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Since my last editorial our entire world (literally) has changed. Who’d have known a month ago that we’d be virtually confined to our homes – and be afraid of shaking hands, hugging or even standing too near our friends, neighbours and family?

It’s only been a week since the “lockdown” and I think everyone is feeling the effects of isolation, and the absence of human contact.

Fortunately, in these modern times, most of us have the advantages of 21st century communications. At little cost we can reach our friends and family via email, Facebook, Instagram, Skype and many more digital methods.

However there is an older technology that gives a much more intimate, yet safe, contact – the telephone. Not everyone has a digital connection (or the technical skills to use it), but most people have no difficulty using a phone – particularly the traditional land line variety.

So whatever your chosen method, please make the effort to contact other people. It’s good for your mental well-being, and it is certainly good for the person you contact! Whatever you talk about makes absolutely no difference – “How are you coping with shopping?” – “Did you know about ….” – “Do you need any help?” It’s going to be a long haul, so we need to maintain our social connections to everyone, especially those who live alone.

If you are able to assist others who may need help (maybe even just a friendly phone call) please read the item (news page 1) about the Woodborough Volunteers List being organised by Cllr Margaret Briggs.



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Hits in March

Due to the high number of late news publications, there were 7,900 visits to the website in March – a record!

Michael Dobbs




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