Welcome to the May 2017 Edition

Happy Birthday to the Woodborough Web!

Yes, this issue marks the Woodborough Web's 5th birthday - this being the 61st edition.

A lot has happened in Woodborough since that first edition in May 2012. Not only have we had 5 years of all the regular annual events that make village life so enjoyable (those townies just down the road in the big city just don't realise what they're missing), but also there have been the ups and downs of opposing views such as those for and against the wind turbine and the purchase of Middup's Field.

Also in the last few months, after a very long wait, Woodborough's only shop re-opened, run by the ever-smiling Farhad and Hosna.

All in all, a pretty good 5 years for Woodborough! (You can see the first ever issue HERE)

From this issue there is a major change (which you probably have already noticed) in the style of the website.

At the beginning of the year, the suppliers of the software which was used to produce the WW told me that they would no longer be upgrading and supporting it. This left me having to find alternative software which was not only suitable for job, but likely to be around for future years, and affordable.

The research has now been done and this issue is the first using the new software.

The new design has a major improvement over the old system in that the website is now what is known in the online world as "Responsive". In layman's terms, this means that it automatically changes its design to suit whatever type of device the website is being viewed on.

This is of particular benefit to readers who browse the internet on their mobile phones, where the screen is taller and much narrower than the screen of a laptop or landscape tablet / iPad.

Google is also starting to favour responsive sites (such as the new WW) above old fashioned rigid sites - meaning more readers will find us on the search engine.

If you want to see the difference that having a reponsive website makes, just look at the site on your phone and compare the display with that on your laptop, desktop or tablet. The items on each page will automatically rearrange themselves so that items are still readable on the small mobile screen without having to enlarge sections.

With over 50% of people using mobile devices for internet surfing the WW is now ready for the future!

If you need help getting around the new website style, please CLICK HERE for advice.


1     Woodborough Local History
1     Neighbourhood Alert
1     Institute Bingo
1     Woodborough Ladies
1     Lonely?
1     Burton Joyce Players
1     I Sore Britain
1     Let's Party for Malawi!
2     Lambley Historical Society
2     Over the Rainbow
2     Woodborough Brownies Need Volunteers
2     Book & Ephemeral Fair
3     Neighbourhood Alert
3     Woodbdorough Feast Sports
3     Woodborough Scouts Vouchers
3     Dover Beck Flower Club
4     Gardening Month by Month
5     Calverton & Woodborough Allotments
5     Woodborough Carpet Bowls Club
5     Calverton Village Get-Together
5     Calverton Planning Application
5     Nottm Concert Band at St Swithun's
5     Lonely Bouquet Day
6     BTO Birdwatch
6     Junior Trout Fishing Days
6     St Swithun's Church Bell Ringers

7     Woodborough Community Assoc
7     Woodborough Parish Annual Meeting
7     CORE
8     Nag's Head Scarecrow
8     Woodborough Baptist Church
8     Woodborough Bridge Club
8     Gedling Artists
8     Woodborough's Heritage
9     Gate to Southwell Music Festival
9     Warthog
9     Open Garden - Woodborough
9     NSPCC Musical Summer Garden Party
10   Woodborough Horticultural Society
10   Woodborough Tennis Club
10   1st Woodborough Scouts Afternoon Tea
10   Crafty Chatters
11   St Swithun's Church, Woodborough
11   Christian Aid Week
11   Woodborough WI
12   Calverton Practice Newsletter
12   Notts County Sailing Club Open Day
12   All Stars Cricket
12   Woodborough Woods Summer Fayre
13   Woodborough Cancer Research
13   Married at St Martin's, Bilborough?


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