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Chambers Butchers Offer Free Deliveries

A E Chambers in Arnold are offering free home deliveries of meat based products to all residents of Woodborough and surrounding villages.

If interested please call the shop in Arnold on 0115 926 7034.

Do you need help at Home?

I have practical experience of looking after the needs of elderly people, having assisted with the requirements of two Woodborough residents over the last thirteen years.

I live locally and can provide excellent references.

Please call Jennifer on 07811 418166

Learn, Laugh and Live

Calverton & District U3A

Just with every other social organisation, we are now operating a very reduced operation. The monthly speaker meetings have been halted until the government relaxes the restrictions on larger gatherings.

The smaller interest groups have also generally been put on hold – but there are a few exceptions.

One of our group leaders has actually set up two new groups which are run by sending out talks by email. Our “Song and Story” folk music group and the French Conversation group are taking advantage of the “Zoom” software to hold virtual meetings, so all is not lost.

As good as modern technology is, it’s no substitute for meeting face to face, and we look forward to the day when life returns to normal.

For further information about us please visit

or call 0115 9652376.

The Calverton Practice Newsletter

Covid 19 Latest News

We are living in strange times at the moment. The surgery waiting areas are eerily quiet but this is because most of our consulting is being done over the phone. We have also embraced the new technology now available to us and are able to have video consultations and view photos of skin rashes and lesions during consultations. Many of our patients are now shielded or socially distancing to varying degrees and are being supported by family, neighbours, friends or the various village volunteer groups now operating. Anyone in this situation but stuck should ring Notts County Council on 0300 500 8080 for advice on local available support services.

We are aware of the challenges this brings not to mention queuing often now required for shops and our local pharmacy. At the surgery we are trying as much as possible to reduce the need for patients to attend the practice and your support in this is greatly appreciated. Also I know how touched all the staff have been by the many letters and cards we have received plus of course the community applause taking place every Thursday evening. It really is appreciated by all key workers at a difficult and stressful time.

There are a few things to mention. Firstly we are now managing the practice in a ‘GP first’ format. This means that your call will be considered on the day you ring, we aren’t making advance appointments and any routine care that can be safely left for a few months is being deferred. At present we don’t know how long these measures will be needed but it does mean that routine referrals are not taking place and there is no ability to arrange non urgent blood tests, X-rays, scans or physiotherapy appointments. We do though still want to hear from our patients with worrying symptoms – chest pain, episodes of weakness, weight loss for no reason, blood in the urine or bowel motion, lumps getting bigger and so on, for whilst routine care is on hold, urgent new problems can still be discussed and where appropriate investigations and referrals arranged.

Similarly there are concerns that parents are not ringing about unwell children as they normally would and it remains very important that some routine care or children (such as the 6 weeks check & childhood vaccinations) continues. If you are unsure it is worth contacting our reception team for further advice.

This month we say a fond farewell to Gill Smith from our admin team. Gill has been with us now for 5 years but has decided it is time to take things easier and we wish her well.

Finally many thanks to practice nurse Chris Cureton for her excellent advice for hay fever sufferers. At this time of year it is largely tree pollen (particularly birch trees) but soon grass pollen appears and the same rules apply. Her top tips are :

1) Wear wraparound sunglasses, to reduce pollen reaching the eyes

2) Shower, wash your hair and change your clothes after spending time outdoors to remove any pollen.

3) Dry washed clothes indoors

4) Stay indoors when the pollen count is high. A pollen forecast can be viewed at the Met Office.

5) Alcohol may increase allergy symptoms and should be avoided.

6) Close windows during the day and use a fan indoors if hot.

7) Change your pillow case and duvet cover at night as pollen may have settled on these during the day.

8) Put Vaseline around nostrils to trap pollen

9) Vacuum regularly and dust with a damp cloth.

Additionally I would add that hay fever treatments are best started before you have symptoms, should be continued regularly through your hay fever season, and are now all ‘over the counter’ medicines so obtainable directly from your local pharmacy.

Phil Rayner