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The Calverton Practice Newsletter

A Building Update

Welcome to our first newsletter of the year. Last month I optimistically said our building work would be finished for Christmas which was partly true. The downstairs rooms and reception refurbishment should be done, but the final work on the old upstairs consulting rooms will be for a few more weeks in Jan and early Feb. I hope you would agree the practice is now substantially improved and expanded and we are very grateful once again to all of our patients and staff who have put up with the inconvenience and disruption during the work.

Thanks too to the team from Elemental builders who have tried to minimise the dust and disruption and have often been working in the evenings and at weekends to accommodate our needs. Thanks also to our hard working PPG (patients participation group) members for their support at the flu jab clinics and in undertaking a patient survey for us. I hope to feedback the results of that in next month’s newsletter.

In the last few weeks we have welcomed some new faces. Dr Charlotte Burton has joined us replacing Dr Owen Hughes. She should be with us for 4 months and we will be welcoming Owen back in August 2020 for a further year. Also we welcome back Dr Claire Harris one of our ex trainees. Claire will be with us for about a year covering Dr Emma Fleming now on maternity leave. Many of you will be aware she is expecting twins and I am sure you will join us in wishing her well and good luck over the coming weeks.

Next some reminders :- If you have made some New Year resolutions remember that the NHS can offer smoking cessation and weight reduction support (pick up a leaflet from reception); there is a lot of information about healthy living on the NHS choices website and that the practice has recently affiliated to the Gedling Park Run. I have promised to do my first Park Run in 2019 so why not get in training and join me at some stage?

Many of you have signed up for our on line appointment booking service but others may not be aware of it – more information is available from our reception team.

Also, did you know that the Urgent Care Centre on London Road has X-ray facilities? They can treat minor illnesses and injuries; assess minor head injuries and suspected fractures. Children over the age of 5 can have an X-ray if needed and simple fractures can be managed avoiding the need to spend hours waiting in A&E. The centre is open from 7.00am – 9.00pm, 7 days a week and 365 days a year but if in doubt you can always call 111 or see a pharmacist for initial advice.

Unfortunately 2019 seems unlikely to bring any good news on NHS finances, the restriction on prescribing gluten free foods is now in force and next in line will be prescriptions for freely available over the counter medicines. This will particularly impact hay fever treatments, moisturisers and shampoos and the issue of short courses of simple pain killers. If you are on these treatments you may want to start to discuss your options with your usual pharmacist. Additionally while the ‘Pharmacy First’ scheme is no longer being offered by Boots in Calverton, I believe it is available from the Lowdham pharmacy plus Asda, Manor and Singh’s pharmacies in Arnold. This may be a helpful alternative for those of our patients who do not currently pay for prescriptions. More information on Pharmacy First is available on line.

Finally a reminder to all our flu jab eligible patients to attend our treatment room ASAP or let us know if you don’t want the jab so we can update your records. Many thanks.

Phil Rayner

The tales of the Arabian Nights come to Burton Joyce in January with this year’s panto


Our hero, Ali Baba has fallen for the Sultan’s daughter and determines to impress her by retrieving the Great Scimitar of State stolen by the evil Mustapha Lot and his hapless band of thieves.

Ali has Salina, the resourceful slave girl, a Genie, a camel with integral SatNav, and, of course, his mother to call on, but what he really needs is an audience to help him win through! 

Tickets available from The Bluebird Café (Burton Joyce), Rhubarbs Café (Burton Joyce), The Bookcase (Lowdham) or online from