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Late News from the March Edition

During the last couple of weeks of March we published a tremendous number of  “Late News” items regarding Coronavirus and subsequent cancellations of planned events.

Registered readers (see the Home Page if you’ve not registered yet) will have received emails letting them know about these items, but for those who have not seen them, they are re-published on Pages 1 and 2.

Woodborough Shop and PO

The Woodborough Shop and Post Office was closed until further notice this morning (30/3/20).

I have contacted Jayna to get further information, with no response at the time of publication. I will keep you informed as the situation becomes clearer – Editor


Since publication of this late news, Jayna has emailed to say:

“I have had to close the village shop and I apologise for the inconvenience this will cause to all.

I intend to reopen the shop very soon and will update you all as soon as possible.”

Brown Bin Collections in Woodborough

Paul Jordan writes that he has been in touch with GBC again this afternoon (27 March) and they are now saying the Brown Bins will not be collected this week. They have advised to put the Brown Bins back out on Monday morning (30th) and they should be collected some time next week.


Gedling Borough Council

Gedling Borough Council is to close several of its car parks from today to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in accordance with government and police guidelines on social distancing and how people should be exercising.

The car park closures will include Gedling Country Park, Arnot Hill Park and Bestwood Country Park, where the children’s play areas have already been closed in an attempt to reduce social contact. The government’s advice to stay at home and only go out to exercise has meant that the council has had to review its parks and open spaces services on a daily basis to decide if it is appropriate to continue.

The closures will apply to all visitors with the exception of disabled residents who may need to access the parks for health reasons. These visitors must display blue disabled badges when parking and must follow social distancing measures, as well as parking with at least one space between cars.

Any vehicles not displaying blue badge permits will face enforcement action and the new measures will be reviewed if Government guidance changes on the use of parks.

Car parks near town centres and shops will remain open as residents will need access to supplies and will need cars to shop.


Calverton Recycling Centre

Calverton tip was closed until further notice today at 1.00pm.


Jackie Wright – Physiotherapy Services

Following the PM’s announcement yesterday and with direction from both my professional body and organisation for physios in private practice, my working practice has changed.

Telephone consultations and skype/ FaceTime calls are available for help and advice regarding musculoskeletal conditions. This includes triage/ screening to assess risk of serious conditions in order to help route patients to the right place safely and promote self management.

Face to face appointments are ONLY available for URGENT cases where such contact would otherwise need an individual to present to their GP surgery or hospital. Routine face to face appointments are not available at this time.

I can not emphasise enough..if you don’t need to have face to face contact with someone, then don’t. Stay home, stay safe. If I can help in any way, do get in touch by text or phone: 07976426873.


The Benefice of Epperstone, Oxton, Gonalston and Woodborough

Due to public health concerns related to the coronavirus outbreak, we have taken the difficult decision to close all our village churches until further notice.

We will be adding more online resources for personal prayer and at home worship in due course.


Woodborough Village Facebook

Lynne Morgan has launched a Facebook page “Woodborough Village”. All villagers are invited to join it to share and interact.


Rainbow Trail

Woodborough Village please join the #rainbowtrail across the UK by lifting everyone’s spirits and decorating our windows in rainbow theme!   Sophie Marie Hopkin


Coronavirus Plans in Woodborough
Volunteers List

I want to thank everyone very much for the response to my request for village volunteers to help out in the current crisis.

I initially gave a date out of the 21st to let me know if you were willing to have your details circulated around the village. Because of the fast changing situation we took the decision to have an initial leaflet printed earlier than that date.

We’re coordinating a second list with people’s names who have missed the first drop and will produce a second leaflet in due course.

Thank you for your understanding.

In the next few days a leaflet will drop through your letterbox with names and phone numbers of volunteers. The volunteers are offering a willing pair of hands to help with shopping, provide a sense of humour and a listening ear in a difficult situation. They are not able to come into your home or give medical advice.

Please remember don’t share your PIN with anyone you don’t know or let anyone into your house you don’t know.

Please send your details to me if you are willing to have them added to a future list.

Thank you once again for your responses. What a great village we live in.

Keep well and safe.


St Swithun’s Food Bank for
St Martha’s in Broxtowe

Many in the village will be aware that for a number of years we have supported our friends at St Martha’s in Broxtowe, specifically their essential food bank. 

Due to the effect the Coronavirus has had on all walks of life, the Broxtowe food bank is needed now more than ever. 

Their stock has rapidly diminished. They are in urgent need of all items. Even though we currently have no church services we can still take your donations to them.  

St Swithun’s has always had a daily open church policy and this will not change. 

Items can be left inside St Swithun’s church in the normal way. A list of the regular items is available to view in church. 

Your generosity will enable us to continue supporting this crucial lifeline in the Broxtowe community. 

Please prioritise keeping yourselves safe and healthy, and hold each other in your prayers.

A huge thank you to all who will be able to help our friends in Broxtowe. 

Blessings from St Swithun’s & St Martha’s 

Do You Need Help?

Gedling Borough Council have a scheme for people either to sign up to volunteer or to register to get help.

You can offer to help or you can register that you need help.

Go to HERE.

The phone number for those with no internet is 0300 500 80 80.

Do you know someone who is vulnerable, ring them and see if they’re registered for this extra support.


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