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The Calverton Practice Newsletter

Dispelling Some Myths

A hot topic of conversation at the moment is the proposal to build up to 650 new homes in Calverton in the not too distant future. This prompted an article in the Nottingham Evening Post on Friday 8th Feb where many Calverton residents voiced their concerns. I would echo the concerns raised about some local infrastructure (like parking at the local precinct) but feel I should dispel some of what was said in the article about the Calverton practice.

In the article it was stated we need a new doctor’s surgery – we don’t. Our current building work has added several new consulting rooms and generally modernised and re-furbished the consulting rooms we have. We are confident we can cope with any increase in the local population which the proposed new houses might bring and as has been previously said, much of the local pressures on appointments etc are not due to population growth but in fact due to a global under resourcing of primary and community care. A rising practice list in fact increases our resources, so growth of our practice size paradoxically is a good thing. We have been promised much in the latest NHS 10 year review but this will take time to filter through and inevitably will come with ‘strings attached’.

Collaborative working is the new buzz word so expect more on this in the coming months. Also I was surprised to read that a patient was struggling on the 8th Feb to get an appointment for his wife before 22nd March. As I write this article on 11th Feb, I have checked and our next routine bookable GP appointment which is available today is on Feb 21st. Also there are other sooner appointments available through our triage service as urgency dictates.

Whilst I accept that generally the NHS is under considerable strain, I do feel locally we can hold our heads up high and say we offer a very good service with the resources available which reflects the extremely hard work put in by all our practice team. I hope that you agree!

Next, a reminder of our local chair based exercise programme. Age UK Notts are looking to deliver some further 12-week exercise courses for falls prevention/strength and balance in the NNE area between February and September 2019. These are particularly for our older and less mobile patients

As they are limited in the time they have available, their courses will be put on according to the level of demand/number of people signed up within each area. Therefore they are seeking interest in their course and are happy to accept self-referrals. Their classes are between 12-15 participants and previous courses have been in the following areas: Hucknall, Arnold, Carlton, Lowdham, Mapperley, Netherfield, and Calverton.

Their criteria remain the same – patients can self-refer by contacting them on 0115 919 4878 or by emailing –

Courses are free to the participant, and each class lasts 1.5 hours. The first 45 minutes is allotted to the exercise itself, with the remainder allocated to participants for social interaction over a cup of tea/coffee. This time proves valuable in that it allows participants to get to know each other and to form friendships/support networks. Feedback from some of their previous participants:

  • ‘The course was excellent. I feel more confident and steadier on my feet.’
  • ‘It has been very enjoyable and I feel a lot better for it. The teacher’s enthusiasm helped a lot’.
  • ‘The instructor was brilliant. The course has made me more aware and I feel more stable. As a side effect I have made a load of friends who I am still in contact with’.
  • ‘A very valuable course for the elderly’.

For any further information please contact the service coordinator, Rosie Legge at Age UK Notts (0115 919 4878) or email                                                                     

Phil Rayner