Dear reader, 
I am hoping to reach the minds of some drivers who use our narrow country roads. Whilst driving regularly from Woodborough to Lambley and on to Gedling I often come across either horses and riders, cyclist or walkers. These vulnerable road users do not all wear hi-vis clothing.  Suddenly being confronted by this type of road user could be the recipe for disaster especially if you approach blind bends at speed! We drivers are protected by a metal box that can inflict terrible injury to flesh and blood. Something worth considering. Thanks for reading.

Jean K Cave

Woodborough Fireworks Display Video

WoW WoW WoW, what an amazing video of the WCA Fireworks Display, the music to accompany the video was first class, it is fantastic to see and hear every one enjoying themselves so much.

As a group we try so hard to bring events and enjoyment to the village, this is in my opinion is the best event Arthur and I have worked on.

Thanks again Michael, wonderful job, we are so looking forward to next year.

Kind regards,
Arthur & Linda Hancock

If you missed the video you can still see it by clicking HERE.

Dear Editor, 

We just wanted to thank you so very much for publishing the WoodboroughWeb.  We really look forward to reading it each month.
It is a huge commitment and we appreciate it very much.
David and Viv Sadler, Woodborough