Flooding in Woodborough

I have lived in this village for over 50 years, I was on The Parish Council for 11years, Chairman for 8 years.

The most important NEED for our community is to stop or reduce the flooding, it was then, and it is now. The damage is not so much the water as the foul evil smelling mud washed off the farm land. I have to clear my drive and bridge, luckily not my house, every time it happens.

Over 1000 acres drains into and floods down Westfield Lane area at west end of village. A scheme called ‘Woodborough Wetlands’ was promoted in 2017 with funding help from external sources but the then land owner pulled out. This scheme was ‘Gold Plated’ in my view and a much cheaper solution is possible.

All that is needed is a large Pond to catch the water and slow it down so the silt sinks to the bottom, and a smaller pipe allows a restricted flow of much cleaner water to run down the stream. The soil dug out creates the walls of the pond so the hole need not be too deep.

The Environment Agency [EA] said the site was suitable for recharging the Aquifer so this is another plus for the scheme.

If all the farmers and landowners stopped all the soil running off their fields, such a scheme would not be needed, but that would take time and cost them money, loss of crops, tree planting, etc.

How would the village pay for it? We have a WHITE ELEPHANT already ‘Middups field’.

It has cost over £250,000 yet no NEED has been found for it after 2 years, just a few different WANTS. We were told there was another bidder wanting it when PC bought it, so sell it to him/her and use the money for the real benefit of our village.

I went to the Parish Council meeting on 10th and explained my idea. They listened and explained what they had done, I was given a hearing. The biggest land owner on the PC tried to curtail my explanation, but I was allowed to continue.

However I left with the impression that they were complacent they had done everything they could.

If you feel more can and should be done NOW, then tell the PC, attend the PC meetings, make your views known. Just look at the success that Lambley & Lowdham have had with a scheme costing just £83,500 to build small dams just to store the water. [Nottm Post 14.09.19 page 15]

Yours Sincerely,
J.E. Harlow

This letter has been republished from the October edition as it is relevant to the following letter from Pat Woodfield, Chairman of Woodborough Parish Council

Dear Woodborough residents

I am writing on behalf of Woodborough Parish Council.  We were elected into role in May 2019, and for some of us this is our second term in office.  As many of you are aware, the role of the Council is to provide local representation and to do our best to ensure that any matters which affect Woodborough parish are dealt with in a way in which considers the needs, wishes and hopes for all.  We are unpaid volunteers who have expertise in a range of professions and we bring this to the Council when we meet.

There has been some recent discussions and correspondence regarding flooding in the village, and this is something that is of great concern to us all.  Over the last six years or so, members of the Council have been working with the Environment Agency and local land-owners to consider what, if anything, can be done to prevent flooding – particularly bearing in mind the difficulties that the village experienced in 2007 and previously.  The scheme, “Woodborough Wetlands” was developed and this included consultation with the village, facilitated by the Parish Council.  The decision to put this scheme on hold was taken by the Environment Agency, and we have continued to liaise with the key players there, as well as the landowners who have an interest in preventing further flooding.  Final decisions have not been made, and discussions continue.

For clarity, the Parish Council has responsibility for the facilities within the village, and for the general upkeep, but we do not have any responsibility for flooding matters.  This is not because we do not believe that it is important, but simply that our powers do not include this topic and whilst we could raise monies the legislation prevents a Parish Council from paying for flood mitigation.  On a voluntary basis, members of the Parish Council, including the landowners, have all been significantly involved in flooding discussions and meetings with the Environment Agency – and we will continue to do so, and keep you informed.

We are proud to work and make best endeavours to ensure that Woodborough continues to be a great place to live.

Pat Woodfield (Ms)

Chairman – Woodborough Parish Council