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The Benefice of Epperstone, Gonalston, Oxton and Woodborough

Bringing Good News to All People

I bring Good News!

I write this in good time for publication. In fact today is Monday 15th June. ‘Non-essential’ shops can open today provided appropriate precautions have been taken. Persons living alone can now visit one other household and even stay the night. I visited the dentist today. I needed a crown fixing back in. I might even have a tooth out next week. Oh joy! My dentist is in Sherwood. At 9.30 in the morning there was little sign of excited shoppers waiting to invade their favourite store. But the opportunity is there.

I have booked a holiday too. A caravan holiday near Ludlow. We will need to be self-sufficient. No public toilet facilities, washrooms, showers, food preparation or washing up areas. But that is fine.   We will cope.

Furlough ended for my eldest son today, just as he had planned to erect ten new fence panels this week. But, hey ho, life must go on.

These days we often hear it said that ‘life will never be the same again’. That is doubtless true. We are all having to adjust to new ways of doing things. We have to get used to social distancing, face masks, and a host of new regulations. But the good news is that life can go on, but not as we knew it (Jim) (memories of Star Trek and Spock).

Our Benefice has already adapted to ‘new ways’. A weekly Benefice newsletter, Zoom meetings and WhatsApp groups. We can join together in worship via You Tube. It is true that we need to use modern technology, but we are reaching people who have never set foot in a church. People like me grew up with valve radios. The transistor had not been invented. Microchips not even thought of. Television was for the wealthy. We did not have a telephone in our home.  Mobile phones were in the distant future. Computers, as we know them today, were the thing of science fiction.

When the disciples received the Holy Spirit in that upper room their lives were changed forever.  Their fear turned to excitement. Their courage knew no bounds, they rose to the challenge they had been set. The challenge was to bring good news to all people.

Today we have the same opportunity. When our churches re-open and we are once more able to gather as God’s people we must not forget. We must not forget the unknown people we have reached through modern communications technology.

‘Being’ church is about committing ourselves – all of us – to bringing the good news of Jesus to all.   ‘Doing’ church is about using the best resources available and adapting to ever changing times.

I see ‘future’ church progressing with gatherings in our buildings alongside what we have developed during the lockdown. Jesus did not spend his short life challenging people and turning their world upside down with an expectation that all would revert to the status quo when he was gone. Jesus prepared his disciples for a new world. He has been preparing us for a new world too. Let us not forget our great commission:

‘Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age’   Matthew 28: 19 – end.

God bless you all

Michael Taylor, Associate Priest


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