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Do you need help at Home?

I have practical experience of looking after the needs of elderly people, having assisted with the requirements of two Woodborough residents over the last thirteen years.

I live locally and can provide excellent references.

Please call Jennifer on 07811 418166

Learn, Laugh and Live

Calverton & District U3A

Our January meeting at Calverton Village Hall could quite fairly be described as “A Load of Rubbish”! Not that our speaker, Lesley Taylor was poor – quite the opposite, she gave a well received, interesting and informative talk.

Lesley goes aroun d the region talking rubbish because rubbish is her business! She is part of the Veolia team who handle all of the “green bin” recyclable waste that we throw out, wherever possible turning it into raw materials that can go around again.

She surprised us with a few of the materials that can and can’t be recycled. For instance did you know that pizza boxes should not be recycled because the traces of grease and food that stick to the surface and can contaminate a whole batch of  paper and card.

Another surprise for most of the audience was the fact that shredded paper should go in the black bin and not the green bin – not because there’s anything wrong with the paper, but because the lightweight strips of paper get stuck in the machinery and have to be removed manually.

We also learned that yogurt pots can be recycled, but the foil lids cannot, and plastic bottles (rinsed please) go in the green bin, but the bottle tops (including spray caps) should be in the black bin because these are a different type of plastic.

Our audience enjoyed their “rubbish” talk so much that two visits to the Veolia plant are being arranged for members to see for themselves how this slick and valuable operation works.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday February 12th at 10.30am in Calverton Village Hall, and you’d be most welcome to pop in (free) to see what the U3A is all about. Our speaker will be Ann Featherstone who will be telling us about the early days of the circus in Britain. Her talk, “Fools & Horses – The Victorian Circus”, covers the fires, falls, equilibrists, aerial acts, clowns and much more – a fascinating insight into this little known aspect of Victorian entertainment.

Of course, the U3A is not just about our monthly meetings! We also have about 20 interest groups including walking, Bridge for beginners, photography, French and Spanish conversation, ukulele for beginners, history, cinema visits, movie making, lunch & dining groups, and many more.

You can find out all about Calverton and District U3A and our interest groups on our website at or by ringing 0115 9652376.

Membership (currently now over 170) is NOT limited just to Calverton residents but is open to anyone who has finished full-time working wherever they live. New members from the local villages of Woodborough, Oxton, Epperstone, Lambley and Lowdham are particularly welcome.

U3A is all about doing and learning new things, whilst making new friends and having a good time – so why not pop along to our next meeting for a free taster – we’d love to see you.

For further information about us please visit

or call 0115 9652376.

The Calverton Practice Newsletter

Are You a Fit Fan?

Recently I was made aware of the ‘Fit Fan’ programme which launched last month. It is aimed at improving the health of Nottinghamshire adults aged between 35 and 65, is open to both men and women and to register you need a BMI (height /weight ratio) of 28+, waistline of 38 inches (male) or 31 inches (female). It is a free 12 week programme aimed at promoting weight loss, improving fitness and increasing activity. Five groups will run during 2020 and the programme is being held at the Notts County ground. Participants will go behind the scenes at Meadow Lane, learn about healthy eating and take part in a range of activity sessions. For more information contact Chris Riley on 07949 869020 or email (I believe being a Forest fan is not a barrier to taking part!)

Next, a reminder that there is a wealth of self-help information available to our patients. Notts Help Yourself  ( is the website to go to for free guidance on activities, groups and events held locally; information around healthy lifestyles, mental health support, social isolation and financial resilience; childcare provision; support for children and young people (aged 0-25) with a special educational need and / or a disability; health and social care information and support for both adults and children; and finally workplace health schemes. It is an on line service directory provided by local councils and other groups providing information and advice and is be well worth checking out if you haven’t done previously.

Also, we sometimes get asked by parents to authorise or prescribe medication for children when at school. Recent guidance from our Local Medical Committee (or LMC) advises that this is not required for non-prescription (over the counter medication). They state ‘it is appropriate for over the counter medication to be administered by staff or the pupil themselves during school hours following written permission by the child’s parent or carer’. We will in future decline such requests.  If such a request is made by a school or nursery further information can be found

I am also pleased to be able to announce a new service starting at the surgery. On alternate weeks the Citizens Advice Bureau will be holding drop in sessions on alternate Wednesday afternoons. This is additional to what is offered through the Core centre on the square and we hope will be useful. Though a drop in service, we have been advised that a maximum of 3 clients can be seen in any one session. They can help with problems causing stress or anxiety and particularly worries about housing, benefits or debts. More information is available from our reception team.

Some of you may have been contemplating stopping smoking as a New Year’s resolution. You need to be aware that Smokefreelife our current NHS provider of this service have their contract with Nottinghamshire County Council coming to an end on the 31st March 2020. So get in quick by phoning 0800 2465343 or you will be waiting for the new organisation ABL to be up and running. Already we have been advised that Smokefreelife will not be able to take on new clients requiring Champix.

Finally some of you will be aware of the shocking DNA (Did Not Attend) rates we experience for doctor and nurse appointments. There is more on our Facebook page and figures are now displayed in the surgery but please remember to cancel any un-needed appointments so that others may use them. We also welcome two new members to our practice team. Gill Jones is taking on a new role as a prescription clerk, we hope this will improve the efficiency of our repeat prescribing system and ensure medicines are reviewed appropriately. We also welcome Luke Halligan who will be coming into the practice as a pharmacist one day a week. This is part of an initiative under our local Primary Care Network and we anticipate Luke with be a tremendous asset assisting with medication reviews and checks.

Phil Rayner