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Due the current situation Lauren is unable to provide her usual column.

It will resume after the current crisis.

Hope and positivity can be grown!
Who would have thought when we entered into 2020, the importance that our gardens would play.
At a time when we are experiencing uncertainty and life as we know it has changed, there is one thing that brings us normality, creativity, happiness and hope…our gardens. Whether it be large or small it doesnt matter.  Having the opportunity to garden is both beneficial to the body but to the mind also. 
The weather has definitely been on our side this spring for a change! As a result our gardens have become our haven and it is truly wonderful to be able to spend quality time in our gardens. Make the most of this extra time by doing those jobs you’ve always wanted to! Make those borders, create new beds, try growing something new, have a go at propagation perhaps, what have you got to lose? Let your creativity blossom. 
If you fancy having a go at growing your own veg and possibly don’t have any seed? Why not try recycling veg from the kitchen? We’ve all prepared peppers at home and thrown away the seed core. Don’t! Take the core and set in compost. A quick and easy way to grow more peppers! Like leeks? Don’t throw away the roots. Cut off the base and sit in water. In just a couple of weeks the roots will grow and you will see new shoots begin to grow. If you enjoy sweet corn, have a go at growing your own! Simply take a few pieces of corn from the cob, plant them and watch them grow. Nature is amazing isn’t it.
So, enjoy your garden this month, it has never been so important.
Stay safe everyone – Lauren

Ordering Online

We are doing our best to keep you gardening this month.
Visit our web shop at and browse our vast selection of summer bedding, perennials and more! We can deliver for purchases over £20 locally or you can arrange to collect from both our Hollybeck and Floralands sites. Although Hollybeck is operating for click and collect customers only (no browsing or purchasing on site) you can shop in store at Floralands for essentials. Please be aware only certain areas of the garden centre are open and only certain items are available due to current guidelines. If you do visit, please remember to practice social distancing and only touch what you intend to buy.
It is an incredibly busy time for us and we appreciate your patience and support.
Together we will keep our gardens looking their best, even during lockdown!
Keep safe everyone!

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