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We have been eagerly awaiting this moment, itching to get back out and in the garden, doing what we love best…….gardening!

Let’s take a look at some of the jobs you can be doing this month:

  • Continue to keep an eye on the weather for late frosts
  • Plant broad beans, cabbage, salads and other veg plants
  • Plant grape vines
  • Feed fruit trees with a high potash feed
  • Prune roses to an outward facing bud
  • Plant Rhubarb
  • Ensure your greenhouse is clean. Not only will this ensure pests and diseases are kept at bay, but also bright clean glass will ensure maximum light for young seedlings
  • Plant summer flowering bulbs
  • Plant carrots for a plentiful yield throughout the year
  • Remember to feed the birds
  • Cut back Cornus to ensure a flourishing winter display later on
  • Get planning your summer hanging baskets and pots
  • Mow the lawn on dry days
  • Apply a lawn feed now
  • Sow annuals now in preparation for summer

This month is about getting the gardening bug back and keeping busy outdoors now that spring is finally here!


Plant of the Month

Pulmonaria also known as Lungwort is a champion when it comes to spring colour. This often overlooked perennial requires very little maintenance and will reward you with clumps of pretty flowers throughout spring. Pulmonaria enjoy sunny, slightly shaded aspects. Look out for the common blue varieties and some more unusual pink varieties too!

Try Something Different This Month

If you have a lawn or an area of your garden you’re not quite happy with, or simply don’t have time to maintain……….why not create an annual meadow? Not only will this reduce time spent mowing or maintain shrubs, it will provide a safe haven for a variety of animals and beneficial wildlife. Simply clear the designated area of weeds and broadcast your chosen seeds for a magnificent meadow!

The winter months often seem never ending, but we can be sure that better days are ahead. Longer, warmer days to enjoy in the garden.

Happy gardening….


Spring has officially begun! The gardening season is finally here and we have plenty to get you in the gardening spirit this month.

Give your garden a brilliant bulb display by planting summer flowering bulbs now. We have everything from Gladioli and Begonia to Nerine and Canna!

It is a perennial paradise here as we start to expand our range of perennials. Starting at just £2.50 each, you can browse the many wonderful varieties to fill your borders with colour all year long.

Do you grow your own fruit and veg? If you answer yes or no to that question, then check out our extensive selection of veg plants and fruit canes to provide you with the very best produce, all from the comfort of your own garden. Nothing tastes quite as good as freshly picked, home grown produce.

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