Gon)

11th March

9.30a.m Mothering Sunday service (W’b)

9.30a.m Mothering Sunday service (Ep)

11.00a.m Mothering Sunday service (Ox)

18th March

9.30a.m Holy Communion (W’b)

9.30a.m Holy Communion (Ep)

11.00a.m BCP Holy Communion (Gon)

6.00p.m Prayer & Reflection (Ox)

25th March (Palm Sunday)

9.30a.m. Morning Prayer (W’b)

9.30a.m Family Service (Ep)

11.00a.m Family Service (Ox)

26th March

7.30p.m. Lent Reflection (W’b)

27th March

7.30p.m. Lent Reflection (W’b)

28th March

12.30p.m. Mid-week Holy Communion, plus bring & share lunch (W’b)

29th March

7.30p.m Maundy Thursday Holy Communion (Ox)

30th March

7.30p.m Good Friday Service (Ep)

1st April (Easter Sunday)

9.30a.m Holy Communion (W’b)

9.30a.m Holy Communion (Ep)

11.00a.m Holy Communion (Ox)

11.00a.m BCP Holy Communion (Gon)

Church Happenings in March 2018

Sunday 4th March

10.00a.m. Sunday Club, Oxton village hall


Wednesday 7th March

10.0a.m. Coffee Drop In @ St. Swithun’s

7.30p.m Julian meeting, St. Swithun’s 

Friday 9th March

2.00p.m Scramblers, Oxton village hall

Tuesday, 13th March

2.00p.m Church Fellowship, The Institute, W’b

Wednesday 14th March

9.30a.m. Play Church. St. Swithun’s 

Wednesday 21st March

7.30p.m Julian meeting, St. Swithun’s 

Wednesday 28th March
9.30a.m. Play Church. St. Swithun’s