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Watch Out For This Scam!

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of one of our readers was near Victoria Centre in Nottingham. Three young women came up to her and asked if she would sign a petition to stop the closing of a children’s home. She readily agreed and apparently there were lots of signatures on the form.

When it was all over she realised that two girls were either side of her while she was signing and the third one was behind her – opening her handbag and stealing her purse with £80 in cash and her bank cards. She was not physically touched and didn’t discover the theft until the girls had gone.

She was so distressed the police took her home to Wollaton and made her a cup of tea. They told her this scam was happening all over the area. You can imagine that two weeks later she is still terribly upset. 

As many people from the village will be in Nottingham City Centre for the sales during the next few weeks, please be careful.

The Will Green Column

Dear Woodborough web readers, as this month it’s January I’m sure the main thought on everybody’s mind is New Years resolutions. For that reason I’ve decided to compile a list of what I think are the five most popular New Years resolutions.
To begin with the first New Years resolution I believe is very common is to ‘become more organised.’
This can be in any area, for example, make sure a neat schedule or planner is filled with all the important dates so by doing this things like birthdays and anniversaries aren’t missed.
Not only this but also people with work may choose to be more organised with their job so they always have the right things for the day and know where they have to be at certain times.
Secondly, another big resolution is ‘spend more time with family.’
This may be more popular now than ever with things such as phones and computers taking up a lot of people’s time and attentions during the day, especially teens given that everything is online now.
So having said this a great resolution, probably for the younger generation, would possibly be rather than turn the television on or spend time on phones go and speak to your mother or make a special effort to go and see other distant relatives.
In the middle of this list is one that a lot of people will be thinking of after all the festivities are over, and that is to stop or not drink as much.
Everybody knows that over Christmas most of us over indulge specifically on alcoholic drinks and the excuse everyone uses is ‘it’s Christmas, I’m allowed.’ So therefore after what may be a month of ‘being allowed’ the first month after Christmas may be a fantastic opportunity to stop drinking for month (or maybe longer) to feel better going into 2019.
Second to last on this list is ‘to learn a new skill or take up a new hobby.’
Similarly to the point previously many of us tend to take it easy during December and 2019 may be a great time to start doing something new. It could be something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time but never went for it, so what better excuse than a New Years resolution to start doing that one thing that’s always been on your mind.
Finally is the one everyone expects and that is to join the gym and start being more healthy.
I think everyone at one point has made this resolution in their life and the vast majority of those people will get the months trial at their local gym and then throw in the towel.
So maybe if you’re that person try and go all out and really commit to this new healthy lifestyle that seems so brilliant on the 1st January. Not only will it show ultimate willpower but you’ll also feel much better for it and reap huge benefits from being fitter and healthier.
These five things aren’t just the most popular resolutions in my opinion I also believe these are really good ones that I’m sure everyone could easily do and get great benefits from doing so.
Thank you for reading this months article and be sure to look out for February’s edition.

Will Green