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January 2019

Where do the years go – it’s common to hear people (mainly older people) say that time passes by faster every year. Well, as I’m now classed as part of that group, I can confirm that time does indeed pass more quickly than it used to! Surely it’s not more than a few months since I was having to be careful to write “2018” instead of “2017” and, for those old enough to remember, can you believe that it’s 19 years since all the fuss about the “millennium bug”? For those of more tender years, just Google it to discover how we all managed to panic before Brexit was even invented!

Coming back to the present, 2019 brings another new year and the opportunity to improve your life.

Maybe you put your faith in new year resolutions – it’s now exactly 19 years since I gave up the now completely socially unacceptable smoking habit! Perhaps you’ll be hoping to lose weight, cut down on the alcohol, make time for breakfast or get fitter. They’re all worth doing, but may I suggest another route to well-being?

We live in an area which is so well provided with clubs, social and educational groups, and charities. By getting involved you will immediately find that lift that you need to break through the winter blues.

You’ve only to look through the pages of the Woodborough Web to find something that’s just right for you – take your pick:

Carpet Bowls, Badminton, 2 history groups, allotments, charity work such as Cancer Research, NSPCC (plus two charity shops in Calverton), bridge, Woodborough Art Club, personal assistance and volunteer driving for the elderly, amateur dramatics in Woodborough, Burton Joyce and Lowdham. There’s also the Just Sing ladies choir, the Horticultural Society, Woodborough Ladies and WI, Rotary, craft work with the Crafty Chatters, all sorts of jobs with the Woodborough Community Association, bell ringing, and virtually anything you can think of at the CORE Centre in Calverton. And the youth groups such as Brownies and Guides always need a little extra help!

Of course, it can be quite difficult to join a new group, but most have contact numbers within our pages, so why not get in touch and find out a little more. Please take it from me, every group is looking for more members, so you’ll be made very welcome.

I believe that one of the great benefits of living outside the big city is the community spirit which comes from making friends in the locality. Why not make the effort and you might be surprised how the dull days of winter become a little brighter!

Happy new year!

Michael Dobbs


Email:   woodboroughweb@gmail.com


1   “Just Sing” Community Choir
1   Drones in Woodborough
1   Woodborough Town Lands Charity
1   Rotary Charity Fun Quiz
1   Woodborough Carpet Bowls
1   Personal Assistants in Gedling
2   Woodborough Horticultural Society
2   Cancer Research Big Breakfast
2   Institute Bingo
2   Chiropodist
2   Calverton & Woodborough Allotment Assoc
2   Woodborough Brownies
3   Lambley Historical Society
3   Free Collection of Large Household Items
3   Woodborough’s Heritage
3   Woodborough Local History Group
3   Woodborough Woods School
4   Gardening Month by Month
5   Calverton Practice Newsletter
5   Volunteer Drivers in Gedling
5   Burton Joyce Players “Ali Baba”
5   The Bonington Players “Arcadia”
6   Poem by Jean Cave
6   Woodborough Badminton Club

6   BTO Looking Out For Birds
7   Alert – Software Updates
7   Watch Out For This Scam
7   The Will Green Column
8   Woodborough WI
8   Woodborough Bridge Club
8   St Swithun’s Church Bell Ringers
8   “Connect” Free Support
9   NSPCC A Dinner With David Tait MBE
9   Woodborough Art Club
9   Woodborough Community Assoc
9   RSPCA Thank You
9   New Year Buses
10 Rotary “Christmas at the Proms”
10 “Gate to Southwell” Festival
10 Woodborough Ladies
10 Museum of Timekeeping
10 The Crafty Chatters
11 Burton Joyce Market
11 “Over the Rainbow” Parkinson’s Support Group
12 Woodborough Parish Council
13 Anglican Church News




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