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Learn, Laugh and Live

Calverton & District U3A

Our first ever speaker meeting was held in Calverton Village Hall on Wednesday 14th August, when William Ruff spoke to us on “A Day in the Life of the English Language”.

William regaled us with numerous surprising and amusing examples the original meanings of everyday words such as pants, sarcasm and comfortable! You’d be surprised where they came from!

The speaker at our next meeting (Wed 11th September 10.30am) is Mike Newbold who will be speaking about his experiences as a TV and film extra and the interesting and strange people he has met. He’ll also be talking about the rules & regulations, the pitfalls, the jargon, and the pay. If you’ve any interest in show business, why not come along (your first meeting is free).

We now have over 120 members, and around 15 interest groups (growing all the time). The first ever interest group meeting took place during August when the Film Group visited the Bonington Theatre in Arnold to see “Yesterday”.

Amongst the wide range of subjects available, your editor will be running a “Ukulele for Beginners” group at the Woodborough Institute on Roe Hill – full details HERE.

If you’d like to see what Calverton & District U3A is all about, we’d love to see you at our next meeting on Wednesday 11th September in Calverton Village Hall  (you can come along to a meeting before deciding whether to join or not).

Membership is open to anyone (not just Calverton residents) who has finished full-time working.


For further information please visit

or call 0115 9652376.

The Calverton Practice Newsletter

Pharmacy Troubles &
It’s Time to Think About Flu

It may only be August but already the practice is gearing up for the Autumn flu jab season. Early indications from the Southern Hemisphere winter is that they have been hit quite hard by flu, so working on the usual theory that what they have had will be coming our way, it is particularly important that our eligible patients ensure they have their flu jab this year. As a general reminder this includes patients who are 65 and over or otherwise at risk due to Diabetes, Heart problems, Stroke or TIA, COPD / Asthma (the latter only if on regular steroid inhalers), low immunity, some liver and kidney disease and very importantly pregnancy.

We have Saturday am clinics on 28th Sep, 12th Oct and 26th Oct. These are book in advance only and we do not send out invite letters. Patients aged 65 and over will be also offered a pneumonia vaccination (if not had previously) and some patients will be offered a booster every 5 years (no spleen or kidney disease). This year our target Shingles vaccination population are those in their 70’s born on or after 2/9/1942 plus those aged 78 or 79. If you have any questions or to book your appointment, please contact our reception team on 965 7801. We know some of our patients are not able to attend surgery but their appointments for a home visit will also need to be booked via reception.

Next I am delighted to report that the practice scored very well in the government’s annual survey of general practice. We scored higher than our CCG average in every question asked and I was particularly pleased to see that our receptionists were rated as helpful by 92% of respondents. Our reception team are amazing, often bearing the brunt of being the ‘front end’ of the surgery and have had a particularly challenging time with our recent computer changes.

Prescriptions we know are an ongoing difficulty and many patients are spending a frustrating amount of time shuttling between the local chemist and ourselves trying to find a missing prescription or item of medication. Similar thanks must go to the dispensary team who do a lot of our medicines management and really do bend over backwards to help where they can. We had asked for permission to help by issuing scripts for Calverton patients but been firmly told by the powers that be that this is not allowed. I have received an email (25th July) from the Primary Care Contracts Officer (Pharmacy) assuring me that ‘Boots have a contingency plan which they have put in place while they are dealing with their backlog of prescriptions and that they are doing everything possible to mitigate the circumstances caused by their issues with IT’.

Unfortunately our impression is that they are still struggling significantly with many patients being sent back to us for prescriptions we have already issued that they have either lost or not yet downloaded from their prescription queue. This is wasting a lot of your and our time and is hugely frustrating. We will be feeding this back again if things do not improve soon and I would encourage you to do this also. Things are not helped by medicines suddenly not being available with no warning (HRT medicines are a particular problem at the moment). We do try and find alternatives where we can but as you can appreciate this does impact on the turnaround time we are able to achieve and sometimes we need to involve our local CCG pharmacist or even specialist colleagues in finding a solution. One other headline figure to highlight was that 88{da2c94958b93750e5eb269c67e1f67e2964a24fda271cdb9d5beef95a465ac74} of our patients described their overall experience of the practice as ‘good’ compared to a CCG average of 81{da2c94958b93750e5eb269c67e1f67e2964a24fda271cdb9d5beef95a465ac74} and national average of 83{da2c94958b93750e5eb269c67e1f67e2964a24fda271cdb9d5beef95a465ac74}. Well done to all our teams!

Also, a reminder to those of you using our online prescription ordering service, that the route via our website is no longer operational. We are in the process of creating a new website which will have a link, but you should now be using systmonline at There is also an App. You will though need a new username and password from our reception team.

Finally, we have some new faces to welcome to the practice. Dr’s Runveer ‘Ronnie’ Singh and Dr Asif Munaf   joined us in early August. Both are qualified doctors, training in General Practice and Orthopaedic / Sports medicine respectively. Our other trainee GP, Dr Tanya Lachman is with us for a further 12 months and as both she and Ronnie are preparing for big exams we all wish them good luck!                                                

​Phil Rayner, The Calverton Surgery