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Jack Frost is a regular visitor this month and the last thing many of us want to be doing at this time of year, is gardening!

However, there is always something to keep you busy whether it be outside or in!

Here are our top tips on what to be doing this month;

• Feed the birds, keep your feeders well stocked and maybe even have a go at making your own bird feeders.
• Sow early peas
• Under heat sow Chilli, Peppers, Tomatoes and Onions
• Plant seed potatoes now
• Ensure fleece protection is secure
• If we have snowfall, be sure to shake it off branches and stems to prevent damage
• Bring gardening inside by making a windowsill garden, or treating yourself to a new houseplant. Like a bunch of flowers, houseplants can really brighten up a room!

The sale of houseplants has risen considerably over the past couple of years and it is no wonder when you explore the many wonderful varieties available to choose from. You do not always need a flower either. Some of the most colourful plants are those with no follower at all!

Calathea comes in many beautiful shades of green, cream and purple. Codiaeum is a spectacular choice with its multi-coloured foliage. With the correct positioning and quite often, not much care, you can enjoy houseplants for months on end!


Codiaeum croton

Chimonanthus praecox


Chimonanthus praecox is looking superb at this time of year. It has a delicate fragrance and masses of sulphur yellow, pendulous flowers, which smother the stems throughout January and into February.

This shrub can reach up to 4m in height if you let it, so make sure you give it plenty of room to establish. Look out for this wonderful winter flowering shrub at Hollybeck today!

A new year has begun, why not make your garden new this year and get planning your 2019 garden today!


Happy New Year

A new year has begun and we are looking forward to welcoming you back to the garden centre and Topiary tearoom.

We are back open 7 days a week and have a fantastic selection of indoor plants to brighten up your home now the decorations have been packed away. Spring flowering bulbs are now available – the first hopeful sign that spring is on its way. We also have beautiful outdoor arrangements also bring a bit of colour to your winter garden and everything else you need to keep your green fingers busy this month.

Hollybeck is open 7 days a week
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