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Calverton and Woodborough Allotment Association

Unfortunately as we come out of “lockdown” it is difficult to give you information regarding the activities of the Association.  At present there are no plans to run the trip to Malvern for the Spring Show and we are not certain that we will be able to hold our AGM in October.  Despite this please continue to nurture your onions for the “heaviest onion” competition and prepare for the “selection of up to five winter vegetables” competition both of which will take place at the AGM should it be possible to hold it.  I am sure you can appreciate our difficulties over this and as soon as we have any firm information we will make it available to you.

I have been asked to remind all allotment holders that our water is metered and excess use could result in our rents being increased in the future.  Please make sure that your hoses and connections don’t leak and please don’t go off site leaving your hose connected to the water supply.

Currently the “Calverton Village Gazette” is not being published and I’m sure we all look forward to it starting up again.  In the meantime I have decided to make this report available on most of the Calverton based social media as well as the “Woodborough Web” in order to keep contact with as many allotment holders as possible.

Mike Hope  (Secretary) 0115 8458703

Lambley Historical Society

Unfortunately all events remain cancelled until further notice.


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St Swithun’s Church Bell Ringers

Four months and still no opportunity to enjoy my favourite pastime. There are hopeful signs; but the progress towards returning to ringing continues to require a lot of patience. This is also true for another interest: the cloudy skies have meant I have not yet been able to see the bright comet NEOWISE. I hope some of you will have had more luck with this than I.

Ringing bells has been possible in some churches and today’s (24 July) edition of Ringing World, our weekly magazine, mentions three. Southwark and Guildford cathedrals’ bells were rung for services on Sunday 19th July by people observing social distancing. That’s possible when you have enough bells (12) to ring a selection that are far enough apart. Also, at Smethwick Old Church on the same day, five people rang all the bells at the vicar’s request for the first service since lockdown. The band were all from the same family, which again solved the distancing problem.

Let’s hope that we can be back in action soon. Meanwhile, with the bells silent, you can continue flag spotting during August; but you will have to be watchful as it will only be up on the 15th for the birthday of the Princess Royal, which also happens to be the 75th anniversary of VJ Day.


Stephen Smith, Tower Captain

Phone: 0115-965-4426
Mobile: 07817-979390