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A Poem for June


To watch with wonder a surgeon’s hands,
Put together a life that’s damned. 
To see his life revolve around 
Healing people without a sound. 
Every day lives he saves as 
He battles on with impassioned ways. 
A family man who loves so much 
But work demands he leaves their touch. 
What miracle creates this man 
Who’s driven on, he knows his plan. 
With hand and mind this man 
Creates extended life, he changes fate!

Jean K Cave


Lambley Historical Society

Members were fortunate to have a warm sunny evening for their visit to Papplewick Pumping Station in May. Our guide led the party to the lake; fountains playing, handsome mature trees reflected in the water, an idyllic start. He explained the purpose of the building, to provide clean fresh water to the citizens of Nottingham, the history of the building, built in the early 19th century, one of several steam-powered pumping stations. When the Corporation changed from steam-powered pumps to electric powered, Papplewick was saved from demolition by a group of enthusiasts forming a Trust in 1974. It is now the only complete steam pumping station in the Midlands in full working order. The Trust raises the steam to work the two James Watt beam engines about eight times a year.

The workings of the Boiler House interested the technically minded members. All were impressed by the bank of six huge boilers with their tiny holes for access for cleaning and maintenance. By comparison, the Engine House is an immense, polished, colourful, ornate, three-tiered Italianate palace. No expense spared with the Victorians! With stained glass windows, columns worthy of a cathedral and all the powerful machinery so immaculate, it is no surprise that it has become a popular, (and profitable), wedding venue.

Our guide was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and entertaining and happily continued to answer our questions over the refreshments that concluded our evening.

For more information contact Kay on 0115 9313646 or John on 0115 9313066 or visit our website


The Tuesday Evening Badminton Club at Woodborough Village Hall are looking to recruit a couple of new players. There’s no need to feel intimidated – the standard is not very high! We play most Tuesdays from about 8.15pm to around 9.30pm.

If you would like to give it a go, please ring Andrew on 07948 729577 and leave a message containg your name and phone number – men, women, young and not-so-young are all welcome.

A big thank you to everyone who donated to Christian Aid this year.

A total of £867.94 (including Gift Aid) was received.

Your generosity helps vulnerable communities to improve their lives.


Jean Powley

Comma – Photo by Jean Powley

Time to Count Your Butterflies

I think summer has begun but don’t quote me on that one. We have certainly had some unseasonable weather this year and it will have made a big impact on wildlife. Probably the only species to do well will be swans, geese and ducks! Well, the longest day of the year has just passed and hopefully we will start to see some better weather soon. The weather of course makes a huge difference to our wildlife and one of those most easily affected by bad weather is the butterfly. As usual the annual Big Butterfly Count is fast approaching and this year is being held from 19th July to 11th August.

During this period Butterfly Conservation ask that you record any butterflies you see. You can look out for them in your garden, local woodland, a play area like the Governors Field or even the local cemetery. Your own garden is probably the best place to start however. If you are not sure of your butterfly species, you can download a butterfly chart or free app for iOS and Android. Once received all you have to do is find a place to spot some butterflies for 15 minutes. Then, you submit your sightings to Butterfly Conservation. As they say in that well known advert, it’s simples. After you have submitted your recordings, you can check them on a map and also view other recordings in the local area or anywhere across the UK.

The past few years have been pretty devastating for most butterfly species so even if you don’t see any during your fifteen minute survey, it is still important for Butterfly Conservation to know about this. It will give a true picture of what is happening to our butterfly populations.

If you enjoy participating in the above survey, you may be interested in joining in with the Garden Butterfly Survey which restricts your recordings to your garden but can be done outside the period of the Big Butterfly Count. If we experience one of those warm autumns, you could be recording butterflies right up to and including October, maybe November. With this survey, you only have to record for at least once a month but more often would be helpful.

Please help by participating in either of the above surveys. It is not only enjoyable but will be of enormous help to our butterflies. More information can be obtained by visiting or

Jean Powley

Jean is a voluntary Ambassador for the British Trust for Ornithology’s Garden BirdWatch scheme in Nottinghamshire. If you enjoy watching birds and other wildlife which visit your garden, Garden BirdWatch may be perfect for you. If you would like a free information pack about the scheme, contact Jean at or visit