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Another Virtual Choir

Last month I explained the process of filming a choir with 30 miles social distancing, with the choir in Chesterfield, and me in Woodborough. If you missed the video, you can still see it HERE.

Well, I’ve another song from another choir this month, and now the social distancing has increased to 156 miles! Boris will be proud of me!

ChoirJam is based in Keynsham, near Bristol. If the location sounds familiar to you, you’re probably of a certain age and are recalling Radio Luxembourg’s adverts for Horace Batchelor’s “Infra Draw” method for winning the football pools – but that’s another story. (If you don’t know about Radio Luxembourg, then ask your parents or Google and you can hear the ad HERE.)

Anyway, I was in contact with the choir leader via email, and she asked me to produce another virtual choir recording – so just click below to hear this month’s offering – I hope it cheers you up!

Don’t forget, if you’re in a choir, you and your fellow singers can have a virtual sing-along – it costs nothing, it’s completely virus-free and great fun. Just call 0115 9652376 for a chat – Michael.

Woodborough in Bloom

The summer planting is now all completed and we can sit back enjoy the colourful displays and our gardens. A huge thank you to all who have helped under difficult circumstances to achieve the results.

The bowser is now back in action . Please be considerate when parking so our bowser team has access to the planters and troughs.

Enjoy the summer sunshine.

Jan, Elizabeth and Jane

We may be closed due the Coronavirus, but you can still order from our menu for a full takeaway service!

Make your choice and call us on
0115 965 4885

Mapperley & Arnold Rotary Club

Just to let you know what our members have been doing in and about our area during this Lockdown period.

They have been delivering PPE all round our district, managing the gardens at Hayward House and social distancing, and making them a pleasure to look at for the Hospice staff and patients.

They have been helping 2 of our local food banks in Arnold and Bestwood, and have been supporting Nottingham Blood Bikes who have been Transporting blood products and COVID 19 samples to Birmingham for testing.