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Learn, Laugh and Live

A New U3A Inaugural Meeting

After an overwhelming vote of support, a steering committee was formed and has been working behind the scenes to set up the new “Calverton & District U3A”, and the inaugural meeting has been arranged for 1.30pm at Calverton Village Hall on Wednesday 24th of July.

At the meeting you’ll get to hear what’s been happening, and which special interest groups are likely to be formed. At the moment the special interest groups are still in the planning stage and will be decided at the meeting by the members.

The groups might be as diverse as walking, ukulele playing, painting, dining out, theatre visits, science, dancing, learning a language, craft work – it all depends on what the members decide to set up!

If you have a particular interest, come along and tell us about it – better still, if you would like to lead a group on your particular interest, get in touch.

After this inaugural meeting, the regular monthly meetings (starting in August) will include a different interesting speaker each month, news of special events and new activity groups, and a chance to catch up with your fellow members over coffee or tea,  – and even a biscuit or two!

Membership is open to anyone (not just Calverton residents) who is retired or semi-retired.

The U3A has over 425,000 members in the UK (35 branches in Nottinghamshire), with many branches now closed to new members due to large local memberships – so don’t miss this opportunity to get in at the ground floor – make new friends, learn new things and have a great time!

Calverton Village Hall
(Park Road, Calverton  NG14 6LE)

Wednesday 24th July at 1.30pm

(If you need more information please phone the editor on 9652376).

The Calverton Practice Newsletter

The Calverton Practice does Park Run

Regular readers of this newsletter will remember that earlier this year I mentioned that the Calverton Practice was now a Park Run affiliated practice. Our local Park Run is at Gedling Country Park and is held at 9am every Saturday morning with a shorter children’s event on Sunday. Many of the practice are in training for our inaugural run on Sat 13th July. I am joining in and many of the practice team are planning to turn out. Why don’t you join us? It is easy to register at and all you then need is the bar code provided. All abilities are welcome and even walkers are encouraged to join in. My body is already telling me it is a shadow of its former athletic self (from rugby and even marathon running days) but following the ‘couch to 5K’ programme which can be found via  means even the un-fittest can give it a go with a bit of preparation. It’s a free event and if you don’t fancy the exercise volunteers are also welcomed. Research has now shown that there are 5 Key ways to Wellbeing which includes a positive effect on emotional and mental health. Exercise/ Activity is one of the key 5 with the others being Connecting (spending actual time with people, not virtually on a phone); Being Mindful (actively taking notice of the things around you); Keeping Learning (preferably new things and hobbies) and Giving (particularly of your time and without necessarily expecting anything in return). Added to this can be added Eat Well (not too much processed food and sugar); Relax (re-discover a bit of ‘me’ time) & Sleep. It’s all about an accumulation of marginal gains (think Olympic cycling and success!). No one thing does it all but an accumulation of some progress in all those areas adds up to a big difference.

On a similar vein there are now Free local healthy lifestyle courses for families. These are particularly aimed at the 5-11 age group and family and friends are included. The course lasts 12 weeks and includes healthy eating, activities and games, plus there is a free water bottle and bag for those completing the programme. There are some eligibility criteria but more information can be obtained from Change Point Notts on 03330 050092 or email  

‘Helping you to help yourself’ is the title of a new leaflet available in the surgery. This highlights the conditions suitable for self-care or advice from a pharmacist. Benefits mentioned include access to expert advice, saving time, freeing up GP appointments for other to use and saving the NHS money that can then be spent elsewhere. In 2015 South Notts practices alone spent nearly £2 million prescribing medication that could have been obtained over the counter at a pharmacy. Simple items like paracetamol and ibuprofen are now even available from shops and supermarkets so next time you are in the practice, pick up a leaflet and give self-care a go.

This month we have a few new staff members to welcome. Debbie Fryer and Marie Murray have joined our reception team. Karen Allen and Sharon Brearley have joined our house keeping team and there has been some shuffling of roles with Jayne Yeomans taking up the Practice Manager assistant role, Gill Smith joining our coding and summarising team and Lorraine Bell joining Julie Chambers in our secretarial and admin team.

Finally, I am very sad to be reporting the recent passing of 2 former members of the practice team.  Firstly a former salaried GP, Dr Sue Bailey and secondly Sue Bereznyckyj who was a practice nurse here for many years and I am sure was well known and remembered by many of our patients being a Calverton resident herself. In addition to her nursing career, Sue Bereznyckyj was extremely active in the Royal Naval Reserve, a role she was very proud of. Both had battled with illness for some years and our thoughts are with bereaved family and friends at this time.                                 

​Phil Rayner, The Calverton Surgery