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March 2019

Regular readers will no doubt have seen our regular items headed “Alert”. These articles are published to keep you aware of the numerous attempts by the criminal fraternity to separate you from your money.

It would seem that many of these criminals have decided that an office job is more desirable than the old fashioned “knock at the door and tell you some lies” type of scam (though it still happens). No, sitting at a desk with a computer or telephone is much more desirable, and the computer and phone scams continue to increase.

Only this week your editor has had two telephone calls “from BT” advising me that my broadband had problems and that I should press a number on the keypad to be transferred to someone who can “help”.

If you are contacted by someone who wants you to press numbers on your telephone (which might start an expensive premium rate call) or visit a website which allows the “helper” to take charge of your PC, just put the phone down.

Don’t apologise or try to discuss things with the caller – just put the phone down.

I know that all of our readers are very polite and wouldn’t normally do such a thing, but remember, these people are trying to steal from you – don’t let them get away with it!

So that you know about the ways the criminals are trying to steal from you, always read the artlicles in the Woodborough Web which are headed with the following logo:

It’s a sad sign of then times, but to be safe, you need to be suspicious – and remember, if in doubt put the phone down!

Michael Dobbs


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