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Woodborough Horticultural Society

We hope you are all safe and well and have been busy in your gardens especially when we had the dry warm weather but our gardens certainly needed the rain when it arrived.

As previously advised, the Society will not be holding any further meetings until the government allows such events to take place. At least we can watch Monty Don at Longmeadow every Friday evening. If you have a spare moment, you must have surely, do visit his website at where he explains how Longmeadow was created from a field with only one tree.

The last Monday in June is when we hold the Rose & Summer Flower Show. This year of course we haven’t been able to hold this event. The photographs accompanying this article are flowers from previous shows. Perhaps you can recognise them as your own.

Last month we gave you a quiz all connected with gardening. The answers are now below.

1 Where was Jimmie Rodgers? Clue: think music. In an English country garden.
2 The Monkey Puzzle Tree comes from which country? Chile.
3. What county did Capability Brown, the landscape designer originate from? Northumberland.
4. Tulips in Holland were at one time more valuable than gold. True or False? True.
5. What flower is Nottingham’s emblem? Nottingham Catchfly Silene nutans.
6. What flower is Nottinghamshire’s emblem? Autumn Crocus Crocus nudiflorus.
7. Name the musical ensemble who recorded a modern version from ‘the march of the wooden soldiers in “The Nutcracker “? B Bumble and the Stingers (Music entitled Nut Rocker).
8. What is the most common type of plant in the world? Grass.
9. The photograph which accompanies this article was taken on one of our day trips. Can you remember the name of the garden? Coton Manor.
10 Which charity was founded in Devon in 1972 by farmer Kenneth Watkins? The Woodland Trust.

We hope you did well.

Woodborough Ladies
Gail Pannell

We were saddened to learn of the death of Mrs Gail Pannell, a member and recently appointed Treasurer of Woodborough Ladies.

Gail was an active member who made a tremendous contribution to the activities which had been planned for the forthcoming months; she will be greatly missed.

On behalf of all the members, the Committee extend sincere condolences to Gail’s husband, Richard, and their family.

Margaret Tyler

It is with great regret that we announce the recent death of Margaret Tyler. Her husband Norman asked us to publish the following


Thank you to everyone; neighbours, friends and relatives for the cards, letters and help I’ve received since my wife, Margaret passed away on 1st June.
Thank you to all that attended her funeral and for all that donated in memory of Margaret. Your generous donations totalled £480 which I have donated, in equal share, to Cancer Research, Bristish Heart Foundation and The Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance Charitable Trust.
Margaret will be dearly missed.
Norman Tyler
Private Road

Woodborough Local History Group
Summer Outing 16th July to Kelham Hall

With the continuing Corona Virus restrictions still very much part of our daily lives, it is confirmed that our Summer Outing has been cancelled

We hope to be able to resume our season with the September meeting, but this will be confirmed nearer the time

With best wishes to you all

Paul Reed, Chairman

Do You Need Help?

Gedling Borough Council have a scheme for people either to sign up to volunteer or to register to get help.

You can offer to help or you can register that you need help.

Go to HERE.

The phone number for those with no internet is 0300 500 80 80.

Do you know someone who is vulnerable, ring them and see if they’re registered for this extra support.

Well. The end of April and the beginning of May came and went, and the two one act plays we very so very much looking forward to performing, never happened.

Everything was going so well in rehearsal. The actors were learning their lines, the directors were ironing out the tricky bits and both actors and directors were still laughing at the scripts – which is always a good indication that the audience will be laughing as well.

And then – LOCKDOWN. Everything stopped. And now, we may never get to know if the Little Grimley Players will finally achieve success with their latest venture. We may never know if two timing Sophie and her two-timing husband sorted things out in the naughty 1890’s in Paris.

A cast is a transient thing. People may be available for the specified dates, but when things change as dramatically as they have, there is no knowing who will still be available. And so, regrettably, there will not be an autumn production from the Players.

However, in conjunction with the village hall, we have been experimenting with seating layouts to ensure social distancing, and if the government decides to decrease the distance to 1 metre, we are confident that we can accommodate a reduced audience safely.

So we will have to be patient and see what the coming weeks and months brings us all. In the meantime, we are looking for a knockout script for a panto, hopefully, in late January.

Thank you all for your support in the past. We look forward to seeing you all in, I hope, the not too distant future.

Patrick McDonough