Dear Michael,


There used to be a lovely show of daffodils under the trees facing the Main Street. This year just a very few flowers. I suspect the grass cutter mows the leaves off before they have a chance to recharge the bulbs. I do not think anyone picked them.

What a pity, they always looked so good.


John Harlow

Woodborough Village Hall - Noise

Saturday 15th April. It is 11.10pm and past our bed-time. Had it been a warmer evening we would have been sitting out in the garden expecting to enjoy peace and tranquility. Instead all we can hear is loudspeakers blaring out music and noise.

I took the dog for a 'quiet' walk earlier and what we heard coming from all the taxis coming and going and the people outside the hall itself was very loud voices and not a few expletives.

May I suggest that this is not what the residents of Lingwood Lane need or deserve and it should be the responsibility of Woodborough Parish Council to ensure it does not happen, rather than to facilitate it by hiring out the hall to those who are clearly non-residents to party. A local celebration or event is one thing. Hiring out the hall on a purely commercial basis to non-residents is another especially when our rates, high as they now are, should be enough to make us self-sufficient.

Last year the Parish Council hired out the Village Hall for a New Year's Eve Party. When this was queried, the response was that they felt sure that the people who had hired it were 'responsible'  and that should anything untoward happen, they had warranties in place! Luckily for us, for some reason the event did not happen, but clearly the interests of their residents was not the priority it should have been.

Resident, Lingwood Lane